Thursday, May 31, 2007


It's the Feedback Farm blog now. I guess our DJs are not nearly nerdy enough. I'm proud.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lost and Found Sound

Lost Feedback Farm Episode Recovered!

You may recall a few months ago I posted this.

The lost episode is now found thanks to a listener in Paraguay who recorded the show and provided this MP3 of the programme. Just in time for the Christmas 2007 shopping season, because, really, you can't start your holiday shopping too early.

Download here (28MB MP3).

Mercury Rising

Either the days are getting longer or Feedback Farm is just getting more tedious.

The Feedback Farmers got a jumpstart on the summer season last night with an homage to the hot months ahead. Interested in the latest fashions and vacation destinations?--Look elsewhere. If you want to hear a remix of the summer that hasn't even happened yet or to win tickets to Summer Jam 2004, click here (32 MB MP3).

Also, we're tracking visits to this website. To make things easy on you, if you download this week's Feedback Farm episode, DON'T leave a comment. That way we'll know you were here and you won't have to do anything. Easy, right?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

World's Greatest Rock-and-Roll Band Featured on World's Greatest Radio Programme

The Rolling Stones, arguably the last surviving great rock-and-roll band, were feted on the WXYC's Feedback Farm tonight. It would be impossible to adequately salute their 40+ year career (and still going) in 60 minutes, but true to their style, the Farmers tried their best. It helps when you play 5 recordings at once.

Hear the Farm treatment of Mick, Keith, and the boys for yourself. Download the programme here (30 MB MP3). Excuse the Audioslave.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Transcendental Blues

After first being exposed to Vibracathedral Orchestra in 2005 through their fantastic album Tuning to the Rooster, I was totally hooked on the UK group's wild excursions into clamorous psychedelia. Much to my excitement, they just released their latest full-length album, Wisdom Thunderbolt, on VHF records and it is as spectacular as their output usually is. I've started writing reviews for Dusted magazine, and this is one of the first album's I've reviewed for them, published today. You can read it here. I'll post more reviews as I get them done, so stay tuned if you're interested.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Live @ WXYC with Raymond Felton

Look who heated up the phone lines yesterday...

"The Pride" of Latta, South Carolina, former UNC point guard of the 2005 UNC National Championship team, and current Charlotte Bobcat, Raymond "The Truth" Felton was interviewed by Bret Dougherty on a "Special Edition SportsRap" session yesterday.

Check out the interview here.

Special kudos goes out to Neil, the 6-9AM DJ, on Thursday. Very impressive set that precluded the interview...The freshman phenom kept it "local" with cuts by Little Brother, Edgar Allen Floe, and the classic 'Criminal Minded' of Boogie Down Productions.

The solid piece of the interview is that Bret Dougherty asked Felton if he would guarantee a playoff appearance for next year. The answer...Same guarantee rests for Felton next season, he's guaranteeing a playoff appearance. Bold call from the young gunna'!

Check back in to SportsRap on Sundays between 9-10PM.

Special thanks to Raymond for joining us on the show. Now, if we can get Raymond to rock a WXYC 'T' with the number 2 emblazoned on the back. That would be Chapel Hill love.

P.S. Felton swears he's not wolfing Chick-Fill-A Chicken sandwiches on gamedays anymore. What a shame...His pre-game meals placed him as a Honorable Mention Selection on the "All-Lenoir" team.

I-95 South,