Monday night on the Inside Track , hear The Art of the Theremin by Clara Rockmore in its entirety. Rockmore was an early theremin virtuoso, with a classical background in violin. Produced by Robert Moog, The Art of the Theremin is a collection of pieces by composers Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Ravel and others arranged for the theremin. Spooky. Lovely. Worth listening to. 9 pm.

Catch the Thursday Night Feature at 9pm , for three hours of themed music curated by Nancia O.

On Friday, listen to Brazilian vinyl specialist Joel Stones' new anthology Brazilian Fuzz Guitar Bananas on the Inside Track. Stone's Throw says, If Psych Funk 101 was the freshman seminar in global-psychedelic grooves, then this album should serve as a master class for those entranced by the funky, heavy psychedelic wonders of the Tropicalia movement and all that it spawned. 9pm.

Chapel Hill band Fin Fang Foom bring their heavy, driving, experimental rock to the Backyard Barbecue this Sunday. The band released its fourth album Monomyth in November. 8 pm.