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Conjugation of ποιέω: ἐποίησα

Posted: March 17th, 2018, 5:07 am
by PhillipLebsack
ἐποίησα --> Verb, from ποιέω: Aorist Active Indicative 1st Person Singular.

I'm interested in knowing if there is a paradigm chart out there on ποιέω.

But also, and more importantly, I'm asking for help in understanding why ποιέω is conjugated so weirdly in this form (ἐποίησα).

The Aorist part makes sense. The ἐ augment would make it either aorist or imperfect. In this case it is aorist. I'm okay with that.

Then, there is the -ησα ending. Aorist is supposed to follow the secondary endings (according to Bill Mounce). So it should end with ον (for 1st sing), but it doesn't... This begs the question - why?

Is it because this is a 1st Aorist Active verb, whose tense formative is σα? But if that is so, that explains the ending... except, why doesn't it end in ον?

This leads me to another question... If the 1st person Singular form is like this, what are the other points-of-view forms like for this tense? :o

I'm totally confused with this form of the word...

Re: Conjugation of ποιέω: ἐποίησα

Posted: March 17th, 2018, 5:28 am
by S Walch
I'm not quite sure what Bill Mounce says on this, but it sounds to me that you're either confusing the imperfect and the aorist, or are thinking in terms of the 2nd aorist and not the 1st aorist.

Double check what Mounce says concerning the 1st aorist.

Also, as we're dealing with an -εω verb, this morphs into an η and then the rest of the word follows conventional 1st aorist conjugation rules.

The following will be helpful (check under 'Tenses'): ... asic_Verbs