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This place intentionally left blank for future developments.
... in a "Virtual Shtetl" ... cyber visitors can explore Yiddish culture and language.
Robin Bernstein, Baltimore Jewish Times, October 20, 1995
Fans of Yiddish culture won't want to miss the Virtual Shtetl ...
Dan Akst, Los Angeles Times, December 13, 1995
You can learn much more than definitions by visiting one of the [Shtetl] areas ...
Netsurfer Digest, April 22, 1996
Perhaps you thought shtetls ... were a thing of yesteryear. Au contraire, they've moved into cyberspace.
Michael Wolff, NetGuide, 1996
... check out "The Virtual Shtetl"
Jeff Abramowitz, Jerusalem Post, August 8, 1997
... one of the best overviews of Yiddish on the Web
Anne Eakin and Ken Moss, Haver (Stanford), Summer 1997
Mendele and Shtetl offer information and insights into Yiddish ...
Greer Fay Cashman, Jerusalem Post, January 13, 1998
All the actual shtetls are gone from Eastern Europe ... but there's a Virtual Shtetl on the Web ...
Marek Kohn, Independent (London), March 22, 1998
... a remarkable collection ... that illuminates the rich legacy of Yiddishkeit
The largest set of Yiddish resources ...
Slate, July 1998

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