The Sounds of ibiblio

Want to explore different genres of music? The Music tag in the ibiblio catalog is home to sites highlighting everything from electronic to the blues! You can listen to traditional music from countries all over the globe, explore records archives, and even download sheet music.

ibiblio also offers several live radio broadcasts. You can listen to these radio stations directly from your browser or through a streaming media client (like iTunes). Here are a few of the stations you can access through ibiblio’s services:

You can find more radio stations here.

Explore Music

Here are a few music-related websites you can find on ibiblio. To find more genres and resources, visit the Music tag!

Bluegrass Discography

This site provides a thorough catalog of bluegrass music and has been indexing discographies for over 20 years! Users can sort by format, performer, label or album and view extensive details about each song. There are also sources for purchasing current and historical recordings.

Asian Classical Music

Here you can find music from countries all over Asia such as Laos, Vietnam, Burma, and India. Asian Classical Music features MP3 files for Cantonese opera, Central Thai classical suites, funeral music, Cantonese Mahori instrumentals, and more. Profiles also include historical background for the musical style and an explanation of terminology.

Music Nepal

Music Nepal contains a small collection of songs from all regions of Nepal. You can choose from everything from festival music to fishing songs, and each song is offered in multiple file formats.

Roger McGuinn’s Folkden

If you’re interested in any type of folk music, look no further than Roger McGuinn’s Folkden. Every month you can find a new interpretation of a folk song from a wide range of traditions. You can listen to Irish fiddle tunes, traditional spiritual music, or songs from the Southern United States. Visit the website to explore more categories and browse the archive!