NC Dems/Princeville

NC Dems: Host Rusty Jacobs speaks with Charlotte Observer reporter Mark Johnson about the election of Jerry Meek as chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party. Meek defeated Ed Turlington in a vote on Saturday. Turlington was backed by most of the Party’s leadership, but Meek won by appealing to the grass roots members of the Party. (12:00)

Welcome to Princeville: The town of Princeville celebrates its 120th birthday this week. Princeville is one of the first towns in the nation to be founded by African Americans after the Civil War. Its history has been shaped by recurrent flooding, most recently by the devastating floods of Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Host Rusty Jacobs leads a discussion about the history, and the future, of Princeville. Guests include: Sam Knight, Princeville town manager; Rudolf Knight, a tour guide from neighboring Tarboro; and Joe Miller, reporter with the Rocky Mount Telegram. Listener Call-In. (47:00)

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