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New book: Toward a Cognitive Classical Linguistics

Posted: December 29th, 2019, 4:06 am
by Stephen Carlson
There is a new, open access volume on Greek and Latin grammar, Toward a Cognitive Classical Linguistics: The Embodied Basis of Constructions in Greek and Latin.

The main chapters are:
Introduction. Toward a cognitive classical linguistics (Mocciaro, Egle / Short, William Michael)
1 Aspect and construal A cognitive linguistic approach to iterativity, habituality and genericity in Greek (Allan, Rutger J.)
2 A construction-grammar analysis of ancient Greek particles (Drummen, Annemieke)
3 The embodied basis of discourse and pragmatic markers in Greek and Latin (Fedriani, Chiara)
4 Reversive constructions in Latin: the case of re- (and dis-) (Brucale, Luisa)
5 Autόs and the center-periphery image schema (Bonifazi, Anna)
6 Aspects of aural perception in Homeric Greek (Luraghi, Silvia / Sausa, Eleonora)
7 The role of spatial prepositions in the Greek lexicon of garments (Papadopoulou, Maria)
8 Metaphor by any other name. A cognitive linguistic reassessment of Aristotle’s theory of metaphor (Membrez, Greg)
9 Animus inscriptus An out-of-body embodiment? (Collins, Christopher)
10 Metaphorical word order (D’Anselmi, Luca)
I have read through most of these and am willing to discuss them in further detail. Like many volumes of contributed essays, this one is a bit hit-and-miss, with a couple of somewhat off-topic pieces thrown in. The jewel of the volume is the piece by Rutger J. Allan on aspect and construal. The Drummen is also of interest, explaining the various senses of καί, τε, and δέ adequately but not really exploiting construction grammar.

Re: New book: Toward a Cognitive Classical Linguistics

Posted: December 29th, 2019, 4:56 pm
by MAubrey

This had been on Amazon last year but then its listing disappeared right before it was supposed to ship. Glad to finally see the contents.