Cary, N.C.: In the first of a series, we take a look at North Carolina community through its history, its people, and its strive to be better. Rusty Jacobs hosts a conversation about Cary, North Carolina with: Keith King, editor of the Cary News; Ernie McAllister, mayor of Cary; Monsignor John Wahl of St. Michaels of Archangel; and Ron Thoreson, chairman of Stop NC Annexation. Cary, in Wake County, is the seventh-largest city in the state, with a population of over 100,000 people. Cary’s population grew by more than 115 percent in the past decade, raising many questions about growth and identity loss. Listener Call-In. (42:00) (JG)

Camper Van Beethoven: Host Rusty Jacobs speaks with Jonathan Segel of the indie-rock band Camper Van Beethoven. The group reunited in the late 1990’s after a decade apart. Camper Van Beethoven plays at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro on Saturday, Jan. 29. (11:00) (JG/KW)

Copenhagen: Mike Munger reviews “Copenhagen.” The play, by Michael Frayn, tells the story of a meeting between Werner Heisenberg and Neils Bohr in Nazi-occupied Germany in 1941. “Copenhagen” runs through February 13 at the Center for Dramatic Art in Chapel Hill. (SD/DD)

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