Medical Malpractice

This summer, a series of articles in the News & Observer of Raleigh tracked the disastrous career of Richard Greenberg, a neurosurgeon sued 24 times for medical malpractice. Two weeks ago, the North Carolina Medical Board revoked Greenberg’s privilege to perform surgery. In North Carolina, doctors are policed through the practice of peer review. Critics of the system argue that it allows some doctors to continue practicing medicine even after making repeated medical mistakes, and patients have no access to malpractice records. Host Melinda Penkava looks at the case of Richard Greenberg and North Carolina’s policies toward medical malpractice. Guests include: Joe Neff, investigative reporter for the News & Observer; Thomas Mansfield, director of the legal department at the North Carolina Medical Board; and State Rep. Bill Faison, a medical malpractice attorney. Listener Call-in. (59:00)

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