Yiddish Transliteration (YIVO Version)

Yiddish Letter Sound Equivalent  * Romanization
shtumer alef (silent)  
pasekh alef a as in father a in gas 'street'
komets alef o as in sort o in yorn 'years'
  u as in hut o in hot 'has'
vov u as in put u in un 'and'
  oo as in goo (syllable-final) u in du 'you'
yud  i as in fit, or i in tish 'table'
  ee as in feet i in zi 'she'
tsvey yudn (2 yuds) ey as in grey ey in eynikl 'grandchild'
pasekh tsvey yudn y as in sky ay in fayer 'fire'
vov yud oy as in boy oy in moyl 'mouth'
ayen e as in end e in entfer 'answer'
beys or beyz b as in ball b in brem 'eyebrow'
[veys or veyz] v as in heavy [H] v in mazl-tov 'congratulations'
tsvey vovn (2 vovs) " v in vursht 'salami'
giml g as in give g in gornisht 'nothing'
daled d as in done d in dorf 'village'
hey h as in hot h in hungerik 'hungry'
zayen z as in zebra z in zumer 'summer'
[khes] ch as in German "achtung" [H] kh in bokher 'young man'
khof " kh in khapn 'to catch'
tes t as in time t in tuml 'noise'
[tof] " [H] t in toyre 'Torah'
yud (before a vowel) y as in yet y in yagdes 'berries'
[kof] k as in kill [H] k in kosher 'kosher'
kuf " k in kamf 'struggle'
lamed l as in lake l in luft 'air'
mem m as in mark m in mentsh 'person'
nun n as in neck n in nudnik 'bore'
samekh s as in self s in samet 'velvet'
[sin] " [H] s in soyne 'enemy'
[sof] " [H] s in toes 'error'
pey p as in pack p in ponim 'face'
fey f as in fence f in frish 'fresh'
tsadik ts as in fruits ts in nayntsik 'ninety'
reysh r as in French rue r in royt 'red'
shin sh as in show sh in shande 'shame'
zayen shin s as in measure zh in zhuk 'beetle'
daled zayen shin j as in jump dzh in dzhez 'jazz'
tes shin ch as in chair tsh in kvetshn 'to squeeze'
* [H] - in words of Hebrew origin only
Adopted from the summary by Shleyme Axelrod (Mendele Vol 4.170)