Invitation to Improve a New Bible Version

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Invitation to Improve a New Bible Version

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χαιρετε, φιλοι!

if you’ve ever wanted to offer input on improving a Bible translation, here’s your chance. I am posting draft copies of my translation of the Gospel of John on my blog, chapter by chapter, seeking comments, particularly comments to help improve it. This would apply to both the translation text and to the notes, as well the ancillary materials such as the Glossary. If you might be interested, here are some FYI matters to consider.

1) The translation is in English. 2) The intended audience is to be as broad as possible, including both seasoned Christians, interested laymen and scholars, as well as people who have never read the Bible. Therefore, I am striving to make the translation as clear as possible, using current, natural English: an idiomatic translation. This means that I avoid traditional theological terms that might be difficult to understand. I replace these with natural English equivalents. For instance, I would use “set apart/dedicate/make holy” for αγιαζω (hagiazo) instead of “sanctify”. 3) I am an American, but am striving to use English that is comprehensible internationally. In line with seeking to appeal to an international readership, weights and measures in the Bible text are rendered in metric units, with English standard units used in America in the notes. 4) Notes given provide Bible references, alternate translations, cultural and historical background, theological concepts, manuscript readings and variants, and discussion of translation difficulties and solutions. Terms from Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic are given both in appropriate Biblical language fonts and in transliteration. 5) Greek grammar terms which are used in the notes, as well as other frequently occurring terms used in the notes, are typically abbreviated. There is an Abbreviation List for these. Often these will have a Glossary entry, which should be consulted, as well. 6) The translation of John is the first portion to appear of the work, which I am calling The Ancient Voices Bible: Dewayne Dulaney Version. 7) I am working from the best critical texts, the NA editions, UBS text, and SBL text. While I am always open to considering a reading from the TR/Majority Text tradition, generally speaking I favor the NA/UBS tradition. I have at times differed from the reading adopted in the text of these when I thought it proper. 8) Most importantly, I am translating and exegeting from a Christian perspective, offering the work as a means to Christian devotion and discipleship and as a tool for evangelism. I am seeking to be true to the vision of the original authors, and not impose any personal views.

The work is at the second draft stage. To access it, go to my blog, Let Ancient Voices Speak, and look for My Bible Version in the Categories list. Or type in “DDV” or “Dewayne Dulaney Version”, or “Ancient Voices Bible” in the search box. To share your feedback, you can either leave a comment on the blog (at the end of a post, or on the Contact page), or send a PM here. I look forward to hearing from you. I encourage you to read the Translator’s Preface first.
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