Adding Greek/Latin lexical aids to Firefox

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Adding Greek/Latin lexical aids to Firefox

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Hi Folks,

Something of which you may not be aware...

Firefox users (I have no idea about other browsers) are able to customize their browser with the addition of dedicated search engine plug ins (available here: Basically, these supplement the standard Google (or whatever) search engine found in the default browser search bar.

Happily, there are plug-ins available for the perseus Greek and Latin Word Study Tools.

The actual pages are found at and respectively.

The plug-ins can be had at ... - the "Perseus Hopper - Latin Word" and "Perseus Hopper - Greek Word" plug ins are the ones you're after.

Once these are installed in Firefox you can then "right click" on any Greek or Latin word (including those in unicode font - with or without accenting!) and a new window will open which shows the lexicon form of that word, together with any form matching your search and links to entries for that word in a number of lexicons.

Note that you have to have the appropriate search engine selected in your browser search bar for this to work.

It's worth pointing out that there are similar search plug ins for a host of other language sites - making identification of that curious non-English word a relative breeze.
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