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Welcome to the satire and humour pages of mine -- a teddy bear called Nikster; my pages form a collection hosted at ibiblio. Please bear (!) with us as I've just moved from as my web host; we're rearranging existing stuff to go alongside new stuff I want to put up. May I in the meantime, however, point you to my certification programme, and my satirical photograph album! The photograph album contains teddy bear food reviews, bear road trips, and more. Visit it! Or my bear committee. Thank you.

Nikster at work at InternetNZ. Worried your web pages aren’t being read? Want to know someone has read your page?

Then the Read by Nikster certification programme is for you!

The button and the bear

This page has been Read by Nikster. Nikster and her PA (erm, administrative professional, anyway) are cool. She especially likes geeky and beary sites (including adorable photo albums of her roomies and herself), and thinks InternetNZ is the bee’s knees.

So, want a button then to show the geekiest InternetNZ bear has read your page? Add the button and then e-mail Nikster’s PA and your request will be tended to. (Paranoid? Use Nikster’s GnuPG key.) Nikster suggests the following code, so long the reference to the image is changed to your own copy.

<a href=""><img alt="This page has been Read by Nikster." height="37" width="80" style="border-style: none" src="nikster-small.png" /></a>

If your page is read and certified, Nikster or her PA will list you below.

The sites Nikster has been caught reading by her PA

Read by Bert Certification

This page has been Read by Bert as well. Nikster got the inspiration for her certification from Read by Bert.

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