STEM Roundup

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Many schools prioritize these fields since they teach valuable skills such as decision making, problem solving, and information literacy (U.S. Department of Education). STEM education classes also prepare students for a constantly changing world and give them opportunities for post-graduation careers.

Here is a list of a few sites hosted by ibiblio that are a great introduction to a range of STEM topics. To explore more, you can check out tags under natural science and mathematics and technology and applied sciences!

The Virtual Cell

The Virtual Cell provides an interactive cell biology learning experience that is both entertaining and educational. You can also access a very helpful pronunciation guide to hear the parts of the cell out loud.

3D Solid State Crystal Models

If you’re interested in physics and math, check out this site that provides interactive 3D models of crystals with cubic symmetry. While the science is complicated, the models are very fun to explore even as a beginner! It’s a great introduction to crystallography and virtual reality modeling.

The Celestia Motherlode

Here you’ll find a repository of add-ons for Celestia, a 3D space simulator. You can browse images of planets, spacecraft, and read through educational guides as well as access resources for students and teachers.

NASA’s Educational Media Archive was a collection of scientific resources for all age groups to learn about subjects such as aeronautics, mathematics, technology, and space transportation. This site included educational videos, web activities, and guides specifically for teachers and students. To access the archive, follow the instructions in this post!


TechniCalc is a site for teaching students, engineers, and academics how to use their handheld calculators. It contains resources for popular TI models and covers functions, programs, and even games.