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SPOTLIGHT: OCSC 10-year anniversary celebration

Poster by Ron Liberti

It’s time to celebrate 10 years of making new friends and reacquainting with old ones in one of Carrboro’s favorite bars. The Orange County Social Club is 10 years old!

Following a weeklong celebration, OCSC will commemorate its 10th anniversary with an extravaganza so massive it’ll span two nights at Cat’s Cradle. The shows, Friday, Oct. 14 and Saturday, Oct. 15, should prove to be the event of the year for all Carrborites. It will featurea Benji Hughes, Crooked Fingers, David Bazan, Gross Ghost, The Toddlers, Seven Brides for the Meat Wagon, Kerbloki, Ghost of Rock and a special ensemble performance with members of Mandolin Orange, The Light Pines, the Tomahawks and Ryan Gustafson.

Illustration by Phil Blank

Both nights, the doors open at 7 p.m. Shows start at 8 p.m. and should wrap up around midnight – leaving plenty of time to finish your night off right at OCSC, toasting another 10 years of happiness. Tickets are $10 for one night or $18 for a two-night pass.