Having problems viewing fonts? (Call for Guinea Pigs!)

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Can you see the text correctly?

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David Lim
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Re: Having problems viewing fonts? (Call for Guinea Pigs!)

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Jonathan Robie wrote:
David Lim wrote:I really don't understand; I have not done a single thing but now can see the characters!! Amazing.
Do you happen to have FreeSans installed? If so, that would explain it, I added FreeSans back to the font list.
Actually it turned out to be intermittent, because yesterday it was somehow using Gentium but today it did not work. But I found another way :) Firefox 2 is "powerful" enough to allow me to select different default serif and sans-serif fonts for both Western and Greek! I think this should work for anyone who is using Firefox who wants to choose their own fonts rather than the ones used by B-Greek: Go to Tools > Options > Content > Fonts & Colors > Advanced > Fonts for: Greek > Sans-serif: YourFont. It only affects polytonic Greek unicode characters though, but it will do for me :)
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Jonathan Robie
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Re: Having problems viewing fonts? (Call for Guinea Pigs!)

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Thanks for the tip.

For most older browsers, I suspect Alan Wood's Unicode page might be helpful:


It covers IE6, one of the few browsers we still seem to be having problems with.
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