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Benjamin Kantor
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English to Koine Greek Lexicon

Post by Benjamin Kantor »

Hi all, I recently made an English to Greek lexicon online by inverting concordances to NT, LXX, Josephus, JDT, Eusebius, Epictetus, and the Apostolic fathers that I generated with Accordance. Find it here:


There are a couple issues. I do not know code very well and I haven't figured out how to have search keywords like "test" not pick up things like "intestine". And further, there are many double entries because each word is entered once per author. The latter is actually not much of a problem, since it is helpful to see author data as well I think. However, if anyone knows how to fix the first of these I would be grateful for help!
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Daniel Semler
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Re: English to Koine Greek Lexicon

Post by Daniel Semler »

Hi Ben,

I code for a living. Feel free to ping me offline and we can discuss.
Just off the cuff, I think you may need a stemmer and an index based on stems to search. But then I don't know how your search is done now and what your data looks like exactly.

Devenios Doulenios
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Re: English to Koine Greek Lexicon

Post by Devenios Doulenios »

Ben, this looks really promising! I have a couple of questions about the authors you searched. First, what οr who is JDT? Second, which works of Eusebius did you search? In a sample search for "attempt", I saw citations starting with numbers for Eusebius, e.g., "4Eusebius", "5Eusebius". And also, is this Eusebius the Eusebius of Caesarea who wrote the famed church history in the 4th century?

I look forward to exploring this more, and the rest of your site.

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Shirley Rollinson
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Re: English to Koine Greek Lexicon

Post by Shirley Rollinson »

Thank you so much - this looks like a great start - and a lot of work done already.
I tried it, using "book" as the search word - and it brought up all the Books of the Bible. Is there a way to fix that sort of thing ?
Thank you so much
Shirley Rollinson
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Re: English to Koine Greek Lexicon

Post by Paul-Nitz »

Wonderful tool!
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