Time Machine: NASA’s Educational Media Archive

nasa.ibiblio.org was created in the late 1990s as a collection of scientific resources for everyone ranging from kindergarteners to adults. The site includes over 580 videos from NASA’s Center for Distance Learning and includes topics like aeronautics, mathematics, technology, and space transportation. Teacher guides and web activities are also included with many of the videos!

While the archive can no longer be accessed through its URL, you can still view it by using the Wayback Machine. This is a project by Internet Archive that allows users to view past versions of webpages. You can access the snapshots of NASA’s Educational Media Archive here!

Many of the videos cannot be accessed directly through nasa.ibiblio.org’s instance on the Wayback Machine, but NASA’s Langley Research Center has posted them separately on the Internet Archive! You can find those videos here, or by searching for creator:”NASA LaRC Office of Education” on the Internet Archive homepage. 

For recent K-12 STEM resources, check out NASA Langley Education, which collaborated with ibiblio to create nasa.ibiblio.org.

Explore: Multimedia Archive Projects

ibiblio hosts many sites that house collections of songs, photos, videos, articles, and more! Here is a list of a few interesting archive projects containing content from all around the world.

The Internet Chinese Music Archive

Here you can find a variety of music from China, including: traditional music, modern music, popular music, folk music, ceremonial music, music of foreign influences, Beijing opera, historical sounds, and children’s songs.

Philm Freax Photo Archive

This site is a gallery of original pictures by photographer Phil Franks of rock stars, celebrities, and hippies from the 60s–90s.

The Vietnam Multimedia Archive

A collection of photographs, songs, art, and poetry from Vietnam. The site is from 1996, but still contains many interesting historical art pieces and images of Vietnamese landmarks!


Guruguha is a site dedicated to South Indian classical music. Here you can find sheet music and information about musical notation, along with copies of historical texts available in English and Sanskrit written about music practices from centuries ago.


This site is an archive of animations from the 80s and 90s which were created for VT100 terminals. For instructions on how to get these animations to run, read through this post!

National Library Week 2022

This year, National Library Week is April 3rd–9th. ibiblio is one of the world’s first online libraries and hosts a collection of over 2,500 sites, ranging from book archives to nonprofits along with radio stations and even freely available software. Not only does ibiblio host a collection of amazing resources, it also hosts many library-related websites as well. Be sure to check out these sites and browse ibiblio’s collection during National Library Week!

Vermont Library Association

The Vermont Library Association is Vermont’s chapter of the American Library Association, their goal is to provide education and opportunities for library professionals and library lovers. They also publish a quarterly newsletter, and they focus on advocating for libraries and librarians in Vermont on statewide and local levels. Their website has many resources on how to get involved with libraries in Vermont!

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg provides free eBooks and other additional content such as musical scores, movies, and sound files. It’s a great resource for accessing classic books by popular historical authors, and all text files come in a variety of formats so you can choose to view the content any way you like. 


Librarian.net is librarian Jessamyn West’s blog for all things library-related! She posts technology tips, news about national policies concerning information and literacy, personal reading updates, and more. 

ibiblio Alumni

North Carolina Library Association

The NCLA is a statewide American Library Association-affiliated organization whose goal is to promote and assist NC’s library community. They host meetings to discuss library-related issues, promote information and library science research, and provide education for library personnel. The NCLA also publishes a journal devoted to library issues, which can be found here!