Lottery/Duke Jew

Lottery: The issue of the lottery is one of the most divisive in North Carolina politics. Although the state Senate has approved a lottery bill, it has stalled several times in the House. This week, House Speaker Jim Black said the lottery may go to a vote as early as next week. Host Melinda Penkava talks with David Rice, reporter for the Winston-Salem Journal; Eddie Davis, president of the North Carolina Association of Educators; Chuck Neely, chairman of Citizens United Against the Lottery; and Charles Clotfelter, professor of public policy at Duke University. Listener Call-In. (56:00)

Commentary: There’s a French saying, “Esprit de l’escalier.” It translates into something like “spirit of the staircase,” and refers to that moment when you’re walking away from an interaction wherein you have been stung by some barb or remark, and your witty retort, what you should have said, suddenly comes to mind — always a few seconds too late. WUNC’s Rusty Jacobs had a moment like that recently while in a restaurant in downtown Chapel Hill during the NCAA tournament when he heard the phrase, “Duke Jew.” (3:00)

Duke Jew

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