HTGREP Query Form
for Vascular Plant Systematics Glossary

ENTER the term in question in the blank below; the search is case insensitive. The results will be the term in question followed by its definition.

The term in question may also be found within the definition of a different term. If two or more words are entered, e.g. leaf scar, the results will vary; the two word term will be returned with its definition, or a different term will be returned with the words 'leaf scar' within its definition, or a third result will be with the words 'leaf' and 'scar' separated by other words within the definition.

Partial terms or character strings may be entered using an asterisk to denote the omitted characters, e.g. peta*, which will return 'petal', 'petaliferous' and 'petaloid', etc. Entering *peta* will result in the terms above, plus additional ones including 'apetalous', 'sympetalous', etc.

If the term is highlighted, it is linked to an illustration of it and other similar terms.

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