Jan DeBlieu/Secession/Christine Kane

Year of the Comets: When writer Jan DeBlieu’s husband became clinically depressed, she took solace in spending hours staring up at the stars. Her reveries turned into a serious study of astronomy and the workings of the universe. Host Melinda Penkava talks with Jan DeBlieu about her book, ‘Year of the Comets: A Journey from Sadness to the Stars’ (Avalon/2005). (32:00)

North Carolina Secession: On May 20, 1861, North Carolina issued a proclamation that read: “… the union now subsisting between the State of North Carolina and the other States, under the title of the United States of America, is hereby dissolved.” The secession propelled North Carolina into the Civil War, and over the course of the next four years 40,000 North Carolinians died. Host Melinda Penkava speaks with Civil War historian Fred Kiger on the anniversary of North Carolina’s secession from the United States. (10:00)

Christine Kane: Asheville singer/songwriter Christine Kane on reflects on the power of songs. Her latest CD is called “Right Outta Nowhere.” Visit her website at christinekane.com.

Jan DeBlieu
Christine Kane

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