Legislative Update/Stoneleaf/Fergus

Legislative Update: Host Melinda Penkava talks with reporters about the latest from the state legislature. On the table: A NASCAR Hall of Fame, proposed smoking bans, and the upcoming crossover deadline on June 2nd. Guests include: Laura Leslie, WUNC capitol reporter; and Kerra Bolton, reporter for the Asheville Citizen-Times. (25:00) (CP)

Stoneleaf: This weekend, Stoneleaf, a new North Carolina theater festival, premieres in Asheville. Melinda Penkava talks with Willie Repoley and Rain Newcomb, co-founders of the Asheville-based Redundant Theater Company Theater. Their play, “inn/between” will be staged as part of the festival in the city’s Haywood Park Hotel. (7:00) (CP)

Jim Fergus: Melinda Penkava talks with Jim Fergus, author of ‘The Wild Girl’ (Hyperion/2005). As in his first novel, ‘One Thousand White Women,’ Fergus begins his new story where history left off. The book follows a young photojournalist on an Apache expedition in 1932. (17:00) (CP)

Legislative Update
Jim Fergus

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