Greek Alphabet Game (Android)

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Greek Alphabet Game (Android)

Post by kevinmadden » August 9th, 2013, 12:17 pm

After about a month and a half of work, I've released a game that teaches the Greek Alphabet. Right now it's only available for Android™, but could (possibly) be released for iOS in the future. My goal in making this app was to turn the first challenge that most first year Greek students face-- learning the alphabet-- into a fun, addictive game.

Here is the description on the Google Play store:
Test your knowledge of the Greek Alphabet with this fun, yet educational app! Even if you don't know the Greek Alphabet at all, this game is still for you! Included in the app is a training mode, which will teach you the Greek Alphabet (lowercase and uppercase) in order.

Two different Greek Alphabet game modes will send letters flying at you, testing your visual and audio recognition. In one game, your job is to grab the letters in alphabetical order. In the other game, your job is to grab the letters in whatever order they're called. For bonus points, any incorrect letters can be shot down!

This game is designed for anyone new to Greek. It will be especially useful if you are planning on studying or just starting your studies in Koine Greek (Biblical Greek), Ancient Greek, or Modern Greek. This app could also come in handy if you are in a mathematics class, physics class, or some other class that makes heavy use of the Greek alphabet.
Right now it's available through...
Google Play: ... nggamefree
Amazon: ... 00EAOIG30/

Feel free to share your thoughts! If anyone is interested, I've written a lengthier article here about this project that I've completed.
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