Cigarette Tax/Rosenthal/Cushman/Kalisher

Cigarette Tax: In the budget he proposed this week, Governor Mike Easley included a 45-cent increase in the per-pack tax on cigarettes. He claims the tax will bring in much-needed revenue and reduce teen smoking. But will the increase be the panacea he hopes, or will it unfairly burden key businesses in the state? Host Melinda Penkava examines the proposed cigarette tax increase with Peg O’Connell, board chair of NC Prevention Partners; Matthew Farrelly, director of RTI International’s Public Health Economics and Policy Research Program; and Brennan Dawson, senior vice president for government relations at the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. (40:00)

John Rosenthal: Host Melinda Penkava speaks with John Rosenthal. His photography show, “Dust and Radiance,” will be on exhibit in the Isabella Cannon Room at the Center for the Arts at Elon University, from February 28th through March 30th.

Steve Cushman: Host Melinda Penkava speaks with Greensboro author Steve Cushman about his novel “Portisville” (Novello Festival Press/2004). (10:00)

Stories from Around the Globe: In a continuation of our travel stories series, monologuist Jesse Kalisher takes us to a mountain village in Africa and a church service that brought him an ephiphany plus a bunch of bananas. (3:00)

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