TLG Usage

To the discussion of TLG usage in connection with the reading of NT
texts, I wish to add a further observation (my $.02 worth).

While I agree with the demurral that wide reading in classical texts,
although undeniably helpful, is not the best preparation for reading
the NT I must point out that the TLG contains far more than classical
texts.  Careful use of the canon will enable one to selectively search
hellenistic texts roughly contemporaneous with the NT literature you
wish to investigate.  Careful selection of search criteria will
greatly increase the utility of this fine tool.

Also of interest to NT scholars, in my opinion, is the PHI disk #6.
Most of us gravitate naturally to disk #5.3 with its biblical texts,
but do not overlook the importance of the non-literary papyri for
contextualizing NT texts.  The Duke Database of Documentary Papyri,
the Michigan papyri and the various collections of inscriptions, if
used carefully, can also illuminate Greek usage in early Christian texts.

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