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The Rebel has a Cause

They tried to tell you it was bad for you, that series fiction was uninspired and that it retarded intellectual growth. But you didn't listen, you rebel, you. You read on, one Sweet Valley High or Nancy Drew after the other. And maybe, just maybe, you kept reading. Long after the other kids had sold their well thumbed copies at yard sales, you guiltily checked out Sweet Valley University from the library. You think that maybe you should be reading something "better", but you just can't get into War and Peace this year. Series touches you more than any classic; but no one wants to hear it. Who will stand up for the body of literature that unites you with countless others?
Enter. . . The Series Zealot

Who is the Series Zealot? - Everything you need to know, right here.

Enchanted Hearts - Teen romance under the influence of the supernatural. What force love?

Fear Street - Could the choice to read horror series be a deliberate act of subversion?

Sierra Jenson and Christy Miller - Does Christian Fiction always have to suck?

Everworld - And you thought the Animorphs were heavy. . .

Coming Soon. . .

Sweet Valley High - Who knew that Elizabeth and Jessica represented the conflicting images of Woman?

Love Stories - Formula romance teaches young girls what it takes to be loved. Beware: Societal Implications