Linda Bloodworth-Thomason

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason: Emmy-Award winning writer and producer Linda Bloodworth-Thomason will join host David Crabtree to discuss her debut novel “Liberating Paris” (William Morrow/September 2004). She began her career writing episodes of MASH before creating the sitcoms “Desigining Women” and “Evening Shade.” Her debut novel, set in small-town Paris, Arkansas, tells the story of six best friends who have just passed their 40th birthdays and now must come to terms with the past in order to move forward with their lives. (47:00)

David Barber: Host David Crabtree speaks with Congressman David Price (D) about the passing of David Barber, former chair of the political science department at Duke University. (9:00)

The Great American Undecided Voter: WUNC’s Dave DeWitt has some advice for the presidential candidates: get to know his brother, Mike. (3:00)

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