Funding High Schools

When it comes to education spending, we hear a lot about per pupil expenditures, rich versus poor and school districts that just can’t make ends meet. But in an era in which the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given money to some eight percent of America’s public schools, should our needy schools turn to private funding to fill the void? Host Frank Stasio talks about the history of education funding in this country and about where the future of education funding lies. Guests include: Jacob Vigdor, associate professor of public policy studies and economics at the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy at Duke University; John Dornan, executive director of the Public Schools Forum of North Carolina; Todd Cohen, editor and publisher of the Philanthropy Journal; Vann Langston, director of Triangle High Five; and Lindalyn Kakadelis, director of the North Carolina Education Alliance, a part of the John Locke Foundation. This Show is part of the Series, “North Carolina Voice: Studying High School.” (59:00)(Listener Call-In)

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