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All things Pennario. Biography, Career History, Discography, LP, CD covers, Picture Gallery, mp3 samples, personal annecdotes, etc.
Collection Léonard da Vinci
The website presents an account of the dimensions of colour and light perception, written for painters using either traditional or digital mediums.
PDF versions of over forty of the official U.S. Army Histories of World War II (the "Green Books") including a chronology, all major theaters,…
thumbnails of paintings licensed under Creative Commons
Alexander Vaisman paintings and drawings
Academic examination of the term "outsider art" and it's application.
A look into the creative and artistic side of China,
The Cultural Arts Group is an informal group of people connected with various arts organizations in and neighboring Orange County, North Carolina. The…
The North Carolina Museum of Art Contemporaries group is composed of young Triangle professionals in the 20- to 40-something age range whose goal is…