Explore: Multimedia Archive Projects

ibiblio hosts many sites that house collections of songs, photos, videos, articles, and more! Here is a list of a few interesting archive projects containing content from all around the world.

The Internet Chinese Music Archive

Here you can find a variety of music from China, including: traditional music, modern music, popular music, folk music, ceremonial music, music of foreign influences, Beijing opera, historical sounds, and children’s songs.

Philm Freax Photo Archive

This site is a gallery of original pictures by photographer Phil Franks of rock stars, celebrities, and hippies from the 60s–90s.

The Vietnam Multimedia Archive

A collection of photographs, songs, art, and poetry from Vietnam. The site is from 1996, but still contains many interesting historical art pieces and images of Vietnamese landmarks!


Guruguha is a site dedicated to South Indian classical music. Here you can find sheet music and information about musical notation, along with copies of historical texts available in English and Sanskrit written about music practices from centuries ago.


This site is an archive of animations from the 80s and 90s which were created for VT100 terminals. For instructions on how to get these animations to run, read through this post!