Future of NASCAR/Reet and Shine/New Year’s Food

The Future of NASCAR: Host Rusty Jacobs talks with Scott Huler, author of “A Little Bit Sideways: One Week Inside a NASCAR Winston Cup Race Team” (MBI Publishing Company/2001), about the future, and the past, of NASCAR in North Carolina. (12:00) (CP)

Remembering Reet and Shine: Rusty Jacobs talks with Michael Schwalbe, author of “Remembering Reet and Shine: Two Black Men, One Struggle” (University Press of Mississippi/2004). Michael Schwalbe is a professor of sociology at NC State University. He dropped another research project after meeting Anthony Atwater and Matthew Mason, and began writing their stories. As working-class African American men living in the South, both men developed personas to help them cope with hardships. Anthony Atwater, known as “Shine,” developed a wily character and a streetwise reputation. Matthew Mason, nicknamed “Dr. Reet” by members of the white fraternity he worked for, became known as a pleasing and witty entertainer. (20:00) (CP)

Weekend Look Ahead: Rusty Jacobs talks with Mildred Council, owner of Mama Dip’s restaurant in Chapel Hill, about the meaning behind a traditional meal on New Years Day: collard greens, black eyed peas, and pork. (17:00)

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