An historical outline of the Jewish community of Kuty,
a kehila in Eastern Galicia,
culminating in its destruction during the Holocaust.

Translated, Edited and Compiled by

Martin Rudner

Norman Paterson School of International Affairs Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

Copyright © Martin Rudner, 1993. All rights reserved. Reproduction with written permission from the author only.


1. Kuty Restrospective 

A Capital in Extremis - Historical Vicissitudes - Of Rabbis and Scholars - Education in Kuty - The Work of Kitever Jewry - Zionism and Social Activism - War and Emigration

2. Kuty in Inter-War Poland 

Polish Nationalism and Jewish Marginalization - Economic Development Reaches Kuty - Kehila Politics - Community Institutions and Social Services 

3. The Holocaust and the Destruction of Kitever Jewry 

The Soviet Prelude - The Nazi Terror - Deportation and Extermination 

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