How to change my profile?

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Ted Twitchell
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How to change my profile?

Post by Ted Twitchell »

I was just notified that I need to have my last name in my profile, and to go to "Control Panel". I did this, but couldn't find any place to add my last name. Could someone help me with this?

Ted Twitchell
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Re: How to change my profile?

Post by cwconrad »

(1) Find the words “User Control Panel” in the upper left-hand corner of the window frame: at the top is the dark blue strip with the B-Greek logo and the name and URL of the forum; just under that and a very thin white-space separator in a lighter blue strip below that you’ll see “Board index”; under that and another very thin white-space separator is another light blue panel with a box and “User Control Panel”. CLICK ON “User Control Panel” to open up that panel.

(2) In the “user Control Panel” there are five subsections: from the left side to the right side these are: “Overview”, “Profile”, “Board preferences”, “Private messages”, “User groups”, and “Friends and Foes.” You might want to explore these others, but for now,

(3) Click on the second subsection title, “Profile.” It will open up a page with three further subsections listed in the lefthand column: “Edit profile”, “Edit signature”, and “Edit account settings.”

(4) Click on the second of these, “Edit signature.” It will open up a composition box exactly like those in which you type a message and try it out before submitting it. Here you’ll find your current signature and you can make changes to it and edit it. Just as with messages you have the opportunity to preview how it will look before submitting it. Once you’re satisfied with the way your signature is formatted, click on submit. That’s it. You can now click on “Board Index” in the upper left-hand corner and be back in the forum. Henceforth any messages you compose will bear your new signature.

Note that you can change these items in the “User Control Panel” as often as you choose, but you should read through the Policies section and endeavor to choose the settings in your control panel to conform to the forum’s policies.
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Carl W. Conrad
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Louis L Sorenson
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Re: How to change my profile?

Post by Louis L Sorenson »

You need either Jonathan Robie or myself (Louis L Sorenson) to change your UserID to your real name, as this is an administrative function, and not a moderator or self-user function. I'll change your login to Ted Twitchell. Your UserID is now changed. The password remains the same. mmm.... Perhaps I jumped the gun, Carl's solution works if you only want your last name in your profile as a signature to your posts, which is also an acceptable way of identifying yourself.

If anyone wants their UserID to match their real name you need to contact an administrator, otherwise, they may put their real name as a signature below all their posts (this is done automatically, one the Signature is added to their profile.
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