Budget/Film Industry/Chatham County Line

Budget: The North Carolina General Assembly has approved a $247.5 million hurricane relief package. Governor Mike Easley supports the relief package, but the amount of money is more than he had planned to spend. Host Melinda Penkava talks with WUNC capitol reporter Laura Leslie about the hurricane relief package and other details of Governor Easley’s proposed $16.9 billion state budget. (12:00)

NC Film Industry: Governor Easley’s budget includes $4 million for incentives to encourage more filmmakers to make movies in North Carolina. North Carolina used to be one of the top destinations for filmmakers, but the state has slipped in recent years. Melinda Penkava hosts a conversation about the future of North Carolina’s film industry. Guests include: Mark Schreiner, reporter for the Wilmington Star-News; and Dale Pollack, dean of filmmaking at the North Carolian School for the Arts. (20:00)

Chatham County Line: The bluegrass band Chatham County Line got their name when they got lost one day in Chatham County–and realized there was no going back. Melinda Penkava talks with band members Dave Wilson and John Teer. Chatham County Line holds a release party for their second CD, “Route 23″, on Saturday, February 26 at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh. (17:00)

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