• --"'Is is Chapel Hill, right. Where's da rock staws at? Any rock staws out there?"
    --Dizzee Rascal at a show at the Cats Cradle in Carrboro, NC
  • --"It's hard to be patient when you're old because death is so much closer."
    --Paul Jones
    retired 12.07.04
  • --"We must cast off the yoke of oppression and deny them light"
    --Red Robot #C-36
    retired 10.20.04
  • --"Where did the existentialist get this psychological picture? How could a person who did nothing but sit in cafes while a berret wearing parisian chick sticks her tounge in his ear think the answer to 'should i kill myself' anything but obvious." --Steven Lenart
    retired 07.18.03
  • --"If I was one to put pithy comments at the end of my email that would be my sig file." --Jason Moore
    retired 04.23.03
  • --"but diamonds are forever." --"so are technic 1200s."
    --Samanthah and TJ respectively on the merits of turntables vs. jewelry
    retired 12.20.02

  • "I always thought that guy was on amphetamines."
    "Pooh Bear."
    --Matthew Vaughn on the sins of the bear.
    retired 10.11.02

  • "And we were like, "We're in high school, we're drinking and he's talking about goats. This is great."
    --Danyele McPhearson on Adam Sandler
    retired: 09.03.02

  • "I don't think I can see more teeth as a bad thing."
    retired 07.25.02

  • "The only way to stay out of trouble is to grow old, so I guess I'll concentrate on that."
    --Orson Welles in "The Lady From Shanghai"
    retired: 06.21.02

  • "You know, you're the most emotionally unstable girl I've ever met."
    --Fred Astaire in "The Gay Divorcee"
    retired: 05.29.02

  • "Beauty is unbearable and drives us to despair."
    --Albert Camus
    retired: 05.20.02

  • "I don't know that [he] has a strong personality, but he has a strong wardrobe and I think people follow that."
    --Susannah Kirby
    retired: 04.26.02

  • "What basic freedoms are we fighting for if not the freedom to choose a decent corn chip?"
    retired: 03.06.02

  • Moving a bear is a bother. Not only is a bear large and heavy, it is also double-jointed and thus quite floppy.

  • Like a tiger, looking for something to eat and a place to nap.
    retired: 08.01