An account of the Jewish community of Buczacz, 
its history and society,
culminating in its destruction during the Holocaust.

Translated, Edited and Compiled 

Martin Rudner

Norman Paterson School of International Affairs
Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

Copyright © Martin Rudner, 1993. All rights reserved. Reproduction with written permission from the author only. 


1. Buczacz Origins 

Buczacz from its Foundations - The Early Jewish Presence 

2. Buczacz in Austrian Galicia 

At the partition of Poland - Emancipation of the Economy - Religious Patterns - Government and Social Institutions 

3. Buczacz in Inter-War Poland 

"City of the Dead" - Pauperization of the Economy - Political Expressions - The Kehila and the Community 

4. The Holocaust in Buczacz 

The Soviet Invasion - The Nazi Conquest - The Slaughter of Buczacz Jewry - Resistance and Heroism - The End of Buczacz Jewry 

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