Time Machine: NASA’s Educational Media Archive

nasa.ibiblio.org was created in the late 1990s as a collection of scientific resources for everyone ranging from kindergarteners to adults. The site includes over 580 videos from NASA’s Center for Distance Learning and includes topics like aeronautics, mathematics, technology, and space transportation. Teacher guides and web activities are also included with many of the videos!

While the archive can no longer be accessed through its URL, you can still view it by using the Wayback Machine. This is a project by Internet Archive that allows users to view past versions of webpages. You can access the snapshots of NASA’s Educational Media Archive here!

Many of the videos cannot be accessed directly through nasa.ibiblio.org’s instance on the Wayback Machine, but NASA’s Langley Research Center has posted them separately on the Internet Archive! You can find those videos here, or by searching for creator:”NASA LaRC Office of Education” on the Internet Archive homepage. 

For recent K-12 STEM resources, check out NASA Langley Education, which collaborated with ibiblio to create nasa.ibiblio.org.