Penland/Blesssed Returns/Heat

The Penland Case: Host David Crabtree speaks with Phoebe Zerwick, reporter with the Winston-Salem Journal, and Rusty Jacobs, reporter at North Carolina Public Radio — WUNC, about the case of Rex Penland. Penland, currently on North Carolina’s Death Row, has been granted a new trial after DNA evidence called into question a key piece of the prosecutor’s evidence. Penland was convicted of raping and murdering Vernice Alford on Nov. 30, 1992. (12:00)

Blessed Returns: Host David Crabtree talks with Stuart Albright, author of the new book “Blessed Returns: A Student’s Summer in One of America’s Poorest Cities” (Mckinnon, 2005). Stuart Albright, english teacher and football coach at Jordan High School in Durham, North Carolina. (20:00)

Baby It’s Hot Outside: Host David Crabtree talks to “Independent Weekly” Columnist Peter Eichenberger about the sometimes annoying, sometimes comic, sometimes annoyingly comic things people do to cope with the heat. Listener Call-In. (17:30)

Blessed Returns

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