OLF/Minority Contracts

OLF: The Navy has announced that additional studies are now underway for alternative sites for a proposed Outlying Landing Field in eastern North Carolina. Host Melinda Penkava talks with Dan Cecchini, Environmental Impact Statement Project Manager for the Navy’s Atlantic facilities. (6:00) (JG)

Minority Contracts: A coalition of construction trade organizations that advocate for increased diversity on public construction projects plans to ask Washington to suspend federal money to the North Carolina Department of Transportation because, it says, the NC DOT is not complying with the federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program. Host Melinda Penakava talks with Charlotte Robinson, the coalition’s attorney; Todd Young, legal policy director for the Southerneastern Legal Foundation; and C.C. Lamberth, contractor and chairman of Southeastern Economic Development. Listener Call-In. (36:00) (JG)

Minority Contracts

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