Nanotechnology/Christine Kane

Nanotechnology: North Carolina is among the country’s hot spots for the fast growing field of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology involves particles that are one one-billionth of a meter. These tiny particles already exist in nature and in culture — in sunscreen and fabric, but scientists are working to apply the technology to cancer research as well as other health and lifestyle improvements. Some concerned scientists and citizens worry that nanotechnology may be hazardous to the environment and to our health. Host Melinda Penkava speaks with Kristin Kulinowski, the Co-Executive Director of the Center for Nano-scale Science and Technology at Rice university in Houston Texas; Joseph DeSimone, a professor of Chemistry at UNC Chapel Hill, Kathy Jo Wetter, a researcher with the Etcetera Group in Carrboro ;and Michael Cobb of NC State University’s Political Science Department. Listener Call-In. (54:00)

Notes From the Road: Asheville musician Christine Kane continues her series with a new essay from the road. Today she considers the importance of a notebook to a songwriter’s effort to constantly appease the muse. (4:00)

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