Concerning tastes in pleasure there can be no final judgment, but for the bookman it may be said, beyond any other sportsman, he has the most constant satisfaction, for to him there is no close season…
Ian Maclaren, 1850 – 1907
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gnawa stories

Somewhere in Morocco. Between African Shamanism and Islam. Between primitive traditions and modernity. At the crossroads of Globalism. You will find the Gnawa. Mystical Musician Healers from Morocco. From marginalized subculture to “official” representatives of Moroccan culture, many Gnawa have undergone a dramatic transition in the past decade. This is the first multimedia website project of its kind dedicated to the Gnawa. Mixing video, audio, photographs and text, Gnawa Stories takes you inside the uncharted waters of this secret world, and explores the Gnawas’ commitment to connect with their traditions while adapting to a new Global Age.