Letter Initials for Different Forms of Words

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Letter Initials for Different Forms of Words

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Hello. I'm currently studying a Greek concordance and I'm aware that many word entries in certain letter sections begin with different letter other than in their original forms (e.g: the word Ballo being in the Beta section but it can occur as Eballon, beginning with Epsilon when the word is found in its Aorist form). My question is are there any other initial letters for words which are different to their original forms? For instance, I know that Omega can replace the initial letter of words in the Omricon section. Thank you
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Re: Letter Initials for Different Forms of Words

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Hi Yakob,

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Re: Letter Initials for Different Forms of Words

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Sometimes it is more than just letters. Search for "suppletive verbs Greek", or have a look at this resource - Suppletive forms, verbs with multiple roots.
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