Local Politics And The Global War On Terror

A private charter aircraft company in North Carolina has been named, along with the CIA, in an ACLU lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges Aero Contractors and two other private companies were involved with the CIA-led extraordinary rendition and torture of a German citizen, Khaled El-Masri. Now, a group of North Carolina activists want local and state authorities to investigate Aero Contractors, and hold the company accountable for any illegal activity it may be involved with. Host Frank Stasio talks with Patrick O’Neill, member of the group Stop Torture Now, about his group’s effort to draw attention to the issue. He also talks with Scott Silliman, executive director at the Center on Law, Ethics, and National Security at the Duke University Law School, about the ACLU case and other legal efforts to bring civil and criminal charges against individuals and corporations working under contract with the CIA. Can and should private companies like Aero Contractors be held accountable? Listener Call-in. (40:00)

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