Michael Dyck's Contradance Index:
Indexed By Formation

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C 10x2
	NVS Double Five

C 3x2
	George's Folly
	Gypsy A Trois
	Luck of the Morris
	Something Blue
	Triangle #3

C 3x2 mixer
	The Barcarole Star Tri-Drille
	Borrowdale Exchange
	Kentucky Circle
	The Lower Hall
	Mayhem and Brownies
	Triangle #1
	Triangle #2
	The Twenty-first of May

C 3x3
	Stars In The Triangle

C 4x2 (square dance)
	Absolutely Pulverized Nellie Gray
	Accept No Substitutes
	Alamance Express
	Albert Quadrille
	The Anchor Man
	Anita's Square
	Annie Laurie
	Antigonish Polka Numbers
	Apple Tree Square
	Arizona Double Star
	Arky Grand Number 4
	Aroostook Square
	Around the Corner
	Asheville Express
	Atlantic Polka Quadrille
	Atomic Nellie Gray
	B more complex
	Bachelor Mill
	Balancing Stars
	The Basket
	Basket Quadrille
	A Better Blend
	Between the Sides and Forward Six
	Big Dipper
	Big Ig's Jig
	Bird in the Cage
	Birdie In The Cage
	Birthday Contra Square
	Blacksburg Express
	Blue Jay Reel
	Blue Ridge Breakdown
	The Bouquet Waltz
	Box the Gnat Square
	Box The Wave
	Break Number One
	Break Number Two
	Bride of the Wind
	Bully of the Town
	Busy Time
	Canadian Lancers
	Canadian Set
	Cape May Diamond
	Carolina Crossing
	Carolina Rollaway
	Carolina Swing
	The Cauldron
	Chain Ladies Chain
	Chain Slinger
	Chain the Line
	Chains Across
	Chaos Set to Music
	Cheechako Reel
	Chickaloon Reel
	Chinese Breakdown
	Chippenham Square
	Circle Three & Balance Four
	Circle to a Circle
	Circle to the Middle
	Circles & Stars
	City Stages Square
	Clarity Number One
	Class III Rapids
	Coming Round the Mountain
	Compost Pile Breakdown
	Confused Memories
	Confusion Illusion
	Contra Square
	Contra Square No. 1
	Corned Beef Quadrille
	Coronado Quadrille
	Coupez par deux, quatre, six
	Courteous Express
	The Crazy Daisy
	Crooked Stovepipe
	The Crooked Stovepipe
	Cross the Way
	Cross Trail Express
	Cultural Capital Quadrille
	Cumberland Square Eight
	Cut away 2, 4, 6
	Daffodil Express
	Dallas Route
	Dance the Fishies
	Dancing To Pretoria
	Dandelion Express
	Darling Nellie Gray
	David's Quadrille
	Deep in the Heart of Texas
	Deer Park Lancers
	The Denver Wagon Wheel
	Diane's Dance
	Dig for the Oyster
	Dip And Dive
	Dip and Dive
	Dixie Grand Square
	Do Si Do Right
	Do-Si-Do Right
	Do-si-do Right
	Dosido and Star Break
	Dosido Right
	Double Balance Surprise
	Double Cross
	Double Pass Through
	Double Pass Thru
	Double Sashay
	Down the Hall
	Duck the Possum and Turn His Hide
	Duck'N Dive
	Early Autumn Breakdown
	Early Autumn Express
	Echo Summit Square
	Edelmann's Reel
	Eight Chain Express
	Elbow Swing
	Ends Turn In
	Essex Quadrille
	Everyone's a Star
	Expressway Express
	Fiddle Faddle
	15 Minute Intermission
	Fifth Figure of the Standard Lancers
	5th Figure Overacker Suite
	Figure Eight
	First Night Quadrille
	The Five Corner Waltz
	Foots Let Go
	Forward Five
	Forward Six
	Forward Six and Back (Right Hand High, Left Hand Low)
	Forward Six And Fall Back Six
	Four Bachelor Boys
	Four Couple Hey
	Four Leaf Clover
	Four Square
	4th Figure of Overacker Suite
	From The First Hello To The Last Good-Bye
	Geezy Peezy
	The Girl I Left Behind Me
	Gluten Free Square
	Goathland Square Eight
	Grand Chain Break
	Grand Galaxy
	The Grand Slam
	Grand Square
	Grand Square Melange
	Grand Square Quadrille
	The Grand Square Quadrille
	Grand Star Square
	Grind that Meal
	Half a Star's Better than None
	Half and Half
	Half Way Round
	Hanol Back Up Star
	Happy Endings
	Happy Hobo
	Harbour Bridge Quadrille
	Haw River Express
	Head Men & Side Ladies
	Headache in Six-Eight
	Heads will Roll
	The Heartbreaker
	Heat Index Express
	Heiner's Star Breakdown
	Hello, Mary Lou
	Hey Hey, Max is on the Way
	Hey, Hey, Max is on the Way
	Hey Mania Variation
	Hey your Corner
	Hi Nellie
	The Hobo
	Hobo III
	Hobo IV
	Hobo V
	Home in Pasadena
	Honest John
	Honest John - Part I
	Honest John - Part II
	Horseshoe Hoedown
	Hot Time In the Old Town Tonight
	I want to be near you
	Idiot's Delight
	If You Knew Susie
	Innuendo (And Out Your Door)
	Interchange Freeway
	International Lancer Set
	Inverted Express
	Jackie's eight
	January Express
	Jay's square
	Jelly Rolls
	Jennifer's Quadrille
	Jig a Jig Square
	Joe Taylor's Dance
	Kaiti's Fancy
	Katerina Quadrille
	Keene Quadrille
	Keene Quadrille, v.2
	Keep Your Own
	Kerry Set
	Kimmswick Express
	"Kitchen Junket" Lancers
	Kitchen Lancers
	Kitty Corner
	Kudzu Castles
	La Grande Chaine
	La Russe
	Ladies Round the Men
	Ladies Stay Home
	Ladies Switcheroo
	Ladies' Whirligig
	The Lancers
	The Lancers "Oriental"
	The Lancer's Reel
	Lavender Moon
	Leading Ladies
	Leave Her Alone
	Lene's Puzzle
	Liberty Square Dance
	Life on the Ocean Wave
	Lightning Bolt Square
	Listen to the Mockingbird
	Little Log Cabin
	Little Log Cabin in the Lane
	Little Old Log Cabin
	Locomotion Squared
	Logan's Fancy
	The Long Journey Home
	Long Pond Chain
	Louisville Special
	Lucky Six
	Lucky Star
	Lucky Stardom
	Mage Up A Creek
	Magical Mystery Tour
	Maine Special
	Marching Through Georgia
	Meet Me in St. Louis
	Merry Go Round
	The Merry-Go-Round
	Mimosa Express
	Miner's Chain
	Missing Link
	Modular Express
	Monadneck Muddle
	Monadnock Muddle
	Monte Carlo
	Montreal Breakthrough
	Moose Jaw Rendezvous
	Mount Pisgah Star
	Mister McCloud of Asheville
	Mr McCloud Of Asheville
	Mr. McCloud of Asheville
	My Little Girl
	Nashville Turnabout
	Nelly Bly
	The Nelson Lancers
	New Dixie Reel
	New River Train
	Newport Quadrille #3
	(noch) ohne titel
	Northern Lights
	Not Too Far
	November Breakdown
	Odd Couple Promenade
	Oh Susannah
	Old Couple Promenade
	Old Fashioned Girl
	The Old Mill Wheel
	Pelican Express
	Perceptual Motion
	The Perfect Square
	Pete's Square
	Petronella Break
	Petronella Swing Break
	Pick Up Your Corner
	Pitter Patter
	Plain Quadrille
	Plain Quadrille (Figure Two)
	Plain Quadrille #1
	Plain Quadrille #2
	Plain Quadrille #3
	Plain Quadrille #4
	Plain Quadrille #5
	Plain Quadrille #6
	Plain Quadrille #7
	Plain Quadrille #8
	Plain Quadrille #9
	Plain Quadrille Part II: Star the Ring
	Polka Quadrille
	Pop the Line
	Postcard from Jupiter
	Posty in a Freezing Restaurant
	Presque Isle Eight
	Presque Isle Eight #2
	Promenade All
	Promenade In A Star
	Push and Shove
	Quebec Quadrille
	Québecois Square
	Quick Step 94
	Rainbow Stroll
	Rang Tang Express
	Red River Valley
	Reflections Quadrille
	Relay the Deucey
	Revolving Door
	Right Hand Up and Left Hand Under
	Rod's Arkansas Traveler
	Rod's Contra Square #1
	Rod's Quadrille
	Rod's Reel
	Rod's Right & Left
	Roll Back One
	Rolling Break
	The Rose Quadrille
	The Rout
	The Route
	St. Louis Blues Square
	Sally Goddin
	Sally Goodin
	San Antonio Rose
	The Sausage Grinder
	Schottische Quadrille
	The Second Hobo
	Second Night Quadrille
	Senior Diamond
	Separate and Swing
	Serenata Quadrille
	Shoo-Fly Square
	Shoot the Moon
	Shooting Stars
	Shriner's Square
	Silver and Gold Two-Step
	Silver Charger
	Sioux City Sue
	Skippack Quadrille
	Smoke on the Water
	Solomon Levi
	A Sort of Weave
	Sourwood Express
	Southern Nights
	Spectacles of Shadrack
	Spin Chain Through Figure
	Split and Separate
	Sponge Bob Square Dance
	Square Delight
	The Standard Lancers
	Star at the sides
	Star on the Sides and Star in the Center
	Star Studded Express
	Star the Ring
	Star Twice
	Steamboat Lancers
	Stoddard Stars
	Streets of Laredo Waltz Quadrille
	Strip the Willow Square
	Swing Down the Line
	Swing 'M Both
	Swing Two Ladies
	Swingin' on a Star
	Swiss Quadrille Medley
	The Teakettle
	Texas Star
	Texas Stardom
	Thread the Needle
	Three Against One
	Three-In-Line Square
	Three Ladies Chain
	3-33 Square Dance Break
	Tip the Willow
	Tom's Ocean Wave
	The Toy Giraffe
	Trick And Treat
	Trip Through Time
	Trip to the Moon
	Tunnel Through
	Turkey Wing
	Two Faced Line
	Two Little Right-Hand Stars
	Two Star Break
	Two Swing and Circle Six Around Them
	Unfaithful Nelly Gray
	unknown square
	Untitled Square
	Uptown Downtown
	User Friendly Breakdown
	Variations on Allemande Left 1 1/2 and Circle and Swing
	Variations on Allemande Thar
	Variations on Allemande X and 4 Ladies Chain
	Virgina Reel Square
	The Virginia Reel Square
	Virginia Reel Square
	Visiting Jenolan
	Vortex Express
	Wagon Wheel
	Walker Street
	Waltz Quadrille
	Wardwell Quadrille #1
	Watch Your Corner
	Wearin' O' the Green
	What Four?
	What the Heck
	The Wheel
	When the Work's All Done this Fall
	When You're Smiling
	Where when and why
	Whirligig & Cheat
	Whirligig and Cheat
	White Coppice
	Willis's Route
	Windmill Lancers
	Windmill Quadrille
	The Wright Square
	Year End Two-Step
	Zorn's Dilemma

C 4x2 + 1 mixer
	9 Pin

C 4x2 mixer (square dance)
	Alabama Jubilee
	Alamo Square
	Alden Biezen Quadrille
	All Chain
	All of a Flutter
	All Separate
	All Square
	Allons Danser Toujours
	Almost Heaven Waltz Quadrille
	Antigonish Problem
	Arkansas Chain
	Aroostook Special
	Around the Corner
	Around the Sides
	Ashley's Star
	The Auctioneer
	Back to Donegal
	Balance and Chain
	Balance In and Out
	Balance the Star
	Balsam Boogie
	Baltimore Breakdown
	Banjos in Love, for Maxine and Brendan
	Barkeley Square
	Beauchamp Square
	Beaver Lake Jig
	The Belgian Connection
	Benson's Fireplace
	The Best Things in Life Are Free
	Betsy's Dance
	Better Late than Never
	The Big Wheel
	Bill Bailey
	Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
	Birdie in the Cage and Seven Hands Round
	Black Forest Quadrille
	Blue Hawaii
	Bob's Haystack
	Bouquet Threesome
	Boxing Day Quadrille
	Bradford Quadrille
	Brave Newcomers
	Breakdown a la Kraus
	Bromyard Square
	Buffalo Gap Square
	Buffalo Quadrille
	Bush Party
	Busy, Busy, Busy
	By the Way
	Camille's Quadrille
	Candlelight Waltz Quadrille
	Cape Breton Square
	The Capstan
	Caulking Jig
	Centers Roll Back
	Chain All Eight
	Chain & promenade
	Chain and Star
	Chain on Both Corners
	Chain Swinger
	Chain Through the Star
	The Champion
	Charming Betsy
	Cherish the Ladies
	Childgrove County Breakdown
	Chime Bells
	Christmas Course Quadrille
	Christmas Eve Quadrille
	Christmas Shopping
	Circle 3/4  No 1
	Circle 3/4   No 2
	Circle 3/4, Pass Thru
	Circle Four and Split Those Two
	Circle Three Quarters
	Circle Three-Quarters, Pass Through
	Circle Three-Quarters, pass through
	Circle to the Middle
	Circles of Four
	Clarity Number Two
	Clifftop Special
	Climbing Up the Golden Stairs
	Constellation Square
	Coomber's Quadrille
	Copenhapen Carnival
	Coronado Quadrille
	Cross the Square
	Cross Trail Through Variation
	Crossing Heys
	The Demented Seagull
	Diagonal March
	Dip and Dive All Eight
	Dixieland Square
	Do Si Do and Face the Sides
	Do-Si-Do and Face the Sides
	Do-si-do and Face the Sides
	The Dockin'
	Doctor Who
	Dodgy Dancing
	Doing the Dishes
	Don's Dance #1
	Dosado and Face the Sides
	DoSaDo & Face the Sides Quadrille
	Double Braid
	Double Crossing
	Double Star
	Double Star Through
	Down on the Corner
	Down The Ocean
	Duck Through & Swing
	Duck Through and Swing
	Duck to the Center
	Duluth Stomp
	The Dyslexic's Nightmare
	East Hill Breakdown
	East Hill Reel
	Easy Does It Quadrille
	Easy Quadrille Variation
	Ed's Square
	Elbow Square
	Escaped from the Hurricane
	Evening Star
	Fancy Circles
	Farewell to Wightman
	Ferrytown Shuffle
	Festival Express
	Fifth Anniversary
	Final Arrangement
	A Fine Square
	1st Figure of Overacker Suite
	The Five-Star Square
	Fluid Drive
	Follow the Leader
	Foremost Follies
	Forty Not Out
	Four Leaf Clover
	Four Leaf Clover Square
	14th of November
	The Fourteenth of November
	Gents and Corners
	Gents Cross Over
	Gents Move Left
	Gents Three-Quarter Star
	Ghost Riders in the Sky
	Go Halfway Round
	Goin' Down South
	Going for a Spin
	Going West
	Golden Slippers
	Good-bye My Lady Love
	Goodbye, Girls, I'm Going to Boston
	Goodbye My Lady Love
	Goodness Me
	Gordo's Quadrille
	Grand Right and Left the Line
	Grandfather's Clock
	Grandma Slid Down the Mountain
	Grapefruit Twist
	Greenwood Square
	Half and Half
	Half Chassez Promenade
	Half Way Round
	Handy Hand Square
	Hannover Quadrille #5
	Happy Dance
	Head Couples Separate
	Headlong into the Water
	Heifers in the Peonies
	Hello Corner!
	Hello, Mary Lou
	Hey Down The Middle
	Hey down the Middle
	Hey Ho
	Hey on the Square
	Hey 'Round the Corner
	Hey the Other Way
	Hi, Nellie!
	High and Low
	Hinky Dinky Parlez-Vous
	Hofbrau Square
	Hog-Eyed Man
	House Party Square
	Howland Square
	I Don't Know Why
	I Like Mountain Music
	I Want a Gal Just Like the Gal That Married Dear Old Dad
	I'm a Bum
	I'm Gonna Lock My Heart and Throw Away the Key
	In Memoriam
	Inauguration Square
	Indiana Quadrille
	The Insomniac
	Interface Jig
	Irish Coffee
	It's a Long Way to Tipperary
	J is for Joel
	January Jive
	Jasan's Travel
	Jenny's Star
	Jessie Polka Square
	Jingle Bells
	John's Favorite
	Junket Square
	Just Because
	Just Do It
	Karin's Quadrille
	Kedge Runaround
	Keep Moving
	Keep Your Arm Around Your Lady
	Keep Your Sunny Side Up
	King's Quadrille
	Knave's Quadrille
	Labor Day Quadrille
	The Ladies from the East
	Ladies Star
	Ladies' Star Turn
	Lady Be Good
	Lady Go Round
	Larry's dance
	Larry's Square
	The Last Laugh
	Left-Hand Star Breakdown
	Life on the Ocean Wave
	Little Log Cabin
	Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
	Little Red Wagon
	The Long Journey Home
	Lost In The Stars
	Louisiana Swing
	The Lucky One
	The Lucky Ones
	Mad Quadrille
	Malden Square
	Maple Sugar Gal
	Margo's Square
	Masters' Quadrille
	Melancholy Baby
	Men On the Ends
	Mendocino Celtic Knot
	Mention My Name in Sheboygan
	Merry Mix-Up
	Merry Mix-up
	Milton Quadrille
	Miriam's Quadrille
	Monday Night Breakdown
	More of Modern
	Mountain Music Madness
	Moving Gent's
	Mrs. Ripple
	Mulberry Square
	My Blue Heaven
	My Madness
	The Nearest Lady
	The Nearest Way Around
	Nelly Bly
	Nelly Bly variation
	The New Deal
	New for Caller's Class
	New Home
	New Year's Eve
	Newhaven Square
	Newport Quadrille #1
	Nice Easy Square
	Northern Quadrille
	Not So Bad!
	Oakwood on Sea
	October Rose Quadrille
	Oh Johnny
	Oh Susanna
	The Old Farmer's Ball
	The Old Red Barn
	Old York
	On a New Location
	On the Bias
	On to the Next
	Oslo Waltz Quadrille
	The Other Side
	The Owl
	Parallel Dried Alfalfa
	Parisian Star
	Pa's Night Out
	Pass Through and Do-si-do
	Pass through & promenade
	Pass Your Corner
	A Passable Solution
	Pat's Pique
	Peggy's Parade
	The Pendulum
	Pennsylvania Polka Square
	The Perfect Match
	Perfectly Simple
	Petronella Square
	Philippe's Right and Left
	Pioneer Polka Quadrille
	Plain Quadrille Part I: Chicken Reel
	Plain Quadrille Part III: Breakdown
	Polka On A Banjo
	Pony Boy
	Portland Chain
	Postcard From Jupiter
	Postcard from Jupiter
	Presque Isle Eighth
	Pretzel Logic
	Princess Quadrille
	Pull the Gents
	Quadrille Joyeux
	Quadrille on the Bias
	Quaker City Quadrille
	The Quality of Marcie
	Queen's Quadrille
	Quiche District Quadrille
	Rainbow Square Dance
	Ralph's Half Way Round
	The Rap Square
	Red River Valley
	Reel Habits
	Reel Your Partner
	Ride in My Wagon Once Again
	Right on Time
	A Right Picnic
	The Rise and Fall of a Star
	Rock Creek Double Star
	Rod's Donegal
	Rod's Reel
	Rod's Right and Left
	Roger's Dance
	Roger's Grand Chain
	Round Just One
	Salle St. Andre
	Sam and Abby
	Sand Dollars
	Save the Last Dance for Me
	Selston Wave
	Separate and Do-Si-Do
	Separate and Do-si-do
	Separate and Join the Sides
	Separate To Dosado
	Shadrack's Square
	Sheehan's Reel
	Sheehan's Reel - Variation
	Sheehan's Too
	Sheik of Squaraby
	The Sheik of Squaraby
	Shindig in the Barn
	Shipston Square
	A Short Promenade
	Short Promenade
	Silver and Gold
	Singing Call figure 1
	Six Pass Through
	Six Pass Thru
	Sixteen Feet
	Skirtlifters' Reel
	Snowy Mountain
	Social Circuit
	Somebody to Love
	Something in the Air
	Soup's On
	Split the Ring
	Split Your Sides
	Squareback Reel
	St Patrick's Hangover
	Star at the Sides
	Star at the sides
	Star Breakdown
	Star Chase
	Stars & Stripes Quadrille
	Stars and Stripes Quadrille
	Stars Galore
	Staten Island Square
	Steal a Little Smile
	Stepping across
	Steve's Stomp
	A Strange Sensation
	Substitution Square
	Summer Camp Reel
	Sunshine Quadrille
	Swan's Dive
	Sweepstake Square
	Sweet Corn
	Sweet Georgia Brown
	Swing, Swang, Swung
	Swing to a Line
	Swingin' On a Comet
	Synchromesh Square
	A Taste of Modern
	Tater Patch
	Ted's Presque Isle Eight
	Ted's Three-Quarter Chain
	Texas Star
	"Thar" Square
	That Old Dixie Daisy
	Think Tank
	Thinking of Hilcote
	Third Date
	3rd Figure Overacker Suite
	Third Night Quadrille
	Three Corner Square
	Three Ladies Chain
	Three-Quarter Promenade
	Time and Time Again
	Tin Lizzie Quadrille
	Tip Top Quadrille
	Tony's Back to Back
	Tony's First Change
	The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
	Trail of the Lonesome Pine
	Transcontinental Express
	Trick Auto Square
	Trust Me, Boys
	Turn Left
	Turning Gold Against the Grey
	Turpike Square
	Twelfth Southern Second
	Twelfth Street Rag
	Twist and Turn
	270 Reel
	Union Jack
	Vacuum Square
	Valentine Reel
	Watching Hang Gliders
	Wave the Ocean
	Weaving Ladies
	Western Country
	The Wheel
	Wheels Q
	When You Wore a Tulip
	Where'd You Come From?
	Wildcat square
	William and Mary's Square
	Willis' Route
	With right & left Through
	The Wrong Side of Town
	You Call Everybody Darling
	You Might Get There From Here
	Your Home Town
	Zottegem Jig

C 4x3
	All the Way Home
	The Empress Waltz Quadrille
	Fun Time in Kentucky
	Short Week End
	Twelve Meet

C 4x3 mixer
	Early Morning
	Twelve Reel

C 5x1
	Cottontail Rag
	Dummer's Reel
	Hot Tub Rag
	Jack Turn Back

C 5x2
	Colors And Computers
	A Year in the Life of a Penguin

C 5x2 mixer (5 couples in a circle)
	The Edinburgh Snake
	Five couple circle
	Five Couple Mixer
	Johnson City Circle
	Levi Jackson Rag
	Oakwood on Sea
	Pentagon #1
	Union Jack

C 6x2 (6 couples in a circle)
	Chaîne en Huit
	Tom's Sixer Number Two
	Untitled Hex Dance

C 8x2
	April Lilacs
	First Two Figures of les Lanciers
	Grand Lancer's Double Quadrille
	Grand Square Quadrille II
	Grand Square Quadrille No. I
	Grand Windmill Quadrille
	Grosser Achter Double Quadrille
	Luv O' Windhill
	Milky Way
	Milnathorpe Celebration
	Paddock Parade
	Philippe's Double Quadrille #1
	Philippe's Double Quadrille No 1
	Pinwheel Quadrille
	The R & S Alliance
	Rod's Quad #1
	Rod's Quad #2
	Rod's Quad #3
	Rod's Quad #4
	Rod's Quad #5
	St. Patrick's Day
	Star Trek
	Stormy Weather
	Welcome To Jacob Benjamin Gratzon

C 8x2 mixer

C Nx2 mixer
	The Waratah

Cm 1x1
	Mr. Osko's Waltz
	Wedding Dance

Cm 1x2
	Badger Gavotte
	Boston Two-Step
	Circle Waltz
	Clap Happy
	Donut formation dance
	The Franconia
	Gay Gordons
	Moon and Stars Circle
	Pretty Pineland Baby
	The Roberts
	Salty Dog Rag

Cm 1x2 mixer (circle mixer)
	Adams Amble
	Airplane Mixer
	Alabama Jubilee
	Alamo Circle Mixer
	Alamo Intro
	All in Good Time
	Allemande Mixer
	Al's Jubilee
	Ames Amble
	Arnold's Circle
	Atlantic Mixer
	Atlantic/Pacific Mixer
	Atonement Reel
	Aunt Hessie's White Horse
	Autumn Trail
	Banjo's Mistress
	Barn Dance
	The Barn Mixer
	The Berkshire Fool
	Big circle with hey
	The Big Whoop
	Black Cat Mixer
	Blaydon Races
	Bob and Laura's 35th
	Bob's Birthday
	Bob's New Mixer
	Boris & Ines Mixer
	Break a Leg
	Bridal Circle
	Bridges over Montpelier
	Brown-Eyed Mary
	Bubbles Mixer
	Cabot School Mixer
	Californian Promenade
	Calling All Dancers
	Cammy's La Bastringue
	Chanctonbury Ring
	Chris & Lisa Found Each Other
	Chris & Lisa found each other
	Christmas Mixer
	Cincinnati Reel
	Circassian Circle
	Circassian circle
	Circle Hornpipe
	Circle Mixer
	Circle of Friends
	Circle Waltz
	C. J. Mixer
	Clam Digger Promenade
	Clap Happy
	Coke the Floor
	Come, My Love
	Cotton Eyed Joe Mixer
	Crazy Daisy Mixer
	Cross Over the Water
	Dad's Lancers Mixer
	The Digging Dutchman
	Disturbed by Insects
	Docklands Jubilee
	Don't Get Confused
	Downtown Stroll #2
	Early Bird
	Ease About Mixer
	Ease About Thing
	Ease About Things
	Ease of Circles
	Easy Circle of Fun
	Eleanor's Mixer
	Ely Waltz
	End of the White Nights
	English Gay Gordons
	Esmeralda's Revenge
	Esperanza Jubilee
	EZ Mixer
	E.Z.'s Mixer
	Facing In and Out
	Family Waltz
	Farmer's Gallop
	February Mixer
	Feel the Force
	The Fever Mixer
	Figure Six Mixer
	First English Roar
	First English Roundabout
	First Turn in May
	Fischle's circle-mixer
	5 Leaf Clover
	The Flea Market
	The Flircle
	Flircle Mixer
	FloorPlay: New Year's Eve 2003
	Flying High
	Forced March Mixer
	Friendship Basket
	Garden party
	Garfield's Escape
	Gate Idea
	Gay Gordon's Mixer
	Gay Gordons Mixer
	Gay Rory O Moor
	Gibbs Street Mixer
	Glen Echo Promenade
	Gloria's Mixer
	Gloria's Star Thru Mixer
	Goodnight Waltz Mixer
	Gordons, Jennings, and More
	Grand Right and Left Mixer
	Heel and Toe Polka
	High Country Mixer
	Hinton's Circle of Love
	Holiday Ball #9
	Honeywell Circle
	I Don't Know Why
	Ice Cream in the Sink
	Indian Princess
	Instant Mixer mod
	Island in the Sun
	It's a Dog's Life
	Jackie's Seventh
	January Mixer
	Jean's Fling
	Jennings Jubilee
	Jiffy Mixer
	Jim's Favorite
	Johnny Oh Polka Mixer
	Jolly is the Miller
	Kathie's Delight
	Kiwi Ring
	Klezmer Mixer
	La Bastringue
	La Chapelloise
	La String Bean
	Ladies Chain Circle Mixer
	Ladies In Mixer
	Ladies Mixer
	Ladies Turn Back
	Lage Vuursche Mixer
	Lancashire Reel
	Larry's Grand Mixer
	Larry's Mixer
	Larry's Other Mixer
	Let's Celebrate
	Let's Celebrate the Day
	Light in the Window
	Little Mixer
	Lost and Found
	Lost Love
	Lost Memories
	Love and Kisses
	Lucky Seven
	Lucky Seven version 1
	Lucky Seven version 2
	The Mad Dancers
	Maggie Mixer
	Manchester Slide
	Margot's Caterpillar Walk
	Marmaduke Mixer
	Mary's Mixer
	Mash-Up Mixer
	May Day Mixer
	May Mixer
	Maya's Mixer
	Meet Your Neighbors
	The Merry Mortons
	Michael's Confussion
	Military Schottische
	The Missing Link
	Misty Morning
	Mix it Up
	Mixer for my Wife
	Molly Mixer
	More of a Mixer
	Mottingham Mixer
	Moving Along
	Moving Violations
	Mowing the Lawn
	Musical Chairs
	My Mickey
	My Pretty Girl Mixer
	The Nanpantan circle dance
	Nervous Breakdown
	The New Hoosier
	A Night at the Opera
	North Shore Mixer
	North Star Mixer
	Norwegian Family Waltz
	Oh, Johnny
	Oh, Susannah
	Oklahoma Mixer
	Old Bob's Mixer
	Olsson's Family Waltz
	On the Carousel
	Our Precious Friends
	Pam's Promenade
	Passing Fancy
	Patty Cake Polka
	Paul Jones
	Pele Mele Mixer
	Pensacola Rollaway
	Petite Waltz Mixer
	Petronella Mixer
	Phrase Craze Mixer
	Playful Gordons
	The Pope Mixer
	Progressive Gay Gordons
	Quahog Promenade
	Rainbow Mixer
	The Ramapo Romp
	Reconcilable Differences
	Reel of Ballymore
	Reston Reel
	Retro Reel
	Rhubarb Go Round
	Riding the Waves
	Ring Balance
	Rings of Spring
	Rio Grande Circle
	Roaring Mixer
	Roll Away Ring
	Rollaway Mixer
	Rollaway Too
	Rory O'Mix
	Rory O'Mixer
	Rotary Circulator
	Rotary Waltz Mixer
	The Rumford
	Sage and Onions
	Sandy Land
	Sandy's Fancy
	Sarah's Waltz Mixer
	Sashay mixer
	Scattered All Over
	Second Of April
	See You Soon
	Sibyl's Roundabout
	Silly threes
	Skinny Dippin'
	Spinner's Delight
	Star Thru Mixer
	Stars & Stripes Mixer
	Stratton Mountain Mixer
	Sue Said it was Ted
	Suicide Square
	Sunday on the Green
	Sunny Side Mixer
	Sunny side mixer
	Sunshine Mixer
	Super Simple Circle Mixer
	Susquehanna Circle
	Sweet Dreams
	Swing Somebody
	Ted's Mixer
	Ted's Turns
	Ted's Waves
	10 O'Clock Mixer
	Tennessee Mixer
	Teton Mountain Stomp
	Tex-Mex Mixer
	Texas Rose
	They Like Dogs
	To Christa
	Tommerup Mixer
	Tracie's Two-Step
	Train to Boston
	Trip to Santa Fe
	Trip to Tennessee
	Trip to the South
	The Tryout
	Two & Four
	Two Eight Five-4673
	Two Knots on a String
	The Very First
	The Very Grand Right and Left
	The Vowel Dance
	Waiting in the Swings
	Waltz Circle
	Waltz Mixer
	Waltz of the Western Isles
	Watch Your Step
	We Met Again
	Weave mixer
	The Wedding Ring
	Wee Willie
	Welcome Circle Mixer
	Welcoming New Friends
	The Wheel
	Whoops, Loops
	Window Shopping
	Wishy Washy
	The Wood Duck
	The Yellow Cat's Jig
	Z Mixer

Cm 1x3
	Catch Somebody
	Cross the Girls

Cm 1x3 mixer
	Pinewoods Hurry Scurry I
	Rebecca's Roundabout
	Silly Threesome
	Texas Schottiche for Three
	Two-Step Trio
	Welcoming Matthew
	Wild Waves

Cm 1x4 mixer
	Grand Tour

Cm 2x2
	Balance the Star
	Four Seasons

Cm 2x2 becket (becket sicilian circle)
	Becket Circle
	Buffalo Stampede
	Circle to Don
	Emma & Kendall
	FLK Mixer
	The Lizard Research Institute
	M & M's Reel
	Marching to Pretoria
	Maverick Waltz
	Meade County Reel
	Mountain Circle Dance
	New Pretoria
	Simple Circles
	Snowhill Station
	Where am I?
	Wherries Circle Contra

Cm 2x2 becket mixer
	Lighter Than Air

Cm 2x2 ip (sicilian circle)
	Afton Hey
	Alice's Rest
	The Amazon
	America the Beautiful
	Attleboro Reel
	Aumsville Corn Festival
	Back to the Drawing Board
	Backwards Again
	Balance the Star
	Balance the Star Circle
	Balto-More Circle
	The Bane of Richmond
	Basket Dance
	Basket Joys
	Be Quick
	Belles of Boston
	Best Kind
	Bishopthorpe Palace Pousette
	Black Jack
	Black Jack's Successor
	Black Joke
	The Black Joke
	Blue September Sky
	The Bracelet
	Break-up Is Hard To Do
	California Reel
	The Carousel
	Cecilian Circle
	Cecily Circle
	Chocolate in the Peanut Butter
	Cicilian Circle
	Circassian Circle
	The Circle
	Circle Contra
	Circle for Simone
	Circle of Fun
	Circulating Sixpence
	CK Circle Dance
	The Clansmen's Circle
	The Clock in the Window
	Clover Circle
	The David Circle
	Diane's Waltz
	Dishrag Dance
	Do Something
	Dosido and Dip and Dive
	Double Weave Waltz Mixer
	A Dragon's Tale
	Elbow Grease
	Entirely New Opposites
	Farmer's Quadrille
	Fiddlehead's Fancy
	Fiddleheads' Fancy
	The Fillip
	First Swing of Spring
	Five O'Clock Circle
	Flower Girl's Dance
	Flowers of Edinburgh
	Follow Suit
	Forget Your First Opposite But Remember Marianne
	Forget Your First Opposite but Remember Marianne
	4 B Contra
	Four Good Turns
	Friday Night Special
	Friends and Family
	Frisian Duck, Revisited
	Fun in New Bedford
	The Garnet Necklace
	Get on the Train
	Glossary Circle
	Go to the Devil and Shake Yourself
	Goin' Around
	Grand Sabbatical
	Grand Star Circle
	The Grand Star of Sicily
	A Grand Starry Night
	Grandfather's Polka
	Half Past Seven
	Half Sicilian
	Ham Hoagie
	Happy Birthday Robbie Burns
	Happy Memories
	Haste To The Wedding
	Heat Wave
	Heiner's Circle
	Hello My Baby
	Henry's Circle
	High Water on Briggs Run
	If Not
	Indian School Circle
	Ist Was?
	Jack's Own Circle
	Jerry's No Swing Circle
	John's Road Home
	Julie's Jaunt
	July in Augusta
	The June Waltz
	Just That Bit Extra
	K & E Circle
	K & S Jig
	Katrina's Dance
	Kelsey Hartman's Footloose and Fancy Free
	Ken's Starter
	Kentish Windmills
	Kind Start
	Kind Wave
	Kinder Two Ya
	Kinder Two-Ya
	Kiss Jig
	Krasnaya Bulba
	Krasnaya Bulba II
	La Tempete
	Labor of Love
	The Last Swim of the Summer
	Late Night at Brown
	Legacy Waltz
	Linda's Wedding
	Little Compton Fair
	The Little Green Heron
	Lost on Mount Stromlo
	Maine Circle Contra
	The Mariposa
	Marlboro Country Circle
	Mary Ann's Waltz
	Mary's Balance
	Maverick Waltz Circle Contra
	McCann's Reel
	Merrilly we Dance and Sing
	Merry Haymakers
	Merry Midsummer
	Mock Turtle Hornpipe
	Nella Wafer
	Nene Valley Sicilian
	Never Mind
	New Beginnings
	New Boston Sicilian Circle
	New Floor's Revenge
	The New Floor's Revenge
	New Year
	Oakwood Park
	O.A.T.A. Reel
	Okay Bayou Circle
	Old California
	One More Time
	One, Two, Three Star
	Pat On My Shoulder
	Patently Obvious
	Permanent Wave
	Pinelander Waltz
	Pinewoods Fun(d) Raiser
	Pinewoods, Search And Struggle
	Pittsfield Circle
	Portland Fancy
	Prince Edward Island "Big Square"
	Promenade Around
	Puffer Train
	The Puppydog's Dream
	Quaker Hill Circle
	Quarndon Hill
	The Quest for Christa B
	The Raising of the Barn
	Rehoboth Roundabout
	Remembrance of Rod Linnell
	Return Ticket
	Roger's Circle
	The Rolling Doughnut
	Sanita Hill Circle
	Sashay 'Round the Ring
	Scones & Tea
	Scotch Reel
	Sea Waves
	Second Hand Reel
	Sherard Roundabout
	Showtime Reel
	Sic Transit ...
	Sicilian Circle
	Sicilian Circle No 1
	Sicilian Circle Number One
	Sicilian Circle Number Two
	Sicilian Dip and Dive
	Sicilian Easynella
	Sicilian Promenade
	Sicilian Star Through
	Sicilian Weave
	Sicillian Circle
	Siege of Carrick
	The Siege of Carrick
	Sierra Circle
	Silver Threads
	Single Reel
	Single Scotch Reel
	Snake in the Grass
	So What?
	Soldier's Joy
	Soldiers' Joy
	Solstice Circle
	The Southpaw Circle
	Spanish Circle Waltz
	Spanish Dance
	Spanish Waltz
	Spin the Wheel
	Star Circle
	Star Surprise
	The Steps of Waterloo
	Stripes and Stars
	Students' Sicilian Circle
	Sudden Thought
	Susannah's Banana
	Swans On The Slaney
	Sweet Iowa
	Sweets of May
	Swingin' Circle
	Sylvia's Waltz
	Tea For Two
	Ted's Double Circle
	Terry And Jocelyn's Wedding
	Texan Reel
	Texas Special
	Those Behind You
	The Time has Come
	Tom Pete
	Tribute to a Dancer
	Two Waves
	Unglued Circle
	U.S. 74/70 East And West
	U.S. 80 East And West
	Vagn's Dance
	Victoria Mixer
	Waltz Country Dance (version 1)
	Waltz Country Dance (version 2)
	Warm Up
	Waterfall Waltz
	Wave Your Weight
	Waving Around
	Weave the Stars
	Weaver Jig
	Welcome Back
	Westwind Waltz
	Which Side is Up?
	Which Way?
	Whynot Swing Your Partner?
	Whynot's Circle Contra
	The Winding Path Through the Mountains
	Wonderworld Waltz
	Wring out the Dishrag
	XLent Lucia
	You Bet You
	Zig Zag

Cm 2x2 ip mixer
	Blackberry Mixer
	Circle On The Cusp
	Clarke's Reel
	Devil's Nightmare
	Friday Night Special
	The Hunt
	October Flurry
	Rochester Chain
	Texas Special
	Waltz for Marianne
	Who's My Partner?
	Witches' Cauldron
	Young Lucy

Cm 2x2 mixer
	Friday Night Special
	Silly Sicilian Mixer

Cm 2x2 pp
	Celibacy Reel

Cm 2x2 special
	Laurie's Reel

Cm 2x3 (circle of sets of 3 facing 3)
	Aus Raum 915
	Ben York
	Brian's Reel
	Circle Do
	Cold Frosty Morning
	Contra Corners Threesome
	Dad's Day Dance
	The Dashing White Lieutenant
	Dashing White Sergeant
	Dixon Sixsome
	Docey Three
	Double or Quits
	Double Scotch Reel
	Douglass' Favorite
	Douglass' Hornpipe
	Fairfield Mixer
	Favorite Rustic Reel
	The Fiddler's Picnic
	Fifth Column Reel
	Five Times Trio
	Four Corners Trio Mixer
	From Room 915
	Fünf Dosado
	Highland Reel
	Jeane's Success
	Let's Go Again
	Mason's Apron
	Mountain Hornpipe
	Mountain Reel
	Pinewoods Hurry Scurry II
	Rattlesnake Trio
	Reel à Neuf
	A Reel Mixer
	Right Hand Up Left Hand Under
	Rustic Reel
	Sacajawea, The Bird Woman
	Saturday Morning
	Squeeze The Wheel
	Squeeze the Wheel
	Swedish Dance
	The Swedish Dance
	Three for Free
	Three Hand Stars
	Triple "D"
	Two to One
	Wallpole Doll House
	Walpole Carport
	Walpole Cottage
	Walpole Cottage Trio
	Walpole Dollhouse
	Who's In The Center

Cm 2x3 mixer (circle of sets of 3 facing 3)
	Copenhagen Mixer

Cm 2x4 (circle of sets of 4 facing 4)
	California Reel
	Carousel Mescolanza
	Danish Double Quadrille
	Double Pass Thru Mess
	Double Quadrille
	Down East Breakdown
	Downeast Breakdown
	Drew's Delite
	Etna Star
	Fireman's Dance
	Hit The Deck
	Inside Out Circle
	Inside-out Circle
	Irish Washerwoman
	The Jilky Double
	Just Bull-Headed, I Guess
	Knoby Knave
	La Tempete
	New Portland Fancy
	(noch) ohne titel
	Portland Fancy
	Sanfte Phantasie
	The Schwanda
	Soft Fancy
	Steamboat Quickstep
	Ted's Portland Fancy
	The Tempest
	Tempest Fancy
	30 and Out
	Thunder Hornpipe
	Tom Pete
	West Coast Reel
	Wheel Of Fortune
	Whitby Chains
	Zesty Contras' Portland Fancy

Cm 2x4 mixer (circle of sets of 4 facing 4)
	The Abbey
	Portland Fancy Mixer
	Ted's Portland Fancy Mixer

Cm 2x5
	The Mozart

Cm 3x2
	Dudley's Reel

Cm 3x2 mixer
	Ted's Progressive Triplet
	There and Back Again

Cm special
	Friendship Basket

Gm 2x2 becket (grid contra)
	Becket's Crossing
	Beckett's Crossing

Gm 2x2 ip (grid contra)
	Star Wars

Gm 4x2 (grid square)
	At the Crossroads
	The Birds and the Bees
	Can of Worms
	Glenloch Interchange
	Mr. Heroic
	The Phantom Tollbooth
	Simple Pleasures
	Swing Tunnels
	Twirl Through
	Warp and Weft

L 1x2

L 2x2
	Die Allgemeine Francaise
	A Twisted Mind
	X Marks the Spot

L 2x2 ip
	Bitte Mand I Knibe
	Little Man In a Fix
	Thursday Night

L 2x2 mixer
	Chippendale Ornament
	Eric's Doublet #2
	O'Donnell Anew
	X Marks another Spot

L 3x2 + 1
	Shira's Seven

L 3x2 iii (triplet, all improper)
	Hannover Triplet # 9
	More Benefits

L 3x2 iip (triplet, 1s and 2s improper)
	Over, Under, and Through
	Ted's Triplet #13
	Ted's Triplet #5

L 3x2 iip mixer
	The Burning Candle

L 3x2 ipi (triplet, 1s and 3s improper)
	Anna's Dance
	Luck of the Morris
	Michael's Triplet #1
	Ted's Triplet #26
	Ted's Triplet #29
	Ted's Triplet #36
	Ted's Triplet #38

L 3x2 ipi mixer
	Larry's Birthday
	Ted's Triplet #34
	Two Left Hands

L 3x2 ipp (triplet, 1s improper)
	Another Ted's Triplet #2
	Another Ted's Triplet #4
	Another Ted's Triplet #5
	Another Ted's Triplet #6
	Bagpipes and Barbershops
	Break Time
	Connie's Hey
	Contra Corners Triplet #1
	Contra Corners Triplet #3
	The Crowning Touch
	Cut to the Chase
	Dance Of Diamonds, Junior
	David's Triplet #1
	David's Triplet #4
	Dog Gone
	Eileen Watt's Reel for Contra
	The Fairfield Graces Three
	First Hannover Triplet
	Hannover Triplet #10
	Hannover Triplet #10A
	Hannover Triplet #12
	Honor To Becky Eastman
	Huntsman's Chorus
	The J & T Special
	Jacki's Favorite
	Jamie Allen
	Modern Algebra
	The Next Step
	Packing The Boxes
	Packing the Boxes
	Proofreader's Triplet
	Rick's Triplet #1
	Rick's Triplet #2
	Right and Left Triplet
	Room at the Top
	Rotary Press
	Seth's Triplet #1: B and B
	Shuffle The Deck
	Spring Fever
	Ted's Triplet #3 (Variation)
	Ted's Triplet #30
	TLC Triplet
	Troy's Trip

L 3x2 ipp mixer
	Ted's Triplet #39

L 3x2 pip (triplet, 2s improper)
	AAA Breakdown
	Box the Compass Triplet
	Front Room Frolic
	Graham's Catch
	Hannover Triplet #5
	Hannover Triplet #6
	The Lucky Linslader
	Short Break
	Something Blue
	Something Borrowed
	Something New
	Ted's Triplet #1
	Ted's Triplet #10
	Ted's Triplet #21
	Ted's Triplet #31
	Ted's Triplet #37
	A Twisted Eight
	Waterfield Reel
	The Wishing Well

L 3x2 pip mixer
	NSR Triplet
	Right Diagonal Mixer
	Robert's Reel
	The Waterfield Affair

L 3x2 ppi (triplet, 3s improper)
	Doe Run
	Ted's Triplet #16
	Ted's Triplet #27

L 3x2 ppp (triplet, all proper)
	Al's Berlin Trip(let)
	Al's Commission
	Amethyst Triplet
	Another Ted's Triplet #1
	Another Ted's Triplet #3
	Another Ted's Triplet #7
	Another Ted's Triplet #8
	April Fool
	Ashes to Ashes
	The Beat Goes On
	Beneficial Triplet
	The Beneficial Triplet
	Bill & Fred Triplet
	Black Mountain Triplet
	Bluebonnet Waltz
	Bob's Triplet #1
	Bottoms Upton
	Breathless Contra
	Can't Wait
	Carol's Triplet #4
	Coffee Time
	Contra Corners Triplet #2
	Corner Triplet
	Country Life
	Criss Cross
	Dance in May
	David's Triplet #1.5
	David's Triplet #3
	David's Triplet #5
	David's Triplet #6
	David's Triplet #7
	Demon's Rant
	Doe Valley
	Dog Days of Summer
	Double Hey Contra
	The Doublecross
	Dust to Dust
	Elegant Mrs. Mallory
	Emerald Triplet
	Farewell to Belgium
	Forward Six and Baskets Two
	4 into 3 will go
	Four Leaf Clover
	Friday the Thirteenth
	Fun With Flipper
	Gipsy Hill Jig
	Good Things Come in Small Packages
	The Graduate
	Grand Beginning
	Hagall Triplet
	Hannover Triplet #11
	Hannover Triplet #14
	Hannover Triplet #4
	Hannover Triplet #7
	Hannover Triplet # 8
	Harwood's Reel
	Heather's Hornpipe
	The Heathfield Rag
	Hey to the Corners
	Home Brew
	Hot Humid and Hazy
	Hurry Up and Wait
	I Think I Can
	Inner Harbour Quickstep
	Insurance City Promenade
	The Insurance City Promenade
	Jackie's three
	Jail Bird
	Jimmy Allen Triplet
	Jubilee Triplet
	Just as Good
	Kelsterne Gardens
	La Bastringue
	Larry's Triplet #2
	Larry's Triplet #7
	Leaving Of Liverpool
	Left Hand Rings
	Lily of the Valley
	A Little Bit Of Sunshine
	A Little Bit of Sunshine
	Little John Scramble
	Long Lines
	Long Needle Pine
	The Malachite Necklace
	Mariposa Rose
	Melanie's Triplet
	Melrosean Triplet
	Micah's Triplet # i
	Micah's Triplet # pi
	Micah's Triplet #pi
	The Mighty Mommy Mole
	The Mistwold, A Variant
	Money Musk Triplet
	Mt. Holly Hornpipe
	Mt. Tamalpais Mystery Dance
	New Zealand Sheepskin
	The Oak Tree
	Oregon, Ho
	Petaluma Triplett
	Pine Point
	The Ploughboy
	Rachel's Reel
	Return of the Antelope
	Ruby Triplet
	Sackett's Triplet
	2nd Hannover Triplet
	Shacklette's Triplet
	Snow Sandals
	Something Old
	Spitfire Triplet
	Star Chase
	Stop Short
	Swing If You Wish
	Ted's Triplet #11
	Ted's Triplet #12
	Ted's Triplet #14
	Ted's Triplet #15
	Ted's Triplet #17
	Ted's Triplet #18
	Ted's Triplet #19
	Ted's Triplet #2
	Ted's Triplet #20
	Ted's Triplet #22
	Ted's Triplet #23
	Ted's Triplet #24
	Ted's Triplet #28
	Ted's Triplet #29
	Ted's Triplet #3
	Ted's Triplet #32
	Ted's Triplet #33
	Ted's Triplet #35
	Ted's Triplet #4
	Ted's Triplet #40
	Ted's Triplet #41
	Ted's Triplet #6
	Ted's Triplet #7
	Ted's Triplet #8
	Ted's Triplet #9
	Thanks to the Pharmacist
	3rd Hannover Triplet
	The Three-hand Reel
	Too Much of a Good Thing
	Traffic School
	Tribute to Linda and Bob
	Trip to Tunbridge
	Triplet for Felix
	Triplet for Joyride
	Triplet to Eugene
	Triplet to Mendocino
	Triplet With Contra Corners
	Umbrella Plant
	Vineyard Triplet
	The Wedding Of Kathy And Charles
	Weston Barncentenial

L 3x2 ppp + 1
	Millenium Bug

L 3x2 ppp mixer (triplet, all proper)
	The Carrot Fields of Antwerp
	De Wortel van Mortsel
	Larry's Nightmare
	My Favorite Woman
	Ted's Triplet #25
	Triangle Triplet
	A Trip to Northolt
	The White Hippo

L 4x2 becket (4 couple longways set)
	And Now the Fourcast
	Rise and Run
	See You 'Round The Quad
	Top of the Deck
	Waiting on the Corner
	You Asked For It

L 4x2 ipip (4 couple longways set, 1s and 3s improper)
	Al & Mark's Quadruplet
	Al's Quadruplet #1
	Al's Quadruplet #2
	Contra Quad No. 1
	Florida/Virgina Commuters Reel
	January Quad
	K & E for Eight
	Marcus March, Contra Quad No. III
	Moylan Roses
	Mt Coot-tha Picnic
	A Southern Gentleman's Delight
	Square Line Special
	The Vet's Revenge
	Vet's Revenge
	Weston Super Square

L 4x2 ippp
	Hank's Dance

L 4x2 pipi
	Charmed I'm Sure
	Loughborough Polka
	A Nice Little Dance
	Passing the Time
	St. Peterport Waltz
	The Short and the Tall

L 4x2 pppp
	Barley Reel
	The Bonny Cuckoo
	Clopton Bridge
	Country Bumpkin
	Cumberland Reel
	The Double Cross
	End Of Summer
	Etica Reel
	Flying Pieman
	The Flying Scotsman
	Foula Reel
	Four Around Four
	Harriers' Reel
	Hebridean Weevil
	Loon Mountain Reel
	MacHinery Reel
	Postie's Jig
	The Road From York
	The Saint John River
	Seanna's Reel
	Sheldon Lions' Jig
	Sir Roger de Coverley
	Stepping Stone Rag
	T. A. G.
	Thady You Gander
	Traffic on the Turnpike
	Virginia Reel
	Waltzing Wheels
	Weaver's Reel
	Wheelbarrow Reel
	Whistle Stop
	Witch's Reel
	Zip It Up!

L 4x2 pppp + 1
	The One-Extra Jig
	Pride of Dingle
	Pride of Pingle

L 4x2 pppp mixer
	First Trip To Jacksonville

L 4x2 special
	Tumbling Tom's Tonic

L 4x4
	Dutch Crossing

L 5x2 p (5 couple longways set, all proper)
	Absolute zero
	Bottoms Up
	Bridge of Athlone
	A Corner Chain
	Drops of Brandy
	Fitting Pieces Together
	Hunter's conception
	Meeting of the Waters, A Variant
	The Milky Way
	The Pawnbroker
	The Snowball
	Snowy Breasted Pearl, A Variant
	Strip the Willow
	The Village Maiden
	Virginia Reel
	Waves of Tory
	Weaver's Galopede

L 5x2 ppppp
	Dip And Dive Contra
	The Pawnbroker
	The Snowball

L 6x2 ippipp
	Reefer's Hornpipe

L 6x2 p (6 couple longways set, all proper)
	The Ash Grove
	Austin Reel
	Blow Away the Morning Dew, A Variant
	Boston Tea Party
	Chimes of Dunkirk
	Chimes of Dunkirk, A Variant
	Crossing Six
	Devil's Dream
	Good For The Tongue
	Good for the Tongue
	Grand National
	Leaving for Barbados
	Mother's Day
	Only Six
	Opera Reel
	O X O Reel
	O-X-O Reel
	OXO Reel
	The O X O Reel
	The O-X-O Reel
	Oxo Sashay
	The Ribbon Dance
	A Trip to Barbados
	Tunnel Contra

L 6x2 p mixer
	Anderson Ferry Reel

L 6x2 pipipi
	Flowers in May
	Flowers of Edinburgh

L 6x2 pppiii
	Magic Time

L 7x1
	The Weevil

L 7x2 p
	Seven Up and Down

L 8x2 p (8 couple longways set, all proper)
	The Willow Tree
	Willow Tree

L Nx2
	Bow & Swing
	Dipping and Diving
	ECD Dreaming
	Halloween Shuffle
	Linda's Promenade
	Sandwich Town Hall
	Summer Promenade

L Nx2 ip
	Devil's Dream
	Downfall of Paris
	Harvest Home
	Spinning Wheel Rondo
	The Tempest
	Village Reel

L Nx2 p
	Boston Tea Party
	Brandy Sherbrooke
	Bridge of Athlone
	Celebrated Opera Reel
	Corinthian Hornpipe
	The de Martelly, A Variant
	Devil's Dream
	Devon Jig
	Drops of Brandy
	Fire Hose Reel
	Flying Scotsman
	The German Beau
	Girl I Left Behind Me
	Going to Boston
	Guilderoy Reel
	Hemp-dressers' Dance
	Holly Berry
	Irish Trot
	Julia's Frolics
	La Plongeuse
	Le Brandy
	The Loon Dance
	McDonald's Reel
	Opera Reel
	Orcadian Strip the Willow
	Over the Top
	Rump Bump #3
	Rural Felicity
	Sir Roger de Coverly
	Starr Label Reel No. 2
	Strip The Willow
	Strip the Willow
	The Tempest
	Thady U Gander
	Twin Sisters
	Virginia Reel
	Virginia Reel (Scottish Version)
	White Cockade

L Nx2 p mixer
	Anderson Ferry Reel

L Nx2 pi
	Flowers of Edinburgh
	Kentucky Reel
	Speed the Plough

L Nx4 special
	Virginia Reel

Lm 1x2
	Clap Happy

Lm 1x2 mixer
	Clap Happy

Lm 2x2
	Dip for the Oyster, Dive for the Clam
	Harvard Sashay
	Outing Club Contra
	Que Guapo

Lm 2x2 becket (contra, becket formation)
	A-1 Reel
	The A and E Contradance
	The A&E Contradance
	A and J's Reel
	Abbots Bromely
	Academy Dance
	Ace of Diamonds
	Across the Ohio
	The Active Left
	Ad Vielle
	Adam's Beginning
	Alabama Charlie
	Alex is Where?
	All That Jazz
	All The Eights
	All the Eights
	Allan & Ted
	Allegra Non Troppo
	Allen Ortep's First Contra
	Allynn's Mountain Reel
	Alone at the End
	Al's Bent Heyday
	Alterations Swing
	Always Touching
	The Amazing Return
	American Airlines Flight 3672
	The Amethyst Pear
	Amy Asked for a Gypsy
	Amy J, My Love
	Amy's Harmonium
	And Alligators
	And Another Thing
	And Away We Go
	Andes Anomaly
	Androscoggin Pie
	Angle of Incidence
	Angular Momentum
	Ann and John's Delight
	Ann Arbor One
	Ann Arbor Three
	Anna's Reel
	Anniversary Swing
	Another Art & Nancy's Fancy
	Another Chance for Love
	Another Hey Weaver
	Another Jig Will Do
	Another Nice Slice
	Another Second Time Around
	Another Slice
	Another Swing Into Spring
	Another Trip to Germany
	Anthem to a Pet Ferret
	Anthony's Memorial
	Any Kind of Settlement
	A. O.'s No-No
	A.O.'s No-No
	Apples in Winter
	April Fool's #1
	April Showers
	Arcata Dream #1
	Arcata Dream #2
	Are You 'Most Done?
	Arizona Becket
	An Arm and a Leg
	Around the Horn
	Around the Sound
	Art and Nancy's Fancy
	Associate Reel
	Astral Navigation
	At Last
	Audri's Wedding
	Autumn Air
	Autumn Leaves
	Avenues and Alleyways
	Azure Aster
	Back in Circulation
	Back Row Sitter
	Badlands Contra
	Baker's Square
	Balance & Think
	Balance for Bubba
	Balance to My Lou
	Balance to my Lou
	A Balancing Act
	Baltimore Folks
	Banana Bread
	Barbara's Becket
	Bases Loaded
	Bated Breath
	Batja's Breakdown
	Be My Valentine
	Be my Valentine
	Bear Hug
	Beauty and Motion
	The Beaver Slide Glide
	Beck and Call
	Becket Brigade
	Becket Eyes
	A Becket Full of Butterflies
	Becket in a Minute
	Becket in the Kitchen
	Becket 'o Blood
	Becket o'Blood
	Becket O More
	Becket Reel
	Becket's Reel
	Beckett's Reel
	Becketize the Baby
	Becket's Butterfly
	Becky's Becket
	Bee Buzz
	The Beekeeper
	Bees in a Becket
	Bees in the Shower
	Beeswax Light
	The Bella Moth
	The Belle and the Sound Man
	The Belle of Versailles
	Bells of Montague
	Beneath the Stars
	Beneficial Tradition
	Berkeley Blather
	Bernadance (for Bernadene)
	Bev's Becket A
	Bev's Becket B
	Bi-Coastal Marriage
	The Big Bicep
	The Big Chit Chat
	Big Mike's Triple Decker
	Big Mountain Contra
	Bill Bailey
	Billy Bob's Favorite Customer
	Binary System
	Birthday Galop
	Bitter Creek
	Blah Blah Blah
	Blind Date
	The blizzard chimney contra
	The Blob's Reel
	Blue Fish
	Blue Moon Clover
	Bluebirds in Burlingame
	Blurring the Lines
	Bob & Martha's Excellent Adventure
	Bob's Beef
	Bob's Boogie
	Bob's Good & Plenty
	Boogaloo Bugaboo
	The Boomerang Effect
	Bored of Apples
	Bosco's Bounce
	Boston Baked Beans #3
	Boston Baked Beans No. 3
	The Bothersome Bug Becket
	Bottom of the Ninth
	Bound States
	Box Circulate intro
	Boys From Urbana
	The Boys from Urbana
	The Boys of Urbana
	Brainwashed Becket
	Break Dance
	Breaking the Spell
	Breaking through the brozone layer
	Breaking Trail
	Bride and Groom Reel
	Broken Hey
	The Broken Mirror
	Brown Bag Reel
	The Brown Bag Reel
	Bubba's Dance
	Bubba's Dance #2
	Bubbles in the Tub
	The Bubbles Incident
	Bubbling Bob
	Bucksaw Contra
	Bucksaw Reel
	Buddy's Becket
	Buffing The Floor
	The Bug Breakdown
	Bumbling in the Shower
	Burning the Bacon
	Burning the Wood
	Butter Her Up
	Butter Lips
	Butterfly Fly Away
	Butterfly Rings
	Button Soup
	Buzz & Sally Begin
	By Hook or by Crook
	C# Major and Minor
	Café Au Lait
	California Becket
	Call Me
	Call the Plumber
	Calliope Contra
	Camp Harlam Reel
	Cappuccino Reel
	Captain Hooks's Crocodile Casserole
	Captain Tightpants
	Carla's Contra
	Carl's Double Nickel
	Carole and Bill Get a Toaster
	Carol's Delight
	Carried Away
	Carrot Cake and Candles
	Carrots, Salmon, Marmalade and Sour Cream
	Carts Reel
	Casanova's Big Night
	Caspian Tern
	Catch and Release and Catch
	Catch the Contra Bug
	Cats & More Cats
	Cats and More Cats
	Cavewoman #8
	Celestial Navigation
	Cellar Door
	Ceremonial Mirror
	Chain 'n' Hey
	Chain Reaction
	Chain Reactor
	Chain the Corner
	Chainsaw Orbit
	Chainsaw Reel
	A Chance Encounter
	Chance Encounters
	Chaos Pie
	Charismatic Megafauna
	Chased by Butterflies
	Chasin Around th Basin
	Chasing Butterflies
	Chasing the "L"
	Cheat Lake Gypsies
	Chere's Mom
	Cherokee Swing
	Cherry Garcia Ice Cream
	Chew Chew Charlie
	The Chicks are Here
	Childgrove Cuddle
	Chinese Burritos
	The Chinese Wedding
	Chrissie Stars Again
	Chrissie's Contra
	Chrissie's Stars
	Christian's Jig
	Cinco de Mayo
	Cinnamon Tree
	Cinque Terrea
	Circle of Delight
	A Circle of Friends
	A Circular Affair
	Circular Saw
	Close Encounters of the Contra Kind
	Close Friends
	Coal Country Contra
	The Coffee Grinder
	Cole Country Revisited
	Colorado Mountain Sky
	Come What May
	Coming Home
	Cone 10
	Congratulations Ulla
	Contemporary California Reel
	Contra Clockwise #1
	Contra Clovers
	Contra Good Tummas
	ContraQuad Reel
	Contrarian Corners
	Convolution 2
	Cookies and Cream
	Cool and Cozy 1
	Cool and Cozy 2
	Cosmic Contra
	Count the Dust
	Counter Revolution
	The Country of Marriage
	Courtesies to the Gents
	Cows Are Watching
	Cows are Watching
	Cows are Watching Variation
	Crane's Dance
	Crash Landing
	Crazy Foot
	Crazy Little Thing
	Cream Coloured Ponies
	Crescent Moon
	Crickets at Night
	Criss Cross
	Criss-Cross Heys
	Criss Cross Reel
	Crisscross Reel
	The Crochet Hook
	Crossed Lines
	The Crowded Hall
	Crystal Eyes for You
	Cumberland Contra
	Cup of Joe
	Daff 93
	Daffie's Becket
	Daisy Chain
	Dalliance in the Deli
	Dance Camp Dilemma
	A Dance for Stan
	Dance Freak
	Dance Gypsy
	The Dance Gypsy
	Dance Gypsy's Honeymoon
	Dance in the Clouds
	Dance Kentucky Unhinged
	A Dance Named Robert
	Dance No Evil
	The Dance of Deception
	Dance of the Honeybee
	Dance Sessions
	Dance Symmetry
	Dance Symmetry A
	Dance Symmetry B
	Dance the Love
	Dancing in Durham
	Dancing with Amy
	Dancing with Mike
	Danish Delights
	Dar Trek
	Dar Trek (for Darlene)
	Dar Trek Voyager
	Darlene's (Delirious) Dream
	Dave Found the Missing Coffee Cup
	Dave Found the Missing Cup
	David K's Reel
	Dead or Live
	Dean's Valentine
	Debbie's Dance Hall
	Debra's Dance
	December Joy
	Deck The Halls
	Declaration of IndepenDance
	Denise's Contra
	Dennis' 50 Years of Entrancement
	Der ungläubige Thomas
	Dervish Girl
	The Devil's Becket
	Devin's Settlement
	Diagonal Discovery
	The Diagonal Discovery
	Diagonal Waves
	Diamond Jubilee
	Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
	Diamonds Are For NEFFA
	Did You See the Saw?
	A Different Slant
	A Different Way Back
	A Different Way Forward
	Dinner at 6:30
	The Disappearance
	Dixie Becket I
	Dixie Becket II
	Dixie Supertwirl
	Dizzy Yzzid
	Do It!
	Do It To It
	Do What's Right
	The Dog's Breakfast
	Don't Forget Us
	Don't Look Back
	Don't Wave Goodbye
	Double Boomerang
	Double Joy
	Double Mud Pig
	Double Play
	Double Take
	Double Whirl
	Doubling Back
	Doubly Good Ideas
	The Doubting Thomas
	Down the Aisle
	Dr. Bluhm's Delight
	Dragonfly View Reel
	Dream of Spring
	Dropping In For a Swing
	Du Quoin Races
	Durham Revisited
	Eagles On The Wing
	Earth Day
	Earthshine Reel
	The Easily Led Lad
	Eden's Door
	Ehrenberg Slide
	Electronic Speed Control
	Elephant Dreams
	Elizabethan Gypsy
	Ellen's Yarns
	Ellie's Pumpkin Show
	Embraceable Reel
	Emeric & Marie's Wedding
	The Enchanted Forrest
	The Enchanted Forrest A
	The Enchanted Forrest B
	Endless Summer
	Engine of Greed
	Enid's Other Delight
	The Equal Turn
	Equivalent Exchange
	Eric on Mondays
	Eric's Becket(t)
	Erik's Second Date
	Erin's Encore
	Ernie's Reel
	Event Horizon
	The Ever Expanding Circle
	Evil Diane
	Excel-a-bration II
	Excretion Reel
	Exemplary Dance #1
	Exemplary Dance #1, Variant
	Exemplary Dance #2
	Exemplary Dance #6
	Exemplary Dance #7
	Exercise F
	Exit 28
	Expanding the Ever-Expanding Circle
	The Eyes Have It
	The Fabulous Couple
	The Fair Maid
	A Fair Wind Home
	Fairly Nicked From Nick
	Fairport Harbor
	Fairport Harbour
	Fall Down Cat
	Falling in Love Again
	Familiar Scenery
	Family Revisited
	Family Tree
	Far, Far From Home
	Farewell Marcelina
	Fat Bear's Reel
	Fatal Attraction
	The Fault in Our Stars
	Fermat's Farewell
	Fickle Finger of Fate
	Fiddler's Fancy
	Fiddlers' Frolic
	Fidgety Feet
	Fiery Skipper
	Fiery Skipper #2
	The Fifth Piece
	Final Swing
	Finding Fire
	Fire Belly
	Fireball Contra
	Fisher's Jig
	The Fishy Bridge
	Five AM Reel
	Five Ithaca Summers
	Flip and Cross
	Flirting with Love Again
	Flirty Turkey
	Floating on Air
	A Flurry of Robins #2
	A Flurry of Robins #3
	Fly Away
	Fly Fisher's Jig
	Flying Circus
	Flynn's Legacy
	Follow the Star
	For Those Who Paired
	The Forbidden Pleasure
	Forbidden Treasures
	Force of Nature
	Foregone Conclusions
	Forty Mohr Years
	40 Years of Penguin Pam
	Forty Years of Penguin Pam
	Four Have Sprung
	4 More Years
	Four 'n Aft
	Four on the Floor
	Fourth Time's a Charm
	Fractal Fling
	Fred Park's Long Drive
	Friday at the Fool
	Friday Night Affair
	Friends Forever
	Frisky Behavior
	Frost on the Pumpkin
	Fruit Punch
	Fudge Swirl
	A Fuerst Second Third Time's The Charm
	A Fuerst Second Third Time's the Charm
	The Full Wind-up
	Fun Dance for Marjorie
	Fun with Alex
	G is for Gretchen
	Gail and Bob at Moosejaw
	Gang of Four
	The Gang of Four
	Gateway to Julian #1
	Gateway to Julian #2
	Gateway to Julian #3
	Gateway to Julian #4
	Gateway to Julian #5
	Gaye Fifer's Contra
	Gene's Valentine
	Gentlemen's Canyon
	Gents Give, Ladies Take
	Geometric Discretion
	George's Neat Reel
	Ghost of a Chance
	Ghost Town Orbit
	Giant Robot Dance
	Gift to You
	Girls of St. Louis
	The Girls of Saint Louis
	Give and Take I
	Give and Take II
	Give and Taken Away
	Give it a Whirl
	Give the Scout a Hand
	Glad to be Here
	Glen Becket
	Glen Echo Races
	Go a Roving
	Go Away
	Go With the Flow
	Going Dutch
	Going into Orbit
	Going My Way?
	Going Our Opposite Waves
	Going Out to Denver
	Good Morning Mr. Sanders
	Goody One Shoe
	Goody Two Shoes
	Got Nice Neighbors
	Graduation Reel
	Grand Canyon Stomp
	A Grand Day Out
	Granny's Pearls
	Grant's Give & Take
	Grapevine Jig
	Greasy Shrimp
	The Great Belt Bridge
	Great Meadows
	The Great Urbana Barn Dance
	The Green Eyed Girl Variation
	Green Hazel Daze
	Greenfield Storm
	Greenfield Tornado
	Greenleaf Wave
	Groundhog Daze
	Gypsy Eights
	Gypsy for Chris & Sara
	A Gypsy in the Hey
	Gypsy in the Hey
	Gypsy O'More
	Gypsy O'Star
	Gypsy Stalker
	Gypsy Star
	Gypsy Waves
	Hacksaw Reel
	Hair of the Dog
	Hale-Bopp: A Re-Bop
	Half a Slice
	Half and Half
	Half Heyday
	Half Nelson
	Half the Fun
	Half Way Home
	Hand Jive
	The Handmaid's Tale
	The Handyman
	Happy Birthday, Susan
	Happy Ending
	Happy Go Lucky
	The Happy Meeting
	Hard Boiled Egg
	Hard Turn
	Hard Work = Happiness
	Harke Planeet
	Harke Planet
	Harmony Bunk Bed
	Harmony Found
	Harmony Invention
	Haven't We Met Before?
	Hazy Stars
	He Said, She Said
	Head of the Bed
	Heart of Glass
	Heart of Glass Variation
	Heartland Hey
	The Heat Is Off
	Heat Wave
	Heather and Broom
	Heavenly Bodies
	Hello Cambridge
	Hello Dolly
	Here I Am Again
	Here's To The Ladies
	Here's to the Ladies
	Here's to the Men
	Here's To You Mrs. Robinson
	Hey, Aren't You With Me?
	Hey, How are you?
	Hey Man
	Hey, Mary Cay!
	Hey Nonny No
	Hey on the fritz
	Hey Weaver B
	Hey, You Push Off!
	Hi there!
	Hidden in Plain View
	Hide and Seek
	Highly Flung
	Hinge Binge
	Hint of Romance
	The Hive
	Holding Company
	Holly in Winter
	Homeward Bound
	An Honest Ending
	Honey Rum
	Hoots and Shouts
	Hopscotch Reel
	Horse of a Different Colour
	The Host
	Hot Buttered Rolls
	Hot Buttered Scones
	Hot Winter Nights
	Hotpoint Special
	Huckleberry Friend
	Hudson Holiday
	Huron Inn
	Hurricane Debby
	I Lost my Partner!
	I Wanna Dance
	Icing on the Cake
	The Ideal Husband
	Iguana Go Dancing
	I'll Follow You Anywhere
	In and Out
	In Cahoots
	In the Ballpark
	In the Firefly Light we Dance
	In the Midnight Hour
	In the Nick of Time
	Independence Forever
	Indian Creek Breakdown
	Indy Practice Lap
	Infinity Continued
	Instant Classic
	Interference Pattern
	Interspecies Bonding
	Interstate 64
	Interstate 75
	Into the City and Back
	Is This B2?
	Is This Reel?
	It Started on Facebook
	"It's All About Me!"
	It's Just a Dance
	I've Got your Shadow Cornered
	Jacob's Ladder
	Jan and Dan
	Janet's Gypsy
	Janet's Journey
	Janet's Journey A
	Jan's Reel
	January Petronella
	Jeffro's Tree
	Jeffro's Tree (Easy Version)
	Jelly Roll
	Jenny hits a tree
	Jerri's New Hall
	Jerry's Swing Contra
	Jersey Twirl
	Jessica's March
	Jim's Runey Rug
	Joel and Louise 30th Anniversary
	Joel's in the Kitchen
	Joel's in the kitchen
	John Birch Reel
	John's Joy Ride
	Joined at the Hip
	Jonjak's Jaunty Jaunt
	Josh's Beckett
	Joy in Jonesborough
	Joy to the World
	The Judge
	Jump at the Sun
	Jump the Tracks
	Jumping Joe Felsen
	June's Journey
	Just a Thought
	Just Elegance
	Just for NEFFA
	Just for the Halibut
	Kalia's Saturnalia
	Kate's Last Reel
	Kathy's Conundrum
	Keeping 'em in Stitches
	Kick Up the Row
	Kimberly's Road Trip Reel
	Kimmswick Kinnetics
	Kindred Spirits
	King's Ransom
	Kiss the Groom
	A Kiss Upon the Head
	Kiwis Kavort
	Knight Lance
	Knit the Knot
	Knit Two, Pearl Three
	Lace Three
	Lace Two
	Laddie's Chain
	Ladies First
	Ladies' Heyday #2
	Ladies, Whirled [V1]
	Ladies, Whirled [V2]
	Lads of Ohio
	The Lakewood Six
	The Lancaster Invention
	Langford's Request
	Larry's Approval
	Larry's Becket
	Larry's Birthday
	Larry's Listening
	The Last of the Beeches
	Last of the Hitchikers
	The Last Resort
	Laura's Cross-Stitch
	Laura's Leap
	Laura's Lilt
	Lauren's Lagniappe
	Lavender and Gold
	Le Petit Prance
	Leading Men
	Leaf On The Wind
	Left Lying Around
	The Leftish Fetish
	Less Is More
	Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
	Lex Parsimoniae
	Life Is A Bowl of Perry's
	Liffey Outflow
	The Lighthouse
	Lights & Shadows
	Lights at Dawn
	Linda's Delight
	Linda's Flight
	Lisa Gets Cozy
	The Little Book of Rules
	The Little Colonel
	Live Long and Prosper
	Lizzie's Delight
	Loading Dock Reel
	Lockstitch v1
	The Long and Winding Road
	A Long Courtship
	The Long Hello
	A Long Time Hall
	Loo Queue Becket
	Looking for Love Again
	Loon on the Lake v. 2
	Lost and Found
	Lost Child
	Lost in Space
	Louis' Cincy Bus
	Love Is Kind
	The Love Pirate
	The Love Shack
	Love Sting
	Love Thy Neighbor
	Lover's Eyes
	Lovers' Leap
	Lu Lu
	Lucia's square through
	Luck Be a Lady
	Lucky Charm
	Lucky Eight
	Lucy's Dance
	Lullaby of the Swing
	Mac's Wise Decision
	Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know
	Mad Max
	Mad Robin Migration
	The Mad Robin's Happy Ending
	Madison Avenue
	The Magic Box
	Maginel's Magical Mushroom
	Maginel's Mushroom Makeover
	The Magpie's Nest
	Maid Marian's Fancy
	Maliza's Magical Mystery Motion
	Mansfield Friends
	March of St. Timothy
	March of the Coffee Zombies
	March of the Penguins
	March Variation #3
	Maren To Go
	Mariah's Cookies
	Marian's Alter Ego
	Marjorie's Half Century Burn
	Martha's Breakup Breakdown
	Martha's Fiddle
	Martha's Mischief
	The Martyred Monk
	Mary Cay's Reel
	Mary Keith's Harmonium
	Mary Loo's Reel
	Masala Chai
	Maximum Flirtation
	Maybe You Should Write an Easy Dance
	Me and My Shadows
	Me and My Two Shadows
	Meandering Home
	Meet for a Swing
	Megadance (for Meg)
	Meg's Golden Allstar (Alcester)
	Melanie's Tree
	Melissa's Bliss
	Melody and Motion
	Men at the End
	The Men's Heyday
	Mermaids & Seahorses [V2]
	Metaphors Be With You
	Michele Takes A Licking
	Midnight at Monte Toyon
	Midwest Folklore
	Midwestern Rories
	Mighty Ginkgo Tree
	Mighty Mary Magdalene
	Mike's Mad Robin
	Miles from Niles
	The Millennium Hug
	The Miller's Daughter
	The Miller's Nephew
	The Miller's Thumb
	The Millwheel
	Mish Mash of Moves
	Missing Duck
	Missionary Men
	The Mixing Bowl
	MN-NY Happy Returns
	Mohr is Better
	Molly's Hope
	Moments of Transition
	Monarch Grove
	Mood Ring
	More Floorplay
	More for Your Neighbor
	More for your Neighbor #2
	More Morning Pages
	More New-mown Hay
	More of a Becket
	More Summer Haze
	More Than a Feeling
	More to the Point
	Morning on Bald Mountain
	Mover and Shaker
	Movin' Next Door
	A Moving Experience
	Mr. Johnson's Jig
	Mud in Your Eye
	Multi Hat Syndrome
	Music of the Spheres
	My First and Last
	My Hungarian Gypsy Star
	My Love is Just a Keystroke Away
	My Right Hand Man
	My Uncle Fred's Contra
	My Will is Easy to Decide, for There is Nothing to Divide
	My Will is Easy to Decide for There's Nothing to Divide
	A Myrtle Friend
	The Mystery of Edwin Drood
	Mystic Becket
	Mystic Journey
	Mystic to Montreal
	Nadia on My Mind
	Nan's Amble
	National Glazed Ham Day
	Native American Woman
	Nectar of Ladue
	needs a name
	Needs a name #1
	NEFFA in My Wildest Dreams
	NEFFA! Say NEFFA Again!
	NEFFA's Magical Motion
	The Neighbors Are Awake
	Never Ending Love
	the New Administration
	A New Idea
	New Sweetheart
	New Years Eve 1997
	Night Lace
	Night Sail
	Nine Years
	No Approval
	No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk
	(noch) ohne titel
	North Cascades
	Not a Trip to Vegas
	Not all Earthquakes are Andreas' Fault
	Not Another Balance
	Not Butter
	Not Quite Fifty
	Not Your Beeswax
	Noun, Verb, Swing Your Partner
	Now We Are Four
	Number Ten
	Number the Stars
	Oaklahoma Swing
	Oakley's Pizza Delight
	Ocean Voyage
	Ocean Wave Embrace
	Ockham's Razor
	Ockham's Razor Strop
	Ockham's Swiss Army Knife
	Of The Mills
	Oh More Snakes
	Oil Cake
	O. J. Special
	O.J. Special
	Old California Bear
	Old Dry Frye's Ramble
	Old Ebenezer
	Old Time Elixir #2
	Olympic Dream
	OM, My Darlin
	O'More Combination
	On Approval
	On Balance
	On the Rebound
	On Top of the Whirled
	One Good Tern Deserves Another Tern
	One Percent Solution
	One Shy of Twenty
	One Up the Sleeve
	The One Who Could
	Open Wide
	Opening Day Reel
	Orbiting Gypsies
	Orbiting Venus
	Orion's Belt
	The Other Mary Kay
	The Other Mary Kay's Reel
	Other Side Up
	An Other, Whirled
	Our House
	Out for a Spin
	Ova's Dance
	Over the Beaver Kill
	Oxford Assembly
	Paloma's Becket
	Pam and Lalah and Bruce and Seth's Reel
	Pam's Clock-wise Valentine
	Pam's Dance
	Panix Dot Chat
	Paper Plate #4: Rockettes
	Paper Plate #8: Ring of Fire
	Parkay: Ode to a Dance Floor
	Parts Unknown
	Pas de Kaye
	Passer By
	Passing Peggy
	Pat and Terry's contra
	Patio Doors
	Patriot's Jig
	Patterson Promenade
	Patti Melt Down
	Paula's Pit Stop
	Paula's Pit Stop #2
	Paul's Line
	Paul's Puzzle
	Pay Dirt
	A Peaceful Balance
	The Peacock Follows the Hen
	Pearl River
	P.E.L. Mell
	Peppermint Tree
	A Perfect 10
	A Perfect Tin
	Permanent Wave
	Perpetual Gypsy
	Persistent Neighbors
	Persistent Paul
	Personality Plus
	Petronella Stomp
	Petronella Swing #2
	Phoebe's Becket
	Pigtown Breakdown
	Pigtown Perturbed
	Pigtown Petronella
	Pigtown Pousette
	Pigtown Poussette
	Pigtown Swing
	Pinball Petronellas
	Pippi Longstocking's Revenge
	Pirouette Five
	The Plagiarist's Reel
	Planetary Convergences
	Planetary Diversions
	Playing With Fire
	Pleasant Green
	Please Don't Leave Us, Mary Kathleen!
	Pluck It
	Plucking Daisy Petals
	Pocket Change
	Polymer Reel
	The Pork Chop Escapade
	Portland Plain & Fancy
	Possum on the Turnpike
	Poussette in Boots
	Power Surge
	Practice Petronella
	Presto Petronella
	Presto Petronella A
	Pretty Pollyanna
	Primrose Path
	Princely Petronella stars
	Princeton Becket
	The Process of Elimination
	Prodigal Partner
	Promenade Home
	Propeller Promenade
	P.S. Becket
	P.S. Nobody Likes You
	Puerto Rican Run
	Pulling Together
	The Purple Cow
	Purple Heys
	Pursuit of Happiness
	The Push Me Pull You
	A Quarter More
	Quicksilver Reel
	Quickstep for Kees
	Quite Right
	Rachel's Roll
	Rad Robin
	raDar Love
	The Raeden Reel Variation
	Ragtime Annie Reel
	Raindrops on Roses
	A Rainy Day in May
	Raise The Roof
	Ralph and Donna's Dance
	Random Acts of Kindness
	Rang Tang Contra
	Rara Avis
	Raspberry Smoothie
	Rat Race
	Read Between the Lines
	Real to Unreal
	The Real You
	Really, Truly Christy
	Red Dresses
	Red Wing Blackbird
	Reddie to Roll
	The Redhaired Cowboy
	Reel Macho
	Reel Macho Revisited
	Reel Time
	Reeling from Love Again
	Reluctant Robin
	Remember Me
	Rendezvous Variation #2
	Rendezvous Variation #3
	Reroll Reel
	Restless Soul
	Return Engagement
	Return of the Gypsy
	The Reunion
	Reunion Revisited
	Rhinestone Reel
	Rhonda's Returning
	Ribbing Adam
	Ribbon of Thyme
	Richard's Wet Noodle
	Richfield Frenzy
	Rick and Sara's Reel
	Ricochet Twins
	The Right In Tension
	The Right Place at the Right Time
	Right where you Left it, That's Right
	River Rafting
	A Riverside Gypsy
	Road Runner Soup
	Robert's Progression
	Robins Wild
	Rob's Request
	Rock the Hall
	Rocky Road
	Roll, Roll, Roll Your Beau
	Rollercoaster Ride
	Rolling Again
	Rolling Along
	Rolling in the Aisles
	Rollover Clover
	Ronda's Eggs
	Rory Amor
	Rory O'Hey
	Rory O'Less
	Rory O'Star
	Rory's Big Circle
	Rose and Thistle
	Rose Colored Glasses
	Rosemary Hills Reel
	Round Trip
	The Round Trip
	Rounding Third
	Rowan's Plain and Fancy
	Royal Jelly
	Rum & Barley
	Run Around Susie
	Run Rooster Run
	The Rusty Frame
	Ruth's Wedding March
	Sadie, Sadie
	The Sailing Son
	Salute to Dave Colestock
	Salute to Larry Jennings
	Salute to Larry Jennings, L.J. variant
	Sanders' Swing
	Sarah Said Yes
	Sarah Said Yes!
	Sarah said Yes!
	Sarah's Dance
	Sarah's Starry Becket
	Save the Setting Sun
	Sawdust Liquor
	Say Go to the Do-si-do
	The Scrambler
	Sealed with a Keith
	Second Chance Reel
	The Second Ring
	Second Thoughts
	The Secret Draw
	The See Saw Surfer
	See Ya Later
	Seeing Eye to Eye
	Seesaw Surfer
	Seismic Rehabilitation
	Semi Lateral Thinking
	Send Katy Money
	Separate Paths
	Separation Anxiety
	September Resurection
	Serendipity 2
	Serenity & Grace
	Set Theory
	Seven Fifty-six
	The Seven Year Itch
	The 75% Solution
	Shades of Shadrack Variation
	Shadows of the Hey #3
	Shaker Buddha
	Shape Note Shuffle
	Shapiro's Sine Wave
	Sharks in the Pond
	Shellie's Gypsy
	Shelter from the Blizzard
	Shift Happens
	Shipping and Receiving
	Shoe Shine Balance
	Shoelace Two
	Shoot the Breeze
	Shoot the Stars
	Short But Sweet
	Should Have Danced with Nancy
	Should Have Danced with Someone!
	The Showers of May
	Shut Up and Dance
	Significant Companions
	Signs of Spring
	Signs of Wisdom
	The Silent Type
	Silver Linings
	Sister Swing
	A 60th Birthday Dance
	A Sizzlin' Seattle
	Skater's Delight
	Slant Pretoria
	Slaunch to Donegal
	Sledding "Over the Hill"
	Sleeping Beauty
	Sleeping with the Hounds
	Slice AlleMANde
	Slice and Dice
	Slice of Cake
	A slice of life
	A Slice of Pinewoods
	Slice to a Wave
	Slice to Another Wave
	Slicing the Waves
	Sliding into Home
	Slightly Easier
	Sling Shot
	Slip and Slide
	A Slip in Time
	The Slippery Slope
	The Slippery Swing
	the Slippery Swing
	Smarty Pants
	Smog Check
	Smooth like Buttah
	The Snake
	Sneaker Reel
	Snoring Old Woman
	Snow Mountain Reel
	Snow on the Mountains, Frost on the Cowpies
	Snowball Shimmy
	So Near and So Far
	The Social Butterfly
	Soft Landing
	Solar Nebula
	Something Completely Different
	Sounding Off at 40 - for Marty Brennis
	Sounds Like a Match
	South Carolina Education Lottery
	South Cascades
	Spacey Acey
	Special Delivery
	Special Hey
	Spin Blend
	Spin to Your Neighbor
	Split Tree Flutterwheel
	Spring Fling
	Spring Romance
	Spuds Reel
	Square Affair
	Square Deal
	Squared Off
	Squared Up
	Stan is Singing Again
	Stanislaus County Reel
	Star Gazer
	Star Hey Night
	Star Light
	Star Maple
	Star of David
	Star Swing
	Star Swirl
	Star Treck
	Star Trek
	Starbase Gravity
	Starlight Reunion
	Starr Imports
	Starry Starry Night
	Star's End
	Star's End A
	Stars in Our Eyes
	Stars, No Stops Forever
	Staten Stepback
	Steel City Promenade #2
	The Stellar Husband
	Step in Time
	Stepping on the Stars
	Sticky Rice with Mango
	Still More O'More
	Stimulus Package
	Stir Crazy
	Stolen Kisses
	Strawberry Swirl
	Stretching the Limits
	Stretching the Truth
	Strolling & Rolling
	Strolling with the Neighbor
	Sue's Cruise
	Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
	Sugar Hill Express
	Sugar Shack
	Summer Delight
	Summer Haze
	Summer of 96
	Summer Of 96½
	Sunset Limited
	Super Swooper Scooper
	Surprise Through
	Susan's Marathon
	Susan's Nightmare
	Susan's Slide
	Susan's Snafu
	Susan's Swing
	Susie's Reel
	Swallowtail Chase
	Sweet Music Variation
	Sweet Sixteen
	Swing Along
	Swing in' Tern Jubilee
	Swing into Spring
	Swing On A Star #2
	Swing the Next
	Swinging Among the Stars
	Swinging on a Star
	Swinging Stars
	Synchro de Mayo
	Syracuse Swing
	Taconic Stars
	Take a Right on the Sunny Side
	Take the Hey Train
	Taking Turns
	Tallahasee Settlement Twirl
	Tamborine Time
	Tapestry Jig
	Tara's Reel
	Tara's Trip
	The Teaser
	Temporal Insanity
	Tenth Year in Tommerup
	Terry and Sherry
	The Test of Time
	Thanksgiving Day Turkey Reheated
	That's the Problem
	There Goes the Neighborhood
	"There is No Way to Peace; Peace is the Way"
	"There is no Way to Peace; Peace is the Way"
	There is No Way to Peace, Peace is the Way
	There is no way to peace, peace is the way
	There's a Hole in the Becket
	Third Base
	The Third Day
	A Third Easy Dance
	The Third Time's the Charm
	Third Time's the Charm
	35 4 The Rosens
	This Could be the Start of Something
	This One's Worth Keeping
	Three Ceremonies
	365 Kisses O'More
	Three Part #3
	Three Part #4
	Three Sisters
	Through the Looking Glass
	Throwaway 2018.1
	Thursday's Child
	Time For Dinner
	Tinker Tailor
	. . . To Dance is to Live
	To Have and to Hold
	To Live is to Dance . . .
	Tom Thumb's Hey
	Tom's Delight
	Too Right
	Top Marks
	Total Eclipse
	Touch and Go
	Toward Your Partner
	Traffic Jam
	Trail Markers
	Trail to the Stars
	Trainride with a Pterodactyl
	Traveling Companion #1
	Traveling Companion #2
	Travelling Blind
	Trinity Sunday
	Trip Through Athol
	Trip to Faber
	Trip to Falmouth
	Trip to Peachland
	Trip to Phan
	Trip to Phan Reel
	Trip to Wilson
	Triple-R Reel
	Trite and True
	Troy Lee's Bingo
	Try a Becket
	Tuesday Night in Headingly
	Turkey Soup
	Turkey Soup Reheated
	Turkish Delights
	Turn Becket Corners
	Turn on Contra
	Turn Style
	Turtles Too
	20 Below
	24th of October
	The 24th, Once More
	Twenty Ten
	Twirl to Swing
	Twirling at the Altar
	Twirly Corners
	Twist in the Middle
	The Two Gypsies
	Two Happy Fiddlers
	Two Hearts in Reel Time
	Two Hertz
	Two Steps Forward
	Two Way Street
	Tying the Knot
	The Ultimate Reunion
	Uncle Gizmo's Orbit
	Uncle Steve's Contra
	Uncommon Corners
	Uncommon Courtesy
	Under the Stars
	Under the Table
	Untitled Double Swing Thru Dance
	untitled star weave dance
	Untitled Vicious Circle Dance
	Up and Down and Around and Around
	The Uphill Battle
	A Valentine
	Valentine Reel
	Valentine's Card
	Valentine's Promenade
	Valley of Fire
	Vallimont's Steamboat
	Vashon Island Slug Fest
	Vassalboro Reel
	The Very Pink of Courtesy
	Vicki's Dance
	Visitor's Reel
	Viviana's Chainsaw Massacre
	Vote With Your Feet
	Waffle Four
	Waffle Three
	Waffle Two
	Wagon Wheel
	Waiting for Her
	Waiting For Him
	Waiting for You
	A Walk In the Park
	Walking On Air
	Walking Out With You
	Wander Rings
	Wandering Women
	Was Then and Is Now
	Wave Action
	Wave Action #1
	Wave Action #2
	Wave Action #3
	Wave to Rory
	Wave to your Shadow
	Waves of Insanity
	Waving Good-bye
	Wavy Star Slice
	We Saw the Sea
	Weave Me the Sunshine
	Weaving Apart
	The Weaving Sloop
	Weaving Together
	Wedding Contra for Debbie and John
	Wedding Dance for Debbie and John
	The Wedding Rings
	Wedding Rings
	Weeks on the Road
	The Well Oiled Machine
	What Goes Together Well
	What Will The Neighbors Think?
	What's My Line?
	When The Lights Went Out At Halsway
	Where is Tim's Cup?
	Where Will I Be
	Where's Rachel?
	Which Side Are You On?
	Whirl of Fortune
	Whiskers on Kittens
	Whispering Wind
	Whitewater Roll
	Whitewater Whirl
	Whitewater Whirl B
	Who Gives A Hoot
	Whoa, Nellie!
	Whole Hog
	The Whole Slice
	Whose Turn?
	Wicked Brew
	Wicked Smooth
	The Widow's Daughter
	Wild Blue Yonder
	Wild Hemp
	Wilderness Road
	Wilderness Whirl
	Will Ye No Come Back
	Will you Dance with Me
	Will you Live with Me
	Will You Marry Me?
	Will you Marry Me?
	Willow Ware
	Wind in the Grass
	Wind-up Your Neighbor
	Wind-up Your Neighbor, 2007 double progression version
	Windy Morning
	Wingnut Whirl
	Winter in Summerland
	Winter is Coming
	The Winter Storm
	Winter Storm
	Winter Wind
	Witchy Woman
	With A Light Foot
	With Respect to Gene
	Without a Net
	Women in the Middle
	The Women's Turn
	WOW !!
	Write Triangles
	The Wrong Side
	X Forward
	Y2 Becket
	Ying and Yang
	You And I
	Zig Zag Contra
	A Zigzag Combination
	Zombie Walk

Lm 2x2 becket # waltz-time
	Becky's Waltz

Lm 2x2 becket mixer
	Barnhurst Contra
	Buffalo Reunion
	Differential Reel
	Double Swing Mixer
	Left-Diagonal Mixer
	Lost in the Mist
	The Spanish Inquisition
	Wes Side Story

Lm 2x2 becket, top set to foot
	Polka Contry

Lm 2x2 becket-reversed
	Hannah's Enigma
	I'm Not Dancing with You!
	Thankful's Reel
	Weeks on the Road

Lm 2x2 cross
	Across Nottingham A
	Across Nottingham B
	Cross Hey
	Maple & Cedar Swing
	Real to Surreal

Lm 2x2 ee
	Dan and Glenn's Practice Wedding Contra

Lm 2x2 ep
	Cloud Shadows
	Family Contra
	Is It Proper?
	Jefferson's Reel
	Oscar's Oddity
	Whoever Is Right is Right

Lm 2x2 ii
	Completely Improper
	In Alice's kitchen you may eat dessert first
	Jefferson Gone Wild
	Through the Looking Glass

Lm 2x2 ip (contra, duple minor, 1s improper)
	'01 Chevy Cavalier
	A & E Contra
	A2 Corners
	AADS Reel
	Aaron's Reel
	Abcd No. 1
	Abcd No. 2
	Aberdeen Angus
	Abe's Skirt Swisher
	Absolute Bacchanalia Of Contra Dancing
	Across And Along
	Across the Sea to Ireland
	Across the Way
	Adam's Apple
	Adam's Dance
	Adaption Reel
	Admirable Butterfly
	After the Solstice
	The Age of Asparagus
	Ain't Dancing Grand?
	AJ Reel
	Alabama Jubilee, Revisited
	Alabama Reel
	Alamo Style
	Aland Island Contra
	Åland Island Contra
	Alaskan Hornpipe
	Albany Reel
	Alberta Street Contra
	Alexander's Swing Time
	Alexander's Swing-time
	Alison's Reel
	All Along the Watchtower
	All of a Sudden
	All the King's Men
	All The Way To Galway
	All the Way To Galway
	All the Way to Galway
	All the Way to Louisville
	All You Can Eat
	Allemande X
	Alligator Reel
	Alligator Reel mod
	Allison Wonderland
	Allison's Dance and a Half
	Almost All's Well
	Almost Back Home Again
	Almost Evil
	Almost Never Too Late
	Almost There
	Already Taken
	Al's Advice
	Al's Dayhey
	Al's Heyday #1
	Al's Heyday #2
	Al's Heyday #3
	Al's Safeway Produce
	Al's Weathervane
	Alternating Corners
	Alternating Current
	Always on Sunday
	Amazing Grace
	American Gothic
	American Spring
	American Summer
	The American Summer
	Amherst & Wooster
	Amherst and Wooster
	Amicable Settlement
	Amy Absconds
	Anchor Town Fling
	And Thinking About Coffee Cups
	Andrew's Favour
	Angel's Flight
	Angie's Astonishment
	Angus Campbell
	Ann Arbor Four
	Ann Arbor Two
	Anne's A Bride Tonight
	Anne's a Bride Tonight
	Anne's Advice
	Anne's Dilemma
	Anniversary Dance
	Anniversary Reel
	Anonymous Contra
	Another 30 Years
	Another Cure for the Claps
	Another Dance I Nicked
	Another Flirty Attempt
	Another Flow
	Another Last Dance
	Another Nice Combination
	Another Orbit for Liz
	Another Runaround
	Another Safe Production
	Another Silly Contra
	Another Slice of Pinewoods
	Another Snake in the Hey
	Another Steal
	Another Umbrella
	Another Wavy Line
	Another Way
	Another Way to Whoop
	Ants Marching
	Any Old Tyme
	Appin's Dance
	Apples & Chocolate
	Apples and Chocolate
	Apples and Coconut
	April and Jerry's Contra
	The April Fool
	April Fools
	April's Hornpipe
	The Arcadian Fling
	The Arches of Hancock
	Arkansas Lady
	Armadillo on the Half Shell
	Arnot Reel
	Around Aumsville
	Around the Bend
	The Art of Negotiation
	The Artist's Touch
	Artquake '95
	Asheville Playground
	Ashokan Bridge
	Ashokan Flirtation
	Ashokan Hello
	Ashoken Hello
	Assembly Line
	Aston Polka Contra
	@ Marty's B-day
	At the Hop
	At the Meeting
	At Your Service
	Athens Hill Jig
	Atlantic Hornpipe
	Atom Heart
	Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
	The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
	August Wedding
	Augusta Heritage Reel
	Autumn Joy
	Autumn Reel
	Avenstoke Ramble
	Avon Tyrrell
	Aw Shucks
	Aw Shucks!
	Aw, Shucks
	Away We Go
	Awesome Double Progression
	Awesome Double Progression Dance
	Awesome double progression dance
	The Axiom of Choice
	B & B
	Baby Evelyn's Reel
	The Baby Rose
	Back From Vermont
	Back from Vermont
	Back Mountain
	Back on the Interstate
	Back Road to Ayer
	Back Road to Bolton
	Back Room Swing
	Back to Dublin
	Back to Prescott
	Back Up and Push
	Backtrack Contra
	Backward Butterfly
	Bad Hair Day
	Bad Hair Decade
	Bait & Switch
	Baja California
	Balance and Cross
	Balance and Duck
	Balance and Pass Out
	Balance and Star Thru
	Balance and Swing Through
	Balance Bouquet
	Balance Four
	Balance in the Barn
	Balance in the Hey
	Balance or Box
	Balance or Bust
	Balance Points
	Balance the Books
	Balance the Line
	Balance the Lines
	Balance Those Lines
	Balance Yourself
	Balanced Americaine
	Balanced Out
	Balanced Out #2
	A Balanced Tern
	Balancing Billy
	Balancing B's
	Bale the Hay
	Bale the Hay II
	Baling Hay
	Baltimore Bob Bounces Back
	Balto-More Contra
	Bandit Bob
	Bandit Chris
	Bandit Gail
	Bang a U-Ey! [V2]
	Banish Moral Slop
	Banjo Moon
	Bank Shot
	The Banks of the Condamine
	Banks of the Dee
	The Banks of the Dee
	Banned in Boston
	The Barefoot in the Briarpatch Quickstep
	Barlow Knife
	Barney's Bus
	Barrington Reel
	Barton Springs Alive
	Bashful Bachelor
	Basket Case
	Basket Contra
	Basket Contra II
	Basket Dance
	Basket of Grapes
	Bass Ackwards
	Bass Ackwards Butterfly
	Bass Desires
	Bastille Day's Eve
	Bats in the Grange
	Battle of the Bands
	Be Here Now
	Be My Hero
	Be My Heroine
	Be My Valentine
	Beacon Park
	Beaming Bob Green
	Beaus of Oak Hill
	Beauty and the Bees
	Beauty Bay
	Beaux of Oak Hill
	Beaux of Oakhill
	The Beaux of Oak Hill
	Because of a Cow
	Becca's Wedding Invitation
	Beckler's Lament
	Becky and Rick's Contra
	Becky's Boulder
	Becky's Jig
	The Bee Attitudes
	Bee in Her Bonnet
	The Bee Whisperer
	Bee's Knees
	The Bee's Knees
	Beginner's Dream
	Beginner's Luck
	Beginners' Luck
	Behind Closed Doors
	Behind in the Hey
	Bei Mir Bist du Schoen!
	Belgian Chocolate
	Belgian's Delight
	Belle of the Ball Hornpipe
	Belles of Auburn
	The Belles of Auburn
	Belles of Boston
	Belles of Damariscotta
	Bell's Angels
	Belly Button Diversity Project
	Belmont Bus
	Belmont Romp
	Belstead House
	Bennett's Massanetta Reel
	Ben's Brilliance
	Ben's Reel
	Ben's Spinoff #2
	Ben's Spinoff #3
	Ben's Spinoff Version 3.2
	Berea Spring Gypsy
	Berkeley Balances
	Berkeley Bind
	Berlin Contra
	Bertha's Landfall
	Better Than Last Time
	Betty Mac's Reel
	Betty's Bears
	Betty's Favorite
	Betty's Night Out
	Betty's Night Out #2
	Between the Lines
	Between the Lines A
	Betwixt and Between
	A Bevy of Butterflies
	Beyond The Mist
	Bi-TriskaDeka-thon .2 Reel
	Bicentennial Beaux
	Bicentennial Reel
	Big Band Blast
	The Big Day in Big Indian
	The Big Easy
	Big-Eyed Susan
	Big John
	Big John McNeil
	Big John's Breakdown
	Big Lake
	The Big Shmooze
	Big Winter Solstice Moon
	Bill and Jane
	Bill's Birthday Reel
	Bill's Blunder
	Bill's Grits
	Bingham's Pie
	Bio IIa
	Biorhythmic Reel
	A Bird in the Hand
	Birds and Bees
	Birds of a Feather
	The Birth and Death of a Star
	The Birthday Dance
	Birthday Friends
	Birthing Day
	A Bit Boring
	Black Beards of Vernals
	Black Bird in the Night
	The Black Forest
	Black Hills Jig
	Black Knights and White Castles
	Black Mountain Rag
	Black Mountain Reel
	Black Swan
	Black Walnuts
	Blackberry Trace
	Blackbird Pie
	Blackmore Gardens Contra
	Blackthorn Reel
	Blind Catch
	Bliss has no Street Lights
	Bloomingfoods Reel Food
	Blue Bayou
	Blue Bell Reel
	Blue-eyed Pogo
	Blue Eyes
	Blue-Haired Girl
	The Blue-Haired Girl
	Blue Lemonade
	Blue Persuasion
	The Blue Plate Special
	Blue River
	Blueberries And Cream
	Blueberry Hill
	Bluebirds on My Shoulder
	Bluemont Reel
	Bluemont Special
	Blues Dances
	Blues Too
	Boat House Reel
	Bob's Befuddlement
	Bob's Boomerang (contra version)
	Bob's Delight
	Bob's High Quality Bologna
	Bob's J&L
	Bob's Valentine
	Bob's Your Uncle
	Bog Boogie
	Boil The Sap
	Boil the Sap
	The Bold Highwayman
	Bolle Me Over
	Bonaparte's Retreat
	Bonner's Ferry
	Bonus Round
	Bonus Round in Dublin
	Bootleg Three
	Bootleg Two
	Borrow and Pay Back
	Boston Baked Beans
	Boston Baked Beans #2
	Boston Brown Bread
	Boston Fancy
	Boston Tea Party
	Bouquet For Brenda
	The Bow is in the Clouds
	Bow Legged Cat
	Bow Woman's Big Move
	Bowdoinham Reel
	Bowl of Cherries
	The Bow's Fiddler is a Fiddler's Beau
	Box or Balance
	Box the bugs
	Box the bugs No2
	Box the bugs No3
	Box the Compass
	Box the Gnat Contra
	Box the Gnat Contra Variation
	Box the Ocean
	Boxer's Rebellion
	Boxing Day
	Boxing Day Waltz Contra
	Boxwood Billie
	Boxwood Billy
	Boy Trouble
	Boys of Oakhill
	Brad and Kris Reel
	Brad and Valerie's Excellent Adventure
	Braintree Hornpipe
	Brandenburg Bridge
	Brandy's Star
	Brasstown Boogie Contra
	Bread and Wine
	Bread and Wine (Remixed!)
	Breakup Breakdown
	Briarcliff Reel
	Bricklayer's Hornpipe
	The Bride's a Bonny Thing
	Bridge Bay
	Bright Horizon
	Brimmer and May
	Brimmer and May Reel
	Bring Back My Bonnie
	Bristol Court
	Bristol Turns
	British Air
	Broken Sixpence
	Broken Star
	Brookfield Fancy
	Brookville Reel
	Broom Hill Jig
	Brown Paper Packages
	Brown University Contra
	Buena Vista
	A Bundle of Hey
	Burning the Bacon
	A Burr in the Fur
	The Bus Stop
	Bust to Bust
	Busy as a Bee
	Busy Lizzie
	But Is It Any Good?
	Buttercup Reel
	Butterflies Gone Wild
	Butterflies in the Barn
	Butterfly Bonanza
	Butterfly Kiss
	Butterfly Reel
	Butterfly's Caterpillar
	Butternut Squash
	The Button Push
	Buzz The Star
	Buzzard in the Hey
	"By George"
	By the Sweat of Your Brow
	Bye Bye Baltimore
	Bye, Bye, Baltimore
	Bye, Bye Halo
	C & B Reel
	C & D's Wedding Dance
	Cabin Fever
	Cabin Fever Contra Cure
	Cactus Wren
	Cal and Irene
	The Calamitous Milkcrate Caper
	Calaveras County Contra
	Caledonian Lady
	The Calico Girls
	California Carousel
	California Clover
	California Contra
	California Quickie
	California Star Boxing Flea
	California Twirl
	California Twirl No2
	California Twirl No 3
	California Twirlin
	California Twirlin'
	California Twirlitzer
	The Californian
	The Caller's Choice
	Caller's Delight
	The Caller's Wife
	Callison Hall Jig
	Calvin Crest Contra
	Cambridge Reel
	Camden Y Contra
	Camden's Cap
	Camden's Cap and Gown
	Camp Sertoma Slide
	Camp Wannadance
	Campbells Are Coming
	The Campbells Are Coming
	Canadian Breakdown
	Candy Apple
	Cannon Hill Promenade
	Cantaloupes Can't Elope
	Canyon Contra
	Cap Chat
	Cape Cod Halloween
	Cape Cod Reel
	Cape Cod Stars
	Cape Fear Contra
	Cape Fear River
	Cape Girardeau Jive
	Cape Holidays
	Cape May Diamonds
	The Capitulation
	Captain Kirk's Halibut
	Cards on the Table
	Caribbean Contra
	Carina's Variation
	Carla's Stellar Day
	Carla's Stellar Night
	Carla's Stomp
	Carlisle Double Star
	The Carlisle Double Star
	Carmen's Hat
	Carmen's Scarf
	Carol O'
	Caroline's Special
	Caroline's Stellar Stomp
	Carol's Fault(s)
	Carol's Neck
	Carol's Reel
	The Carousel
	Carpet Tacks
	Carpet Vectors
	Carpinteria Forever!
	Carrbean Contra
	Carribbean Contra
	Carrie's Dance
	Carrots Before Breakfast
	The Casbah Queens
	Cascade Contra
	Casino Polka
	Cassette Contra
	A Cast of Stars
	Cast Off Contra
	Casting Sixpence
	Casting Stars
	The Cat in the Corner
	Catastrophe Averted
	Catch a Falling Star
	Catch All Eight
	Catch Me if you Can
	Catch Phrase
	Catherine Wheel
	The Cat's Mew
	The Cat's Smirk
	Caught from Behind
	Caught in an Eggbeater
	Caught in the Act
	C. D. S. Reel
	CDS Reel
	Cedar House
	Cedar Street Shuffle
	Ceilidh Contra
	Celebrating 60
	Celebrating 70
	Celebrating in Rehoboth
	Celebrating Sixty
	The Celestial Butterfly
	Centrifugal Hey
	Ceylon! See Ya Later
	CFO Reel
	Cha Cha Chatham
	Chain Break
	Chain Reaction
	Chain the Hey
	Chain the Hey Returns
	Chain the Ladies
	Chain the Right Triangle
	Chain the Swain
	Chain the Triangle
	Chained Men
	Chains of Love
	Chama River Reel
	Champaign Cocktail
	Chance Dance Contra
	Chance Dance Scrambled Eggs
	Changeling Intuition
	Chaos in Room 6
	Chaos in the Cosmos
	Chapel Hill Contra
	Charley's Spin off #3
	Charlie in the Window
	Charlie's Free Flowing Elixir
	Charm Bracelet
	Charming Betsy
	Chase Eight
	Chase One
	Chase Two
	Chasing Chickens
	Chasing Fire
	Cheat Lake Twirl
	Chebeague Stars Stroll
	Cheese Grits with Jalapeno
	Cherish the Ladies
	Cherokee Kerfluffle
	Cherokee Shuffle
	Cheshire 11
	Cheshire County
	Cheshire Hornpipe
	Cheshire II
	Chichester House Reel
	Chickadee Split
	Chicken Bingo
	Chicken on a Leash
	Chicken Soup
	Children, Go Where I Send Thee
	Chili Pepper #1
	Chili Pepper #2
	Chili Pepper #3
	Chili Pepper #4
	Chinese New Year
	The Chinese Shoe Breakdown
	Chocolate Smoothie
	Chocolate Swirls
	Choose the Way
	Chris Kermiet's Lemon-Dill Dressing
	Christmas '96
	Christmas Hornpipe
	Christmas Stars
	Chuck the Budgie
	Chugwater Contra
	Churn Out
	Cincinnati Swing
	Cindy's Wedding
	Circadian Rhythms
	Circle of Love
	Circle to a Line Contra
	Circles And Stars
	Circling the Moon
	Circular Heys
	Citronella Morning
	CJ's Delight
	Clam Chowder
	Clandestine Clan Dance
	Clayton's Cow
	Clear the Aisle
	Clear the Deck
	Clear the Way
	Clockwise Capers
	Close Enough For Government Work
	Close Friends
	The Closed Shop
	Clothespins and Rubber Chickens
	Clouds Forming
	The Clover Chain
	Clueless in Seattle
	Cluster Contra
	Cobalt and Galena
	Cobo Contra
	Cockeyed Hey #1
	Cockeyed Hey #2
	Cockeyed Susan
	Coeur d'Alène Contra
	Cold August
	Coleman's March
	Coleman's Reel
	Colin's Back
	Colin's Carnival Ride
	The Collective
	College Street Reel
	Colonel Norman Vaughan's Reel
	Colonel North's Contra Insurgency
	Colorado Contra Corners
	The Columbia
	Columbia Contra
	Columbus Day
	A Columbus Rekindling
	Come Into my Arms
	Come Join the Dance
	Come With Me
	Comeback Contra
	Comet Contra
	Comfort Deluxe
	Coming Home
	Coming Home from Tohollie
	Common Courtesies
	The Common Decency Rag
	The Common Tern
	Communist Plot
	Company Man
	Complementary Contra
	Complexity and Confusion
	Concertina Chair
	Congress of Bunkbeds
	Connecticut River
	Connecticut River Fantasy
	The Connectrix
	Connie's Contra
	Consensual Madness
	Consider Hydrogen
	Constant Contra
	Constant Hey
	Continuous and Mostly Differentiable
	Contra 101
	Contra Bass Joe
	A Contra Carol
	Contra Cockaigne
	Contra Complications
	Contra Connection
	The Contra Connection
	Contra Currents
	Contra Dancing is Fun
	Contra Flow
	Contra for Barrie
	Contra for Linda
	Contra for Margie
	Contra Heritage
	Contra Madness
	The Contra Matrix Resolution
	Contra on the Beach
	Contra Primer
	Contra Stars
	Contraband Hey
	Contrasations Two
	Contry Cousins
	Contry Dance
	The Cookie Man
	Cook's Falls
	Cook's Falls Pro
	Cool Whip aka Non Dairy Whipped Topping
	Cool Your Jets
	Copecrest Contra
	The Copenhagen Interpretation
	Coriolus Effect
	Corner and Back
	Corner star
	Corners at Dawn
	Corners in Containment
	Corners in Marstons Mills
	Cosmic Highway
	Cotee River Reel
	Cottonwood Canyon
	Cottonwood Contra
	Cottonwood Reel
	Could Be
	Counter Clock-Weiss
	Counter Flow
	Counting Sheep
	Country Dance Romance
	Country Doctor's Reel
	The Country Doctor's Reel
	Country Doctor's Reel Variation
	Courtesy Break
	Covet Thy Neighbor
	Cozy Clover Swing
	Craggy Gardens
	Cranberry Muffins
	Cranbury Reel
	Cranky Ingenuity
	Crashing Waves
	Crazy For Cape Contra
	Creamed Possum
	Crepes with Ricotta
	Cricket's Delight
	Crinkle's Contra
	Crisp Apple Strudels
	Crocks in the Corner
	Crook County Contra
	Cross Purposes
	Cross Robin
	Crossed the Line
	Crossing the Quinnipiac
	Crossroads Contra
	Crossways Contra
	Crow Flight
	Crowcombe 274
	Crumbs in the Diaper
	Crunchy Bees
	Crunchy Cheese
	Crusty Old Salt
	Crystal Lake Caper
	Cuckoo's Nest
	Culver City Contra
	Cup of Joe
	Cupid's Crusty Lips
	Cupid's Hey
	The Cure for the Claps
	Curly Cues
	Curly Haired Girl
	Curly Ques
	Curves and Ways
	D-62 v.4
	Dacre's Double Progression
	Daddy's Little Girl
	Daisy Chain
	Dale Street
	Dam Robins
	Damian's Dance
	Dance and Dream
	Dance Dreamer
	A Dance for Dan
	A Dance for Diane
	Dance For Floyd
	The Dance Formerly Known as Roll in the Hey
	Dance Gypsy
	The Dance Gypsy
	Dance number 5373524 (version 0.1)
	Dance number 6493207 (version 0.1)
	Dance One, Pass Two
	Dancer's Suprise
	Dancer's Surprise
	Dancing Again
	Dancing and the Road to Hell
	Dancing Ants
	Dancing at the Rest Stop
	Dancing Bear
	Dancing Bears
	Dancing in My Bones
	A Dancing Life
	Dancing on the Levee
	Dancing Raindrops
	Dancing Spell
	Dancing Through the Decades
	Dancy Nancy
	Danish Pastry
	Danny's BBQ
	Daring Diane (seeworthy Seaman)
	Dark Blue
	Dark Eyes
	Dark Green
	Dark Side of the Moon
	Dark Vanessa
	Darkly Toasted
	Darling Karla's Star
	Daryl's Promenade
	Das Ringelspiel
	David Comes to Town
	David on Fridays
	David's Daily Double
	David's Dilemma
	David's Good Man
	David's Guiding Star
	David's Speed Trap
	The Dawn Dance
	Dawn Dance 99
	Dawn Treader
	Dawn's Early Light
	Dawn's Gypsy Dance
	The Day After
	The Day Before
	Daybreak Reel
	Dead Cat Bounce
	Deadwood Reel
	Deborah's Dream
	Decade in the Grove
	December Jig
	Deep Water
	Deirdre's Delight
	Delaware Blizzard
	Delaware Snowstorm
	A Delicate Balance
	Delphiniums & Daisies
	Delphiniums and Daisies
	Delphiniums and Daisies Variation
	Denis' Device
	Denmark in July
	Der Biedermann
	Des Plaines Reel
	Desert Stomp
	Devil Made Me Do It
	Devilish Reel
	The Devil's A Swinger
	Devil's Dream
	Devil's Dream - the Forty Eight
	Devil's Nightmare
	The Devil's Own Jig
	Devin's Hodgepodge, 2nd Edition
	Diabolical Reel
	Diagonal Surprise
	Diamond Contra
	Diamond Dance
	Diamond Jubilee in Mansfield
	Diana's Day
	Diane's Dream
	The Diaper Blues
	Dick Sands' Hornpipe
	Dick's No Name Reel
	Dick's No-Name Reel
	Die, Boromir!
	Die Dame vom anderen Stern
	Die Waschmaschine
	A Different Vintage
	Dillie, Dillie
	Ding, Dong, the Witch Is Dead
	Dip and Dive
	Dirty Dishes
	Dirty Rotten Double Crosser [V2]
	Disappearing Act
	Dive for the Dolphin
	Diversity Hey
	Divided Star
	Divorcee's Jig
	Dixie Contra
	Dixie Doo-Dah
	The Dixie Gal
	Dixie Style Contra mod
	Dixie Twirl
	The Dixie Twirl
	Dixie Twirl Contra
	Dixie Twirl Redux
	Dizzy Dance
	DMDF Reel
	Do Make Waves
	Do Paso Contra
	Do Si Doe Bay
	Do What the Twos Say
	Dog Branch Reel
	Dog Branch Reel Variation 1
	Dog Branch Reel Variation 2
	Dog Day Dance
	Dogleg Left -- Par Five
	Doin' Time
	Dolphiniums & Daisies
	Don Bosco Hornpipe
	Don Tremaine's Reel
	Donna & Chris Heartthrob
	Don's Dawn Dance
	Don's Reel
	Don't Ask, Don't Tell
	Don't Blame Me
	Don't Get Caught
	Don't Let Go
	Don't Let Her Go
	Don't Pass Me By
	Don't Stop Now!
	Doorbells and Sleigh Bells
	Dorna Loon
	The Dorsett Exchange
	Dosi Dude
	Double Arches
	Double Cat Bounce
	Double Crossed Again! [V2]
	Double Dare
	Double Deal
	Double Deception
	Double Dip
	Double Dolphin Hey
	Double Dose
	Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
	Double Dreydl
	Double Expediency
	Double Happiness
	Double Hat Syndrome
	Double Hey
	Double Hey Fever
	Double Hot Fudge
	Double Hot Fudge Upside-Down
	Double Plow #6
	Double Rainbow
	The Double Rainbow
	Double Swing
	Double Swing Through
	Double Trouble
	Double Vision
	Double Wheel
	Double Yolk
	Doves in the Garden
	Down and Out
	Down But Not Out
	Down but not out
	Down by the Bay
	Down in Monterey
	Down the Chimney
	Down Yonder in the P.A. - P.A. Patch
	Dr Brown's Prescription
	Dr. Brown's Prescription
	Drama in Middle School
	Dream Lake
	Dreaming of Dolphins
	Dreaming Tim Jarvis
	Driffield Drifter
	Driffield Hey Stack
	Driving to Olean
	The Drowned Hall
	Druid Reel
	Druid's Reel
	Druid's Reel #2
	Dryden Lake
	Dublin Bound
	Dubuque Country Dance
	Duck Soup
	Ducking and Weaving
	Ducks and Drakes
	Dud's Delight
	Dud's Reel
	DUI #4
	The Dulcimer Lady
	Dust Devils
	Dutch Apple Reel
	Dutch Treat
	Dynamic Appeal
	Eagle Creek Confederate #3
	Eagle Creek Yankee
	Earl & Squirrel
	Early Bird Special
	Early Evening Jig
	Early Exit
	Early in the Evening
	Earth and Sky
	Easier than Pie
	East Litchfield Volunteers
	East Meets West
	Easter Morning
	Easter Stars
	Easy as Pie
	Easy Casting
	Easy Come, Easy Go
	Easy Does It
	Easy Hey
	Easy Peasy
	Eat, Dance, and be Married
	Ebb and Flow
	Echoes of the Summit
	Eclipse of the Moon
	Eddies in the Water
	Eddy Five
	Eddy One
	Eddy Three
	Edgewood Reel
	Edgy Knitter
	The Edgy Knitter
	Edna's Reel
	Ed's Reel
	Eeyore's Excuse
	The Eggbeater
	Eight Count Special
	Eight Days of Dancing
	Eight is Not Enough
	18th of January
	The Eighteenth of January
	Eighth Day Polka
	Eighty Eight
	Eileen's Pearls
	Ein neuer Weg
	E.J.M.J.F. in Cincinnati
	El Paso
	Eleanor's Reel
	Elegance and Simplicity
	The Elegant Trogon
	Elegant Whimsy
	Ellen's Green Jig
	Elm City Reel
	Emergency Jig
	Emily & Jerry Tie the Knot
	Emily and Jerry Tie the Knot
	The Emptied Crack
	The Enchantress
	The End is the Beginning
	End of the Season
	Ends Cast In
	Ends Turn In Contra
	Enid's Delight
	Equal Opportunity
	Equal Opportunity Waltz Contra
	Equal Shares
	Equal Twirl
	Equinoctial Contra
	Equity Reel
	E.R.A. (Equal Rights Amendment)
	Eric's Answer
	Eric's Date on the Bay
	Eric's Fiddle
	Eric's Reel
	Erik, the man I love: a Pinewoods bromance
	Escape from Los Angeles
	Essex Reel
	Esty's Natal Reel
	The Eternal Bond
	Eva Bakes a Patty-Cake
	Eve in the Garden
	Even Heaven Knows a Hey No-No
	Every Dove Fallen
	Every Grain of Sand
	Every Second Counts
	Everything Fits
	Evil Duane
	Ex-Patriot's Jig
	Exemplary Dance #3
	Exemplary Dance #4
	Exemplary Dance #5
	Exercise A
	Exercise C
	Exercise E
	Exercise in Accommodation
	Exit 33
	The Experimental Session
	Experimental Session #3
	Experimental Session #4
	Express Contra
	An Extra Helping
	Eye of the Storm
	Eye to Eye
	The Eyeful Tour
	The Eye's Habit
	Fabulous 4&1/2
	Face the Music
	Face Up
	Fair and Square
	Fair-Haired Cassidy
	Fair Jenny's Jig
	Fair Share
	Fair trade
	Fairfield Connection
	Fairfield Fancy
	Fairfield Flurry
	Fairy Dance
	Faithless Gypsy
	Fajitas and Margaritas
	Falcon Ridge Drift
	Fall Back
	Fallen Timber Reel
	Family Contra
	Family Contra in the Castle
	Family Reunion
	Fan in the Doorway
	Fancy Passings #1
	Fancy Passings #2
	Fancy Passings #3
	A Fancy Tag
	Fantasy Contra
	Farewell to Titusville
	Farmer Roy's Daughter
	The Farmer's Bride
	Fast Hands
	The Fatal Kiss of the Ice Princess
	Faux Pros
	Favorite Dance
	Fearful Symmetry
	Feeling Gravity's Pull
	Feet in Flight
	Felton Fallout
	Festival Contra
	The Festive Coquette
	Fever Weaver
	Fiddle Camp Frolic
	Fiddle Hill Jig
	The Fiddle Hill Jig
	Fiddle Tales
	The Fiddler of Dooney
	Fiddler of the Day
	Fiddles on Fire
	Fiddling Frog Contra
	Fiddling with the Stars
	Fidelity Reel
	Field House Mouse
	Fifth Monday Reel
	Fifth of the Year
	55 in 99
	50 Grades of Hey
	Filet Mignon
	Find Your Man
	Fine Fellow
	A Fine Howdy Do
	Fire and Brimstone
	Fire in the Creek
	Firefly Pedicabs
	First Day of May
	First English Jig
	First Fire of Winter
	First Fling of Fall
	The First Fling of Fall
	The First Flutter
	First Hey
	First Person View
	First Star
	The First Straw
	First Swing of Spring
	First Thing in the Morning
	A First Time For Everything
	The Fish of St Regis
	Fisher's Corn Cob Pipe
	The Fishin' Reel
	Fishing for Compliments
	Fit as a Fiddle
	Fit as a Flea
	Five, Fifty-five, Fifty-five
	Fix It
	Fix It Yourself
	Flaherty Will Get You Everywhere
	Flapjack Express
	Flapjack Local
	Fletcher's Folly
	Flip a Coin
	Flip Flop Frenzy
	Flirtation Reel
	A Flirting Attempt
	The Flirting Attempt
	Flirting Confusion
	The Flirting Weaver
	Flirting with Bobbie Jo
	Flirty Again
	Flitter Flutter
	Float Like a Gnat
	Florida Rhapsody
	The Flow
	Flowers in June
	Flowers Of April
	The Flowers of April
	Flowers of Edinburgh
	A Flurry of Robins #1
	Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
	Fly Around, My Pretty Little Miss
	Fly By
	Flying Carpet
	Flying Colors
	Flying Eagle
	Flying Flamingos
	Flying Juggernaut
	The Flying Trapeze
	F N Contra
	Foggy Sunday Afternoon
	Folklife Frolic
	Folklife Gypsy
	Follow That Star
	Follow that Star
	Follow the Lady
	A Fond Farewell
	Fool Around for Lori
	Fooling the Flirt
	Fools in Love, April Wedding
	Footloose and Fancy Free
	Footloose Contra
	For He's A Jolly Good Fellow
	For Nancy Hanssen
	For Those Who Cared
	The Forbidden Pleasure
	Force of Nature
	Forest De Bondi
	Forest de Bondi
	Forester's Wedding
	the Forester's Wedding
	Forget Me Knot
	Forgotten Treasure
	Fort Flagler Fling
	Fort Flagler Jig
	Fortune's Fool
	Fosters' Farewell
	Founder's Dance
	Four and More
	4 B Contra
	Four Bits
	Four Cubed Contra
	Four Decades
	Four, Forty-Four, Forty-Four
	4/4 Time
	Four More Years
	Four Wide
	Four Years Later
	Four's a Crowd
	Fourth Friday
	Fractal Frolic
	Frank's Birthday
	Fran's Friendly Fleamarket
	Frederica contra
	Frederick Contra
	Frederick Reel
	Fred's Folly
	Free the French Four
	Freeze the Soup
	The French Connection
	French Italian Connection
	Freudian Slip
	Friday Night Fever
	Friday T-G-I-F
	Friday the Thirteenth
	Friendly Sandwich Corners
	Friends and Flowers
	Friends in Pennsylvania
	The Friends Reel
	Friends Without Benefits
	The Frisian Duckling
	Frog in the Well
	Frog Mouth Retro
	From Side to Side
	From the Next Star
	Frosty Morning
	Frozen Goose
	Frozen Lotion
	Früh am Abend
	Fruit Harvest Reel
	The fruits of my labour
	Full Monty
	Full Moon Fling
	Fuller Park Fantasy
	Fun at the Fringe
	Fuzzy Cozy
	G and A
	G is for Gretchen
	Gail's Making Copies
	Gallop Speed
	The Game of Four
	Garden of Life
	Garden State of Mind
	Garlic Cloves
	Gary's Orbit
	Gary's Reel Too
	Gaspe Reel
	Gate Expectations
	The Gate To The Graveyard Is One Way Only
	The Gate to the Graveyard is One Way Only
	Gateway to the South
	Gaye's Groove
	Gear Box
	Geesetown Crossing
	Gemini Six
	Gender Bender
	General Eric
	Gene's Genius
	Gene's Victory
	Gentle on my Mind
	Gent's in Lead
	Geo Volente ("Earth Willing")
	Geo Volente ("Earth willing")
	Geoff's Over the Hill and still Chased (Chaste?)
	George's Something Or Other
	Gerbil Carnage
	German Polka
	Get Me Going
	Get Your Twirl On
	Getting Out Of The Hole At Nelson
	Getting to Know You
	Giant's Staircase
	Giddiness Reel
	A Gig with the Wingnuts
	Ginter Park Stroll
	Gipsey Hornpipe
	The Girls from Urbana
	Girls in White Dresses
	Glen Echo Reel
	Glen Helen
	Glenlake Parkway
	A Glimpse of Beauty
	A Glittering, Sparkly 40th
	The Glorious Twelth
	Glossary Contra
	Glover's Reel
	Glowing Sunset
	The Gnat Sass
	Go With the Flow
	The Godfather
	Goin' Up & Down
	Going to St. Paul
	The Gold Chain
	Gold Rush
	Gold Star Wednesday
	Golden Anniversary
	Golden Chain
	Golden Days
	The Golden Goose
	Golden Slipper Reel
	Golden Slipper Reel No. 2
	Goldie the Guy Cat
	Good by Chatham
	A Good Feeling
	Good Friday
	Good Girl
	The Good Girl
	Good Luck
	Good Neighbors
	Good Omens
	Good Queen Vic
	Good Spirit
	Good Time Contra
	Goodbye Sally
	Goodnight Kiss
	The Goodnight Kiss
	Gordon Square Contra
	Grace in Madtown
	Gracious Lady
	Graduation Reel
	Grampa Greg
	Grand Allemande
	Grand Picnic
	Grand Western Canal
	Granny Smith Apple
	Granny's Pearls
	The Grass Valley Glide
	Gravel Bar Shuffle
	The Great Escape
	The Great Tree
	Green Apple Quickstep
	The Green Eyed Girl
	The Green-Eyed Girl
	Green Grocer
	Green Gyrene
	Green Mountain Boys
	Green Mountain Jig
	The Green Mountain Jig
	Green Mountain Volunteers
	The Green Revolution
	Green River
	Green Street Rag
	Greenfield Petronella
	Greenfield Reel
	Green's Reel
	Grey Pants
	Greyhound to Harrisburg
	Groovemongers Contra
	Groundhog Day
	Growian II
	Guardian Angel
	Guiding Star Contra
	Guildford 40
	Guinea Pig Contra
	Gunpowder, Treason and Plot
	Gypsies at the Gate
	Gypsies in the Fields
	Gypsy Around
	Gypsy Around Two
	The Gypsy Bride
	Gypsy Circle
	The Gypsy Dancer
	Gypsy Dervish
	Gypsy Everyone
	Gypsy Fever
	Gypsy for Amy
	A Gypsy for Jessica
	Gypsy Galore
	Gypsy Hey
	Gypsy in the Hey
	Gypsy O'More
	Gypsy Reel
	Gypsy Road
	Gypsy Sailor
	Gypsy Star
	Hagerstown 2
	Hagerstown Contra
	Half and Half
	The Half Century
	Half Century Hey
	Half Chased
	Half figure 8
	The Halfway Hustle
	Halle Unter Wasser
	Halloween Parade
	Halloween Twist
	The Halloween Twist
	Halls of Victory
	Hamburger Patty
	Hand in Hand
	Hand play
	Hand to Hand
	Hand To My Left (HTML)
	Hands Across Westminster
	The Hands of Brass
	Handsome Young Maids
	Handy Andy
	Handyman's Special
	Hank's Hornpipe
	Hannah's Reel
	Happily Ever After
	The Happy Accident
	Happy as a Cold Pig in Warm Mud
	Happy Hare
	Happy Harry
	Happy Raven
	Happy Trails
	Happy Valley Reel
	Happy Wanderer
	The Happy Wanderer
	Happy Wife Happy Life
	Hardiman the Fiddler
	The Hare and the Hedgehog
	Harmony Hey
	Harmony Super Line
	The Harmony Supper Line
	Harmony Supper Table
	The Harmony Supper Table
	Harold and Barbara, Sitting in a Tree
	Harris Tweed
	The Hartmann Reel
	Harvest Moon
	Hashed Hey
	Haste To The Wedding
	Hattie Claire
	Have I Danced This Before?
	Haven't Been There Yet
	Hawthorne Contra
	Hay Box
	Hay for Heather
	Hay for Poker
	Hay Ho!
	Hay in the Barn
	Hay Stack
	Haymaker's Jig
	Haymakers Jig
	Haymakers' Jig
	Hazelnut Coffee
	HCD Dancefest Reel
	Heady Stuff
	A Health to All Good Dancers
	Heart of Glass for Guys
	Heart of Joy
	Heart of the Rockies
	Heartbeat Contra
	Heartbeat contra
	Hearts and Arrows
	Hearts and Flowers
	Hearts Delight
	Heat Wave
	Heat Waves
	Heatherfield Vine
	Heather's Cookie
	Heather's Cookie Redux
	Heaven and Earth
	Hedge On The Coast
	Hedgehog Helper
	Helga's Birthday
	Helgas Geburtstag
	Hello Again
	Hello Goodby Butterfly
	Hello Goodbye
	Hello Rose
	Hello There
	Hell's Half-Acre Reel
	Hemp Hill Robins
	Hemphill's Chicks
	Hen's Teeth
	Here and There
	Here's to 40 More
	Here's to Fred
	Here's to Good Neighbors
	Here's to Hank
	Here's to the Fiddler
	Here's to the Women
	Heritage Reel
	Herringtown Reel
	The Hertfordshire Hop
	Hey, a Gypsy
	Hey, Ack is Back!
	Hey And More Hey
	Hey Beautiful
	Hey Bob
	Hey Bob!
	Hey Fever
	Hey for Forty
	Hey for K. & N.
	Hey for Shadrack
	Hey for Who?
	Hey Gomer, Hey Goober
	Hey Gomer, Hey Goober - Original Version
	Hey Half Way
	A Hey in Need
	Hey in the Middle
	Hey It's My Birthday
	Hey-ja Vu
	Hey Junior
	Hey Loft
	Hey Ma No Hands
	Hey Man, Chain
	Hey Market
	Hey, Moe!
	Hey Nonny Nonny
	Hey! Rick
	Hey Ride
	Hey Rollers
	Hey, Student Union
	Hey There
	Hey to the Stars
	Hey Weaver A
	Hey - What Again
	Hey! Who's in the Middle?
	Heys Both Ways
	"Hickman's Hey"
	The Hidden Draw
	High Brooms
	High Gear
	High Seas
	High Water on Briggs Run
	Highway Hypnosis
	Hill Country Reel
	The Hillbilly's Jig
	Hills of Habersham
	Hillsboro Jig
	Hinton's Hint
	Hints of Harmony
	Hippo Birdie
	Historical Events
	Hit the Hey
	Ho Down, Hey Down
	Ho Ho Ho
	The Hobbit
	Hobomock Reel
	Hoepertingen Hornpipe
	Holbrook Reel
	Hold on Tight
	Holiday in the Wood
	Holiday Jig
	Holiday Scurry
	Holly Hill
	Holsteins Pub
	Holy Cannoli!
	(Home Again, Home Again) Jiggity Jig
	Home Cooking
	The Homecoming
	Homosassa Hornpipe
	Honey Bee
	Honey Run
	Honor Among Dancers
	Honor Among Thieves
	Hoody's Peanuts
	Hoosier Girl
	Hopeful Afternoon
	a Hopeful Afternoon
	Hors d'oeuvre
	Hortensia's Cravat
	Hot Dog Contra
	Hot Modern Moves
	Hot Turkey
	House Husband's Reel
	House of Love
	The Housewarming
	How Far Down
	How Green is My Melbourne
	How Sweet It Is
	Howell's Break
	Howl At The Moon
	Hula Hoopla
	Hull's Encounter
	Hull's Surprise
	Hull's Victory
	The Human Touch
	Humboldt Bay
	Hung Parliament
	Huntington Reel
	Huntsville's Queen Bee
	Hurd it Through the Grapevine
	Hurrican Dan
	Hurricane Hornpipe
	Huru's Reel
	The Hussy Bride
	The Hussy Queen
	The Hybrid
	Hyla's Flirt
	I Don't Know Yet
	I Flew Them First
	I ♥ Devil Dogs
	I ♥ Faeries
	I ♥ Unicorns
	I Left My Partner
	I Like Blue
	I meant it all, every word
	I Will Follow Him
	Ice House
	The Ice Princess Meltdown
	The Iconoclastic Druid
	I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia
	I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia
	Idiot's Delight
	The Idle Noise
	Idlewild Jig
	I'll Get You and Your Little Dog, Too
	I'll Take the High Road, and You'll Take the Low Road
	(I'll Take) What's Behind Door #2
	Illini Special
	Imitation is Sincere
	Impish Contra
	The Improper Apothecary
	In a Pig's Eye
	In Jig Time
	In Paul's Honor
	In Plain View
	In the Money
	In With Both Feet
	Inalienable Rights
	Independence Boulevard
	Independence Day Jig
	Independence Reel
	Indian River Figure Eights
	Indian Style
	Indian Summer
	Indian Summer Saunter
	Infinity Madness
	Inflation Reel
	Ingrid's Birthday
	Ingrid's Lament
	Ins and Outs of Contra
	Inside Out
	Insider Trading
	Insomnia Reel
	Instant Basket
	The Intensity Reel
	Intergenerational Reel
	Into the DMZ
	The Inversion Reel
	Invertro Flirtilization
	I.O.C.A. Reel
	IOCA Reel
	The IOCA Reel
	Ionia Breakout
	Is It Proper?
	Is This Reel?
	Is This Right?
	Is This Too Much?
	Isle of Palms Roll Away
	It was a Fine Day
	The Itchy Bug Reel
	It's a Date
	It's a Girl!
	It's a Secret
	It's Contra Corners Time
	It's Not Rocket Science
	It's OK
	It's the Flow (Stupid!)
	It's Your Turn
	The Iva Lee
	Jacki's Jig
	Jack's Life
	Jackson Four
	Jackson's Hornpipe
	Jakie's Hornpipe
	Jalapeno Contra
	Jam Doodle
	Jamaica Plain Jig
	Jamie's Jig
	Jan and Dan
	Jan and Nanette
	Jane's Contra
	Janet's Contra
	Jan's Jig
	January 7th Jig
	January Jig
	January Seventh Jig
	January Waltz Contra
	J.B.'s Tease
	JB's Tease
	The Jealous Lover
	Jedermanns Kontra
	Jed's Heartbeat
	Jed's Reel
	Jefferson and Liberty
	Jefferson and Lincoln
	Jefferson Revisited
	Jefferson's Reel
	Jefferson's Remorse
	Jeff's Gypsy
	Jeff's Third Dance
	Jennie & Howard's Promenade #2
	Jennifer's Dance
	Jennifer's Reel
	Jenny Goes to Camp
	The Jenny Lind
	Jenny Lind Polka
	Jenny's Trip to Seattle
	Jerome's Dixie Twirl contra
	Jerry Goes to Camp
	Jerry's Contra
	Jerrys' Contra
	Jerry's Idea
	Jersey Roundabout
	Jessica's Ride
	Jess's Reel
	Jet Lag Rag
	Jim & Cindi's Wedding
	Jim's Dance
	Jim's Reel
	Jim's Whim
	Joanie's Basket Swing
	Job Hunt Jig
	Job Hunt Jig #2
	Jocus Contra
	Joe & Jeni's Wedding
	Joe the Plumber
	John and Mary
	John O'Neal's Contra
	John Wullich's Reel
	John's Out the Door Contra
	Johnson's Reel
	Johnson's Special
	Jonjak's Journey
	Josette's Delight
	The Joy of Eighteen
	The Joy of It!
	The Joy of Six
	Joyce Skips Town
	Joyous Night
	Joyride Variation
	Joys of Hannover
	Joys of Milford
	Joys of Quebec
	Jubilant Solstice
	Jubilation Variation
	Judah Jig
	Judge's Jig
	The Judge's Jig
	Judi's Pearls
	Judy's Joy
	Juicy Themes
	Julia D!
	Julian Sleigh Ride
	Julie's Contra
	Julie's Gypsies
	Julie's Reel
	July 12 Birthday Triplets
	July 13th
	Jump and Shout
	Jump Over The Hedge
	Jump Over the Hedge
	Jump Start
	Jump Up
	Jumping Jack
	June Apple
	June Bug
	Juniper Jig
	Junket Jackpot
	Jurassic Redheads
	Jürgen's Turn
	Just a Splash
	Just Another Contra
	Just Another Whim
	Just Born, More Later
	Just in Time
	Just Keep Turning
	Just One Change
	Just Passing By
	Justa Contra
	Kadie's Kontra
	Kaiser's Turnstyle
	Kansas City Reel
	Karen & Greg Tie the Knot
	Karen's Beginning
	Karen's Kool Kurls
	Karen's Treasure
	Kathy & Walter
	Kathy's Kontra
	Kathy's Smile
	Kathy's Smiling Eyes
	Katie's Birthday Bash
	Katie's trip to Starbase 12
	Katie's Trip to Starbase Twelve
	Katy's Wedding Day
	Kaylee Digraph
	Keep a Lid on It
	Keep Staring
	Keep Taking the Tablets
	Keep Your Eyes on the Ball
	Keeps You Goin'
	Kelly's Combination
	Kelso Weathervane
	Kennebec Contra
	Ken's 60th Birthday Bash
	Ken's Double Swing Contra
	Ken's Dream
	Ken's Reel
	Keys in the Fridge
	Kimberly's Labor Day Reel
	Kimmswick Clip
	Kimmswick Contra
	Kimmswick Diamonds
	Kimmswick Fixx
	Kimmswick Girls
	Kimmswick Reunion
	Kindred Spirits
	Kinematic Vorticity
	King Bee Hey
	King Kontra
	King's Cottage
	The King's Reel
	The King's Return
	Kingston Hunt
	Kingston Quickstep
	Kiss A Conservative
	The Kiss of a Lifetime
	Kiss the Bride
	Kissing Cousins
	Kitch as Kitch Can
	Kitchen Junket
	Kitchen Stomp
	Kitchen Symmetry Group
	Kitch's Reel
	Kittyhawk Contra
	Kittyhawk Hornpipe
	Knights Who Say Nee
	Knock on Wood
	Knot in the Circle
	Knoten im Kreis
	Knoxville Memory
	Kopp's on the Loose
	La Ba Contra
	La Bastringue Contra
	La Habañera
	La Petit Ronfleuse
	Labor Day Dance
	Labor of Love
	Ladies Allemande
	Ladies Boomerang
	The Ladies Chain
	Ladies Choice
	Ladies Courchaine
	The Ladies' Heyday
	Ladies in Lead
	Ladies lead
	The Ladies Lead
	The Ladies Lead Left
	Ladies Night Out
	Ladies Revenge
	The Ladies' Strain
	Ladies' Trip to Nowhere
	The Lady from the Other Star
	Lady Luck
	Lady Madonna
	Lady of the Lake
	The Lady of the Lake
	Lady On Diamond
	Lady on the Left
	Lady Walpole's Reel
	Lady Walpole's Reel (variation)
	Lady Washington's Reel
	Lady's Breast Knot
	Lalah's TriskadekaMania
	Lama Lama Ding Dong
	Lambertville Men
	Lambertville Women
	Lampbrush Loop
	Lamp's Light
	Lancaster Lite
	Lannigan's Ball
	Lanny's Back
	Lark in the Oven
	Larry's Inspiration
	Larry's Leadership
	Larry's Listening
	Larry's Way
	Las Cruces Stomp
	The Last Gasp
	A Last Goodbye
	A Last Hurrah
	Last Minute Jig
	Last Night at Lark
	Last Night of Fun
	Last Time I Checked This Was Still a Democracy, Isn't It?
	The Last Wednesday
	Latch Hook Contra
	Late Night at Brown
	Laughing Gull
	Laura Mae's Jig
	Laura Mé I Dance With You?
	Laura's Contra
	Laura's Third-Quarter Century
	Laura's Three-Quarter Century
	Laura's Zig Zag
	Laura's Zigzag
	Lauren and George
	Lavender and Lilac
	Lavender Blue
	The Law firm of Rob and Sue
	Lawyers in a Downpour
	Lazy Man I Won't Maintain
	Le Danse pour Corinne
	Le Voyageur
	Lead to Gold
	Lead to Gold II
	Leap Dance
	Leap Day
	Leap Year
	Leap Year Jig
	Leave the Wine
	Leave Them Hanging
	Leaving Home
	Leeds Airport Coffee
	Leeds Airport Coffee Mark 2
	The Left Hand
	Left Out
	Left Out Star
	Leftover Gypsies
	Lefty Reel
	Lefty's Chain
	Legacy Reel
	Legacy Waltz
	Lego People
	Lemon Squares
	Lend Me Some Sugar I Am Your Neighbor
	The Lesson
	Let's Be Adroit In Contra Dancing
	Let's Dance
	Let's Git Dizzy
	Let's Play Two
	Lexington Reel
	Lexington's Loss
	Libra Boys
	Lichfield Four-O
	Life, the Universe and Everything
	Life, the Universe, and Everything
	Lifeguard Reel
	Life's Porpoise
	Light Green
	Lighted Sconce
	The Lighted Sconce
	(Like) Juggling Chainsaws
	Linda's Lovely Smile
	Linda's Wedding
	Lines Entwined
	Links in the Chain
	Lisa's Contra
	Lisa's Sourdough Waffles
	Lister Special
	Little Bird Speak
	A Little Bit of Love
	Little Black Dress
	Little Buddy
	Little Bug Reel
	Little Green Heron
	The Little Green Heron
	Little Kate's Contra
	Little Red Hen
	A Little Taste
	Little Tickle
	A Little Too Late
	Lizard Walk
	Liz's Steady Hand
	Lizzie's Improper
	A Load of Hay
	Loafer's Reel
	Locust Lane
	Logan Airport Contra
	Lona Ranger
	London Forever
	Lonesome Bluebonnet II
	Lonesome Road
	The Long and Short of It
	Long May It Wave
	The Long Road
	Loo Queue
	Look at Both Sides
	Look Before You Leap
	Look But Don't Touch
	Look, Don't Touch
	Looking for Nectar
	Looking Up
	Loop The Loop
	Loops and Lines
	Loose Change
	Loose Marbles
	Lord Burgesh's Favorite
	Lord Walpole's Jig
	Los Amigos
	Losing Weight
	Lost at C
	Lost in Interstellar Haze
	Lost in the Fog
	Lost Trail Contra
	Lost Treasures
	Lots of Help
	Lots of Hope
	Lots of Luck
	Louisville Slugger
	The Love Blender
	Love 'Em and Leave 'Em Contra
	Love is King
	Love Me like a Lover
	Love of My Life
	Love Swinger #2
	Lover's Circle
	The Lover's Knot
	Love's Score
	Low Bounce Tires
	Low Gear
	The Lower Forty
	Lucky Allemande
	Lucky in Love
	Lucky Penny
	Lucy's Here
	Lucy's Sound Advice
	Luna in the Library
	Lydia's Jig
	Lydia's Questions
	Lynn Reel
	Macadamia Nut
	MacArthur's Reel
	Mac's Birthday
	Mac's Favorite
	M.A.D. About Dancing
	Mad About Dancing
	Mad about You
	Mad Folk
	Mad For Ogontz
	Mad Frederick
	Mad Frederick, C
	Mad Gypsy
	Mad Hey for Shadrack
	Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
	Mad Mad World
	Mad, Mad World
	Mad Money
	Mad River Special
	Mad Robin Imagination
	Mad Robin Swing
	Mad Slice
	Madam I'm Adam
	Made in the Shade
	Made Up Tonight (which is no longer true)
	Made up Tonight (which is no longer true)
	Madeline Maude Steps Out
	Madly in Love (with Mermaids) [V2]
	Mae's Maze
	Magenta Cambridge
	Maggie's Favorite
	Maggie's favorite
	Maggie's Ginger Jig
	Maggie's Hobby
	Maggie's Maggot
	The Magic Fiddler
	Magnetic Resonance
	Magone's Maggot #1
	Magone's Maggot #2
	Magone's Maggot #3
	The Magpie and the Seal
	The Magpie's Original Nest
	The Maine Sail
	Maison De Glace
	Make A Liar Out Of George Orwell
	Makin' Hay Forever
	Malcolm's Star
	Malcolm's X
	Malcom's X
	Malden Reel
	The Malden Reel
	Male Chauvinist Jig
	Mallory Square
	Manchester Rollaway
	Mandible Joe Johnston
	Mandolin Contra
	Mandy's Comment
	Manet Reel
	Mange Tak
	Manhattan Chowder
	Manhattan Pattycake
	Manual Transmission
	Maple Leaf Jig
	March Variation #1
	Marco's Reel
	Mardi Gras Contra
	Mares Pond
	Margaret's Fancy
	Marianne the Magnificent
	Marian's Delight
	Marie's Darling
	Marie's Favorite
	Marilee's II
	Marine Park
	Marine Park Hey
	Marion's Delight
	Mark and Robin's Nest
	Mark Ward's Reel
	Marlboro Country Contra
	Marlboro Heys
	Married Man's Favorite
	Mars & Venus
	Marshes of Mallow
	Marta in the Jungle
	The Martha Washington
	Martha Washington's Reel
	Martha's Choice
	Martha's Hot & Spicy
	Mary Gary
	Mary J's Jig
	Mary Mary
	Mary's Back
	Mary's Favorite
	Mason and Garden
	Massai's Favorite
	Massive Bill in Lynchberg Town
	Matheney's Magic
	Matriarchal Contra
	Matthew Just in Time
	May Apple Stomper
	May Day
	May Day!
	May Flies
	May the Fourth Be With You
	McCarthy's Reel
	McKenzie River
	Meadowbrook Contra
	The Meadowlark
	The Meaning of Life Plus Ten
	Mechanic's Nightmare
	Meet and Greet
	Meg and Alan Swing
	Meg's 50th
	Meg's a Dancing Fool
	Meg's Choice
	Melbourne Cup
	Memory Muddler
	Men in Chains
	Men in Plaid
	Men in the Middle
	Men in Tow
	Mended Sixpence
	Mendo Wanderer
	Mendo Wanderer - For Chris Brooks
	Menotomy Reel
	Men's Lib 2.0
	Men's Lib #1
	Men's Trip to Nowhere
	Men's Turn
	The Men's Turn
	Mermaid's Basket
	Merrilly We Roll Along
	Merry Dance
	The Merry Dance
	Merry Go Round
	The Merry-Go-Round
	Merry Maze Reel
	Meshach's March
	Mesozoic Redheads
	Met You in Saint Louis
	Mica Flats
	Michael Left His Brain In Bed
	Michael Left His Brain in Bed
	Michael's Cap
	The Micro Medley
	Mid Winter Gypsy
	Middlemen's Hey
	Middles Turn Out
	Middlesex March
	Middlesex Reel
	Middletown Contra
	Midnight in Solon
	The Midnight Missionaries
	Midnight Mists
	Midnight Moo
	Midnight Moose and Sleepless Nights
	Midnight Oil
	Midnight Rag
	Midnight Special
	Midnight Tango
	Midsummer Day
	A Midsummer Night's Dream
	Midsummer Night's Dream
	Midway Weave
	Midwinter Meltdown
	Midwinter Night's Dream
	Midwinter Night's Dream #2
	Mill Creek
	Mill River Contra
	Millennium Reel
	Miller's Frolic
	The Millwheel
	Milwaukee Hi-Jinks
	Mini Grand Swing
	Minor 6th
	Mirror, Mirror, in the Hall
	Misinterpretation Reel
	Miss Brown's Reel
	Miss Deedle's Contra
	Miss Moore's Rant
	The Missing Piece
	Missouri Compromise
	Missouri Neighbors
	Missouri Stars
	Missouri Wowee
	Mixed Clover
	MMISL (Missile) Memory
	Mo Joe
	Modern Trend
	The Mohr the Merrier
	Molley's Alley
	Mollie on the Move
	Molly Pitcher
	Moment of Inertia
	Momma Loo's Reel
	Monadnock Reel
	Monday Night Fever
	Monday Night in Ballard
	Monday Night Reel
	Mondays at the Laurel
	Monday's Dance
	Money in Both Pockets
	Monica's Joy
	Montague Reel
	Monterey Detour
	Monterey Hey
	Monterey/MonteReine Reel
	Monterey Special
	Mood Swings
	Moody Street
	Moon & Star Contra
	Moon Beam
	Moon Dance
	Moon Doggie
	Moon Rhymes
	More Again
	More for All
	More for Your Neighbor
	More Lines Entwined
	More Morning Pages
	More O Less
	More of Rory
	More on the Floor
	More or Less
	More Power to the Elbow
	Morning Pages
	Morris Meets Lena
	Morrison's Jig
	Mortal Wombat
	Mostly Danced
	Mostly Hey
	Motions of Joy
	Mountain Ranger
	Mountain Ranger Hornpipe
	Mountain Ridge
	Mourning Cloak
	Movin' at the Merc, #2
	Movin' at the Merc, #3
	Moving At The Merc #2
	Moving Day
	Moving Pieces
	Mr. Darcy's FolkMads Kolo Contra & Waltz Medley
	Mr. Fezziwig's Ball
	Mr. Fix's Assignment
	Mr. Heimlich's Maneuver
	Mr. Isaac's Magic
	Mr. Johnson's Second Jig
	Mr. Mac's Reel
	Mr. Osko's Halloween
	Mr. Osko's Holiday
	Mr. Osko's Jig
	Mr. Osko's Ping Pong
	Mr. Osko's Reel
	Mr. Rodger's Contra
	Mr. Roger's Delight
	Mrs Reilly's Daughter
	Mrs. Saxton's Magic Carpet Ride
	Mundane Chain
	Muscle Baby
	Music Between the Sheets
	Music Paradise
	Music To My Spirit
	Mutual Enjoyment
	My Bony Lass
	My Ex-(Ex's Fiancee's Ex)
	My First Folly
	My Home
	My Lady's Pleasure
	My Life's Calling
	My Marbles Have Many Moods
	Mystery Dance
	Mystery Dance #2
	Mystery Dance #3
	Mystery Dance #4
	Nail That Catfish to a Tree
	Nancy's Reel
	Nantucket Sleigh Ride
	Nat's Reel
	Natural Flow
	Near Chaos in the Cosmos
	The Necessity
	Needham Reel
	The Needham Reel
	Needham Special
	The Needham Special
	Needle in a Haystack
	(needs a name)
	NEFFA on Sunday
	Nest Contra
	Nether Stowe
	Neue Studentenlust
	Never Enough
	Never Mind
	Never on a Sunday
	Never Too Early
	Never Too Late
	New Bedford Contra
	New Beginning
	New Beginnings
	A New Combination
	New Decade
	New Decade Reel
	The New Delight
	New Elixir
	New England Sweethearts
	The New Flow
	New Friendship Reel
	The New Friendship Reel
	New Harmony Reel
	New Hope Gypsy
	New Horizons
	New-Mown Hay
	New-mown Snow
	New-mown Urbana Snow
	New Pat Puree
	The New Red Barn
	The New Star
	New Suspect Reel
	New Teetotaler
	A New Term
	New Watermelon Time
	The New Wood Floor
	New World
	New Yankee Reel
	New Year in Woods Hole
	New Year's Day
	New Year's Day r1
	New Years in Harmony
	New York Fancy
	New York Superfudge Chunk
	New Zip Coon
	Newbury Reel
	Newfangled Contraption 2
	Newly Friendly Thieves
	Newlyweds' Jig
	The Next Door Gent
	The Next Nightmare
	Niagara Falls Hornpipe
	Niagara Hornpipe
	Nicaraguan Scarlet Letter
	A Nice Combination
	The Nice Combination
	Nice to Meet Old Friends
	A Nifty 50
	Nifty Fifty
	The Nightmare Reel
	Nils' Maggot
	Nils's Maggot
	Ninehundred and Ninetynine Dollars
	Nineteen Eighty-seven
	19 Glenaulin
	Nineteen Kisses
	Nixhaus Contra
	No Hands
	No More Twist
	No Name Reel
	No Rest for the Wicked
	No Snow Here
	No Snow Here, Either
	No Surprises
	No Waiting at the End
	(noch) ohne titel
	Noisy Oysters
	Nomad's Land
	The Non-Tour
	Nonexistent Nap 2
	North Country Jig
	The North Wing
	Northampton Dancing
	Northern Lights
	Not Completely Normal
	Not So Fast!
	Not the Same as 'Shame on Shane'
	Not You Again?
	Not Your Average Joe
	Nothing Left but the Grin
	Nova Nova Scotian
	Nova Scotian
	The Nova Scotian
	November Fancy
	November Nights
	November Nightts
	Now I Know
	Now is the Time
	NTP Contra
	#1, Grade A, Top Quality Cats
	#1, Grade A, Top Quality Cats, #2
	Number 11
	Number Fifty
	Nuremberg Funnel
	Nürnberger Trichter
	Oak Hill Quickstep
	Oaken Grove
	O. A. T. A. Reel
	O.A.T.A. Reel
	Oatmeal Creams
	Objects in Motion
	O'Brien's Star
	OBS--Orange Blossom Special
	Occam's Electric Razor
	Occata Reel
	Ocean Spray
	Ocean View
	Ocean View Reel
	Ockham's Razor
	October Colors
	October in the Sun
	October Special
	The Odd Combination
	The Odd Entrance
	Odd Meetings
	Off Balance
	Off to the Outhouse
	Office Mayhem
	Oh, More Heys!
	Oh Whatta Reel
	Oh, Yeah!
	Ohio River Contra
	OK Start
	Okeechobee Reel
	Old & New Friends
	Old as the Hills
	Old Boot
	Old Brains
	Old Cold Coffee on the Dashboard
	Old Friends Breakdown
	The Old Lady's Reel
	Old Neighbours and New
	Old Raccoon
	Old Timer's Contra
	Old Town Reel
	Old Zip Coon
	Old Zip Coon #2
	Olympic Promenade
	Olympic Torch
	On a Lark
	On Approval
	On the Contrary
	On the Danforth
	On the One Hand
	On the Prowl
	On the Rebound
	On the Road To Boston
	On the Spot
	On the Way Home
	On the Way to Pittsfield
	On Thin Ice
	On to Pittsfield
	On Top of Your Game
	Once Around
	Once is not Enough
	One Fish
	One for Larry
	One for Little Josie
	One for the Holidays
	One for the Money
	One Good Tern
	One Hundred Years of Mischief
	One in the Hand
	One Indecisive Witch
	One Lonely Witch
	One More Card
	One More Time
	One of Those
	1 of 2
	One Sour Kraut
	One Step Back
	One Way or Another
	One's Balance and Twirl
	O N S Contra
	Open Doors
	Opposites Attract
	Orbit Intro
	Orbs and Orbits
	Oregon Trail
	Orientation Reel
	Orion's Reel
	Orlando Hornpipe
	Orono Special
	Osprey Soaring
	The Other Contra-cordions
	The Other Door
	The Other Shade of Green
	Out & About
	Out Bound
	Out in Left Field
	Out of Circulation
	Out of Hand
	Out of Nowhere
	Out on the Ocean
	Outdoors in the Chiller
	Outside the Box
	The Oval Promenade
	Over the Fence
	Over the Hill and Still Chased
	Oversea Spinner
	Oyster River Hornpipe
	Oyster Shucker's Jig
	Oyster Shuckers Jig
	Ozark Saturday Night
	Ozark Saturday Nite
	Paddy on the Computer Chair
	Paddy on the Isthmus
	Paddy on the Turnpike
	Page Turner
	Painted Lady
	Pair In Contra
	Pairwise Convergence
	Palmetto Bug Stomp
	Palouse Jig
	Pamela's Cast Off
	Pam's Four
	Pam's Merry Go Round
	Pam's ultra-new super-improved SNAKE OIL Formula #9
	Pancake Day
	Panda Bear
	Papa, what's a good name for this dance?
	Paper Plate #1: The Melt Up, 1998
	Parallel turns
	Particles and Waves
	Partners All
	Pass the Lake
	Pass the Sea
	Pass Thru Two
	Passed Again
	Passers By
	Passing Fancy
	Passing Star
	Passion Breakdown A
	Passion Breakdown B
	Pasta Machine
	Path to the Past
	Patriot's Jig
	Pat's Parade
	Pat's Parade no 2
	Paul Bunyan's Onions
	Paula's Promenade
	Paul's Advice
	Paul's Fishing Reel
	Peace and Love Contra
	Peacock Rag
	Pearl Anniversary Whirl
	Pearl Of Welwyn
	Pearls of Wisdom
	Pedal Point
	Pedal Pusher II
	Pedal Pushers
	Peel Out
	Pell-Mell Reel
	The Pell Mell Reel
	Penguin Quits!
	Penn's Night Out
	A Penny Earned
	A Penny Saved
	Peppered Potatos
	Perforated Corners
	Peru Runaround
	Peter and Mary
	Peter's Day
	Peter's Passion
	Petro Swing
	Petronella for Peace
	Petronella Jig
	Petronella Swing
	Petronella's Pin
	Phalarope Jig
	Philadelphia Reel
	Philadelphia Whirlaway
	The Phoenix
	A Phone Call Fixed It
	Phrase Crosser
	Pick 'n' Nick's Contra
	Pie Time
	A Piece O' Cake
	A Piece of Cake
	Piecing Martin's Quilt
	Pierce's Hall Stroll
	Pig in a Poke
	Piglet's Expotition
	Pig's Eye Special
	Pinewoods Crossing
	Pinewoods Special
	Pining For You
	Pining for You
	Pink Lemonade
	Pioneer Village
	Piper's Fancy
	A Pirate's Life for Me
	Pirouette Four
	Pirouette One
	Pirouette Three
	Pirouette Two
	Pistachio Pizza
	The Pittsboro Pattycake
	Pizza for Breakfast
	Plain Vanilla
	Plainfield Perfection
	The Playful Gypsy
	Playground Stomp
	Pleasant Anticipation
	Pleasantly Surprised
	Plough and Harrow
	Poetry in Motion
	Polar Fleeced
	The Polar Vortex
	Polka Contra
	Polka Dots On Parade
	Polymorphous' Reel #1
	Polymorphous' Reel #2
	Pond Plain Reel
	Pony Fun
	Pooh Bear's Holiday
	Pop Goes the Weasel
	Pork and Beans
	Port Townsend Jig
	Portland Express
	Portland Reel
	Positive Affirmation Stickers
	Pot O'Gold
	Potato Assault
	Potluck #2
	Pousette Sextet
	Poussettey Spaghetti
	Power Pass
	Power Play
	Pray for the Men
	Pray for the Women
	A Prayer for Good Weather
	A Precarious Balance
	Pre-Op Reel
	Preop Reel
	Pretty Boy
	Pretty Good Friday
	Prevo's Lament
	The Pride of Baltimore
	Pride of Charlottesville
	Priest Pass
	Prime Interest
	Princeton Petronellas
	Princeton's Silver Lining
	Procrastination Reel
	Proctor's Reel
	Prof. Freeman's Fancy
	The Progressive Nightmare
	The Progressive Nightmare #2
	Progressive Revelations
	Progressive Revolutions
	The Proud Parents
	Puce Set 1
	Pull a Fast One
	Pulling Taffy
	Pumpkin Pie
	Pumpkin Spice Madness
	Punctuated Raindrops
	Punxsutawney Promenade
	Puppy Reel
	Pure Invention
	Purple Heys
	Push and Pull
	Push Back
	Push Me Pull You Two
	Push the Button
	Pushover #1
	Pussyrat & Cashmir
	Putney Reel
	Python Reel
	A Quail at Heart
	Quantum Weirdness
	Quantum Weirdness #2
	Quarried Hay
	Quarter Century Reel
	¡Que Linda!
	The Queen Bee
	Queen of Hearts
	Queen's Favorite
	Quern of the Century
	A Question of Balance
	Quiet Contra
	The Quiet Contra
	The Quilting Frolic
	Quincy Reel
	Raccoon Ramble
	The Racetrack Contra
	Rachel's Refulgent Rumination
	Racquetball Reel
	Radio Reel
	The Raeden Reel
	Raeden's Curls
	Ragged Mountain Reel
	Ragged Teacher's Reel
	Rags To Riches
	Rags to Riches
	Rain Dance
	Rain on the Pond
	Raina & Jeff
	Rainbow @ Dawn
	Rainy Day Jig
	Rainy Night Contra
	Ramblin' Ramsay & Meanderin' Meyer
	Ramblin' Ramsey and Meanderin' Meyer
	The Rambling Pitchfork
	Rambling Rover
	Ramsay Chase
	Rang Tang Contra
	Rant and Roar
	Rattle The Dishes
	Rattle the Dishes
	Rattlesnake Rag
	Rattlesnake Reel
	Ravens and Weasels
	Raw Bar
	Razzle Dazzle
	Reading Reel
	Ready to Dance
	The Recapitulation
	Red Admiral
	Red And Green Chilly
	Red Fish
	Red House
	Red House Blues
	Red Line
	Red Mountain Reel
	Red Riding Hood
	Red Seven
	Red's Robin
	Redundancy Longways Contra
	Reefer Madness
	Reel Celina
	Reel D'Elaine
	Reel D'Rotenberg
	Reel Easy
	Reel Nice
	Reel to Reel
	Reeling from Rejection
	Reeling Him In
	Reflections A
	Reflections B
	Rehoboth Friends
	Rehoboth's Shining Star
	Reichenau Ramble
	Remember, Remember the 5th of November
	Remember the Alamo
	Renaissance Barnes
	The Rendezvous
	Repeatronella in Dublin
	Requiem for the Hive
	Rerouted to Tulsa
	Resettlement Swing
	Resisting Temptation
	The Responsible Woman
	Retirement Reel
	The Retrial
	Retrograde Motion
	Return of Spring
	The Return of Winter
	Return to Broadway
	Reverse Buzz
	Reversing the Star
	Revisiting Reel
	Revolution Reel
	Revolving Doors
	Rhonda's On The Razzle
	Rhonda's on the Razzle
	Rhonda's Reel
	Rhonda's Resolution
	Rhonda's Riches
	Rhonda's Romance
	Rhubarb Jam
	Richard's Fancy
	Richard's Rapid Rappel
	Richmond Hill Jig
	Rick O'Shay Broke My Hey
	Rick O'Shay Broke my Hey
	Rick O'Shay's Hay
	Rick O'Shay's Hey
	Rick's Request
	(Riding in the) Zoomy Car
	Riding Whisky
	Riff Raff
	Right & Left Reel
	Right of Way
	Riley's Reel
	Rings and Things
	Rings and Twirls
	Rio Grande Reel
	Rio Puerco Reel
	Rippling Rapids
	Rising Of The Sun
	Rita's Reel
	Rites of Passage
	The Ritz
	The Road Less Travelled
	The Road North
	Road Runner
	Road to Albany
	Road to Boston
	The Road to Brasstown
	The Road to Bristol
	Road to Fayetteville
	Road To Rochester
	Road to Suwananoa
	Roadblock Reel
	Roar Some More
	Roberta's Revenge
	Robert's Ghost
	Robins and Vireos #2
	Rochester Reel
	Rocket Science 101
	Rockin' Robin
	Rockmont Reel
	Rockport Reel
	Rocks and Dirt
	Rodney's Earring
	Rod's Grits
	Roger's Weather Vane
	Roger's Weathervane
	Role Away
	Roll Around
	Roll Around A
	Roll Around B
	Roll Down
	Roll Eleven
	Roll in the Hey
	Roll Me Over In The Clover
	Roll Me Over in the Clover
	Roll Over Johannes
	Roll Reversal
	Roll the Dice
	Roll Twelve
	Roll Two
	Roll Up the Rug
	Roll up the rug No2
	Roller Derby
	Rollin' and Tumblin'
	Rollin' Outta Barstow
	Rollin' to the Grey Eagle
	Rollin With Rohde
	Rollin' with Rohde
	Rolling and Tumbling
	Rolling Hey is Work
	Rolling in Catnip
	Rolling in the Dough
	Rolling Off a Log
	Rolls of Harmony
	Room at the Inn
	Root Beer Reel
	Rory O'Nella
	Rory Rides Again
	Rory's Chewing Star
	A Rose by Another Name (Would Smell...)
	A Rose for my Love
	Rose Garden Wedding
	A Rose in May
	Rosebud Reel
	Rosemary's Good Thyme Contra
	Rosen at the Wheel
	Rosen the Beau
	Rosin & Bow Reel
	Ross's Reel
	Ross's Request
	Rough Ride
	The Round Barn
	Round the Horn
	The Round Trip
	Roundelay Contra
	Rounding First
	Rounding the Corners
	Route 61
	Route 66
	Roy! Roy! The Lasagna Boy!
	Royko's Ribfest
	Roy's Reel
	Roy's Wife
	Ruby for the Hostes
	Ruffwater Rocks
	Ruffwater's 25th
	Run Boy Run
	Run, Honey
	The Runaround
	Running the Gamut
	The Rush
	Russell Leaves
	The Russell (Version 1)
	The Russell (Version 2)
	Russian-Orange Dressing
	Rusty's Reel
	Rutger's Promenade
	Rutgers Promenade
	Ruthie's Reel
	Ruth's (For) Reel
	Rut's Reel
	Ryan's Happy Feet
	Sacramento High
	Sadie and the Back Door
	Sadie at the Back Door
	Sadie's Day
	Sadie's Serenade
	Sailboat at Sunset
	Sailing in Fair Harbor
	Sailing in Troubled Waters
	Sailors Two
	St. Andrew's Gypsy
	St. Chad's Reel
	Saint George Loses His Halo
	Saint Lawrence Jig
	St Lawrence Jig
	St. Lawrence Jig
	Saint Lawrence McGlasson
	St. Louis Cruise
	Saint Paddy's Day
	St. Patrick's Day in the Morning
	St. Vrain Creek
	Salad Days
	Sally's Reel
	Sally's Special
	Salmon Chanted Evening
	Salmon Run
	Salmonchanted Evening
	Salt and Pepper
	Salute to Al Olson
	Salute to Bob McQuillen
	Salute to Larry Jennings
	Salute to Margot Gunzenhauser
	Salute to Michael McKernan
	Salute to Richard Wilson, spirals
	Salute to Spoot
	Salute to Steve Schnur
	Sam and Sandy
	Sama Anna Hannah
	Sam's March
	Samson and Delilah
	San Antonio Reel
	San Diego Sleigh Ride
	Sanded, Sealed and Delivered
	Sandi and Marti
	Sandman's Calling
	Sandwich Reel
	Sandy Island Jig
	Sandy's Fancy
	Sanfter Anlauf
	Sarah and Bill and Nancy and Drake tie the knot
	Sarah's Journey
	Saratoga Wave
	Sarchet Sashay
	Sashay, Don't Walk
	Sashay in Turn
	Saskatoon Traveler
	Sasna's Swing
	Saturday Night Line
	Saturday Night Reel
	Saturday's Dance
	Sawtooth Reel
	Says Swing
	Scissortail Anniversary
	Scollay's Reel
	Scout House Reel
	Scratch Paper Contra
	The Screaming Differential
	Screech Owl
	Scrod Pudding's Trip to the Mall
	Sct. Hannes Reel
	Season's Greetings
	Second Chance
	Second Chance Reel
	Second Reel
	Second Star
	Second Third Friday
	Second Time Around
	The Second Time Around
	The second time around
	Seeds in a Pod
	Selfish Man
	Selma and Louise
	SEMO Do Si Do
	The Separation
	September Contra
	September Swing
	Set-End Reel
	Settlement Double Swing
	Settlement Swing
	The Seventh of July
	The Seventy-fifth
	The SGB Contra
	Shades of Shadrack
	Shadow Boxing
	Shadow Play
	Shadows Four
	Shadows of the Hey #1
	Shadrack Unchained
	Shadrack's Delight
	Shadrack's delight
	Shadrack's Knapsack
	Shake, Rattle and Stroll
	Shakedown Breakdown
	Shaking Out the Bees
	Shame on Shane
	Shape Up Jig
	Sharon of the Green Contra
	Sharon's Reel
	Shaw's Garden
	She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve
	Shepherdstown Special
	Sherri's Valentine
	Shining Eyes
	Shining Sparkle
	Shiver Me Timbers
	The Shoeless Trip to Harpswell
	Shoot the Moon
	Short Cropped Hey
	Short Drive
	Show of Hands I
	Show of Hands II
	Shutesbury Reel
	The Shuttle Contra
	The Shy Gazelle
	Sibertswold #1
	Sibertswold #2
	The Side Order to the BPS
	Siesta Reel
	Signs of Spring
	Silicone Rose
	Silver Anniversary Reel
	Silver Dollar Dandy
	Silver Jubilee Jig
	Simone's Waltz
	Simple Contra for Kids (at heart)
	Simple Gifts
	Simple Steps
	Simplex Hey
	Simplicity Contra
	Simplicity Star
	Simplicity Swing
	Simply Red
	Simp's Reel
	Simp's Reel (Alternate)
	Single Circle
	Sinkhole Special
	Six 10s
	Six Lovely Ladies
	68 & 34
	Sixty-Five and Very Much Alive
	60 Miles An Hour
	Sixty Miles an Hour
	Sixty-Nine Again
	Skip's Rusty Button
	Slalom Slide
	Slapping the Wood
	Slatterly Quinery
	Sleepless at Pinewoods
	Slinkin' Around
	Slip Sliding Away
	Slow Run
	Small Potatoes
	Smile On
	Smokin' Hey
	Smooth Ride
	Smooth Sailing
	Snail Mountain
	Snailed Mountain
	The Snake
	Snake in the Garden
	Snake in the Hey
	Snake Oil Reel
	The Snake Oil Reel
	Snake River Reel
	Snakes Are On the Move
	Sneak in the Grey Goose
	Sneak Preview
	Sneaker Reel 2
	The Snorer's Revenge
	Snow Dance
	Snow No More
	'Snow Wonder
	Snowflakes Like Ninja Stars
	Snowflakes that Stay
	Snowy Day
	The Snowy Day
	So Long, Salmonchanted Sarasota
	So Much for Romance
	So When Was the Wedding
	So When Was the Wedding?
	Soar Valley Reel
	Soaring Storks
	Soft Gummy Tummies
	Soft Start Contra
	Solids and Stripes
	Solstice Contra, 1995
	Solstice Reel
	Solstice Special
	Solstice Special Variation
	Solstice Swing
	Some Don't
	Some Will
	Someone's Contra
	Someone's Delight
	The Somerville Circle
	Somerville Strut
	Something About Sue
	Something Improper
	Something Simple
	Son of Shadrack
	Song in the Night
	Sound Czar Reel
	Sounds of the Dance
	South End Saloon
	The Southern Belles
	Southern Grits
	Southern Hemisphere Swing
	Southern Spring
	Southern Summer
	Southern Swing
	Southerners' Reel
	Southfield Harvest
	SP #42
	Spacing on Saturn
	Spaelimenninir Reel #1
	Spaelimenninir Reel #2
	Spaelimenninir Reel #3
	Spaelimenninir Reel #4
	Spanking Jack
	The Spawning Salmon
	Speak Like a Child
	Speed the Plough
	Speed the Plow
	Spell a Dayhey
	Spellan's Inspiration
	Spice of Life
	The Spice of Life
	Spicy Manhattan Chowder
	Spin the Moves
	Spin the Top Contra
	Spin The Top Contra 2
	Spin to Your Neighbor
	Spin Your Top
	The Spinning Reel
	Spinning Wheel
	Spinning Yarn
	Spiral Pearl
	Spirit of '76
	Splashing In The Waves
	Split Chain Reel
	Split Infinity
	Split Up
	Splitting Hairs
	Spoke in the Wheel
	Sponge Bob
	Sponges and Spoons
	Spoot the Dog
	The Spotted Cloud
	Spread Your Wings
	Spring Beauty
	Spring Break
	Spring Creek Swing
	Spring Fever
	Spring Forward
	Spring Honey
	Spring of Eighty Four
	Spring Snow
	Springs of the Great Deep
	Springtime in January
	The Sprung Floor
	Sprung Floor Fever
	Square Affair
	Square and Fair
	Square Contra
	Square Deal
	Square Pants
	Square Route
	Square Thro' Contra
	Square Thru Contra
	Square Thru Delight
	Square Thru Three Contra
	The Squeaking Wheel
	Squirrel Moon Pass
	Stan Chapman's
	The Star
	Star and Promenade
	Star Birth
	Star Cast-Off
	Star Dancing
	Star Gazing
	Star Island Star
	Star of the Show
	Star Studded
	Star Thru Contra
	Star-Thru Corners
	Star Thru Polka
	Star Trick
	Starlets in the Stars
	Starry Night
	Starry Night Goodnight
	Starry, Starry Night
	A Starry Time
	Stars and Stripes
	Stars in Her Eyes
	Stars in their Eyes
	Stars of Alberta
	Stars of Fredericktown
	Stars of Joy
	Stars on van Vliet Street
	Stars Over Bethlehem
	Stars Over The Ocean
	Starting Out Right
	Staten Island Contra
	Staunton Contra
	Stay Awake
	Stay In Touch
	Steal a Kiss
	Steal This Dance
	Steel Anniversary Reel
	Steel City Promenade #1
	Stellar Evolution
	Stem to Stern
	Step Again
	Steve's Contra
	Steve's Swing
	Still No Sign
	Stockton Reel
	Stolen From Erik
	Stolen from Erik
	Stopping By Woods
	Stoughton Reel
	Strange Bird
	Streetsboro Daisies
	Streetsboro Reel
	String Of Swings
	String of Swings
	String of Trucks
	Stripes & Solids
	Stripes and Solids
	Stroll and Twirl
	Strong Winds
	Strutting to the Hilt
	Stuart's Big Move
	Stuck by the Door
	Studentenlust II
	Student's Delight
	Student's Delight II
	Studio Plus
	Stumptown Meltdown
	Submarine Storm
	Substitute Contra
	Sue's Delight
	Sue's Suggestion
	Sugar Hill Seven
	Sugar House Reel
	Sugar Shack
	Summary of the Invention
	Summer Azure
	Summer Breeze
	Summer Fever
	Summer Fun
	Summer in Autumn
	Summer Morning Walk
	A Summer Night in Seattle
	Summer of '84
	The Summer of '84
	The Summer of 84
	Summer Of Delight
	Summer of Love
	Summer Storm
	A Summer Stroll
	Summer Sun
	Summer Sunshine
	Summers in Maine
	Summertime Reel
	Summit Reel
	Sun Dance
	Sundance Contra
	Sunday Night at the Monday Club
	Sunday Stroll
	Sunday Swing
	Sunrise Jig
	Sunrise Swing
	Sunshine Meltdown
	Super Robin
	Supernova Scotian
	A Sure Thing
	Surprise Day
	Surprise For Tom
	Surprise for Tom
	Susan's Next Turn
	Sutton Coldfield Contra
	Sutton Hey
	Sutton Swing
	S.W. Contra
	Swallowtail Reel
	Swap Meet
	Sweet as Honey
	Sweet Georgia Brown Contra
	Sweet Hominy
	Sweet Honey
	Sweet Melody
	Sweet Music
	Sweet Music for Guys
	Sweet Pepper Bush
	Sweet Potato Pie
	Sweet Potatoes
	Sweet Sensations
	Sweet September
	Sweet Summer
	Sweetwater Contra
	Swing again and then we part
	Swing and Shift Left
	Swing Around Some More
	Swing Both Ways
	Swing Contra
	Swing Craze
	Swing Fever
	Swing into Matrimony
	Swing it Well
	Swing 'n Hey
	Swing On A Star
	Swing on a Star
	Swing One, Swing All
	Swing Swang Swung
	Swing, Swing, Swing
	Swing the Bride
	Swing Through Contra
	Swing Thru Contra
	Swing Thru Three Times
	Swing Your Jennie
	Swing Your Jenny
	Swingin and Slingin
	Swingin' On a Star
	Swingin' on the Opposite Side
	Swinging Chains
	Swinging Chainsaws
	Swinging Hey
	Swinging in the Hey
	Swinging in the Rain
	Swinging Jenny
	Swinging on a Gate
	Swingless in Seattle
	Swingshot v1.5
	Swingshot v2
	Swiss Miss
	Switch on your brain
	Sylvia's Choice
	Sylvia's Y2K Dance
	Symmetrical Farce
	Symmetrical Force
	Syncytia Reel
	Syracuse Hey
	Syracuse Special
	Syracuse Weathervane
	Sytchampton Reel
	Syttende Mai Reel
	Tacking About
	The Taconic Shuttle
	Tag and Zag
	Tag, You're It
	The Tail of the Eagle
	Take all of the credit, none of the blame
	Take All the Credit and None of the Blame
	Take Some of the Credit
	Take Two
	Tale of the Tricky Triple Timer
	Talent and Hope
	Tamarack Reel
	Tamboro Jig
	A Tan Jent
	Tania's Tam Lin
	A Tanjent
	Tanya's Bridge
	The Tapestry Weave
	Tarnwood Park
	Tea and Coffee
	Tea with Debra
	Teachable Moments #1
	A Teacher's Delight
	Teapot Reel
	The Tease
	Ted and Lynn
	The Teddy Bear's Promise
	Ted's the Tourist Today
	Ted's Triumph
	Ted's Whim
	The Tempeh Tantrum
	10:45 to Bungendore
	Ten Gallon Hat
	The Ten Pound Snowflake
	Ten Strings Attached
	Tenth Legacy
	Terri, the Fortunate Cookie
	Terror on Takeoff
	Terry Lynn's Jig
	Terry's Birthday
	Tetrahymena Twirl
	Textiles or Furs
	T. G. I. F.
	Thank Goodness, It's Friday
	Thank Goodness, it's Friday
	Thank you, Barry (for a fabulous Vernals)
	Thank You for the Music
	Thanks a Million, Mac
	Thanks, Charlie!
	Thanks to Ada
	Thanks to the Don
	Thanks to the Gene
	Thanksgiving Day
	Thanksgiving Swing
	That Old Time Elixir
	That Old-Time Elixir
	That Special Someone
	That's All
	Theera Free Spirit
	Theory of Mind
	There There
	There You Go
	There's a First Time for Everything
	There's a Gypsy Round the Corner
	Thieves Without Honor
	A Thing of Trust
	Thinking of Becky
	Thinking of John
	Thinking of John II
	Thinking of Quinn
	Third Avenue Contra
	The Third Degree
	Third Friday
	Third Saturday Stampede #4
	Third Time Lucky
	Thirsty Kersti
	35 4 The Rosens
	The 34th of October
	30 Lives
	39 Again
	Thirty-Nine Again
	32 At Buchon
	Thirty-two at Buchon
	32 Seconds
	This Camp is Rollin'
	This Page Intentionally Left Blank
	Thorn and Grim
	Thornapple Bridge
	Thornburners' Reel
	A Thousand Steps at Sundown
	Three Bricks Shy
	Three Broken Sixpence
	Three Circles
	The Three Hats
	3 of 2
	Three Old Cat
	Three Part #1
	Three Part #2
	Three Quarters of a Century
	Three Rights
	Three Ships In The Night
	The Three Sisters
	Three Square Meals
	Three Strikes
	Three Thirty Three
	Three Thirty-Three
	3, 33-33
	Three Thirty Three, Thirty Three
	Three Thirty-three Thirty-three
	Three To Get Ready
	Three to Get Ready
	3-2-1 Dance
	Three Ways Out
	The Three Week Contra
	Three's Company
	Three's Crowd
	Thrilling Rose
	Through the Looking Glass
	Throw Down Your Guns
	Throwaway 2002.1
	Throwaway 2004.1
	Throwaway 2004.2
	Throwaway 2006.1
	Throwaway 2007.2
	Throwaway 2015.1
	Throwaway 2018.2
	Throwaway 2018.3
	Throwaway 2018.4
	Throwed Roll
	Thunder and Lightning
	Thunder and Lightning Hornpipe
	Thursday Night Special
	Thursday Night Special #1
	Till We Meet Again
	Timber Salvage Reel
	Timberlake Jig
	Time to Play
	The Timorous Turkey
	Tioga Trail
	Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
	To Call a Mockingjay
	To My Favorite Tune
	To Your Corners
	Tobin's Moonlight Ride
	Together at Long Last
	Tom's Reel
	Too Much Food
	Top of the Stairs
	Top Spin
	Topsham Pass Through
	Totally Ridiculous Utterly Mad Proposition
	Touch A Quarter Contra
	The Tourist
	Trade the Wave
	Trading Post Contra
	Traditional Force
	Traffic Control
	Train of Thought
	Transatlantic Contra
	Transatlantic Trade
	Traveling Salesman
	Traveler's Reel
	Traveler's Welcome
	The Travelling Two
	The Treasure of Sierra Madre
	Treasure of Sierra Madre
	Treasure of the Sierra Madre
	The Treasurer's Report
	Tree Hugger
	Triassic Poetry
	Tribute to a Dance
	Tribute to Bob Chapman
	Trick or Treat
	Trinity Reel
	Trip from New Windsor
	Trip Through the Stars
	Trip to Atlanta
	Trip to Brown University
	Trip to Camp Crystal Lake
	Trip to Cleveland
	Trip to Connecticut
	Trip to Denmark
	Trip to Hazlitt
	Trip to IHOP
	Trip to Jerome
	Trip To Lambertville
	Trip to Lambertville
	Trip to Lambertville Variant
	Trip to Mansfield
	Trip to Margaree
	Trip to Mars
	Trip to Mesa
	Trip to Monterey
	Trip to New Windsor
	Trip to Peterborough
	Trip to Pinewoods
	A Trip to St. Louis
	Trip to San Diego
	Trip to Sweeden
	Trip to the Store
	Trip to Troy
	Trip to Wasilla
	Triple Balance
	Triple Double
	Triple Hat Syndrome
	Triple Play
	Trippin' Snake Reel
	Trout Rising
	True Grit
	Tuesday Contra
	Tuesday Night Reel
	Tuesday Night Special
	Tuesday's Child
	Tuesday's Dance
	Tuggerman's Jig
	Tunnel Thru Reel
	Turkey Talk
	The Turkey's Last Straw
	Turn a New Leaf
	Turn & Left Thru to Dixie
	Turn and Wave
	A Turn For The Better
	Turn Quickly
	Turn The 4th
	Turning in Turn
	Turning Into Snow
	Turning Joyce
	The Turning Point
	The Turnip Brothers
	Turnpike #1
	Turnpike #2
	Tutti Fruiti
	Tutti Fruti
	12th Night
	20th Century Contra
	Twenty-five Years of Mischief
	24 Below
	24th of August
	24th of June
	The Twenty-Fourth of June
	29th February
	Twiddely Diddely
	Twiddley Diddley
	Twin Whistles
	Twirl and Whirl
	Twirling Dervish
	Twirling Girls
	Twirls obligatory
	Twisted Fork
	Twisted Humor
	Two Bites of the Cherry
	Two By One
	Two by One Do-si Contra
	Two by Two
	Two Daring Chances
	Two Fish
	Two for the Price of One
	Two for the Road
	Two for the Show
	Two for the Variety
	Two Hearts Beat As One
	Two in the Bush
	Two Left Hands
	2 Many Lies
	Two Men in the Middle
	2 of 2
	Two on the Aisle
	Two-Penny Swing
	Two Steps Forward
	Two, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Two
	Two Whos in the Middle
	Two Women in the Middle
	Uncentennial Reel
	Uncentennial Reel variant #1
	Uncentennial Reel variant #2
	Uncle John's Contra
	Uncle Ralph's Reel
	Uncle Toby's Picnic
	The Uncommon Turn
	Under the Stars at Greenwood #2
	The Unending Ending
	Unexpected Pleasure
	Unexpected Pleasure #2
	Unexpected Pleasure, #2
	Unexpected, Too
	Unfinished Business
	United We Dance
	Unknown Title
	Unlucky Seven
	Unruly Reunion
	untitled riff off of Dancing Sailors
	untitled Right Hand High/Left Hand Low dance
	Unwind the Clock
	Up a Pickle
	Up and Up Again
	Up Jumped The Devil
	Up the Set
	Up to Zero
	The Uphill Train
	The Upper Hand
	Ups And Downs
	Upstairs Downstairs
	Upstairs, Downstairs
	Useful Tension
	Vaguely Reminiscent
	Valerie's Trip to Portland
	Valley Flourish
	Vaughan Ascends Vaughan
	Venetian Blinds
	Venus and Mars
	Venus and Mars Variation
	Venus Promenade
	Verona's Favorite
	Vertical Mobility
	The Vet and the Farmer
	Vicious Headache
	Vicky's Reel
	Victoria Hall
	Victory Rose
	Vine-Aillene Contra
	Vine Street
	Vintage Five
	Vintage Four
	Vintage Reel
	Vintage Seven
	Vintage Ten
	Vintage Theatre
	Vintage Three
	Virginia Darlin'
	Virtual Duality
	Visit to York
	Volcano in a Prism
	The Vowels of Matrimony
	Voyager II
	Wag the Dog
	Waiting for Audrey
	Waiting for the Keys
	Waiting for the Other Foot to Fall
	Waiting for the Passport
	Waiting For The Visa
	Waiting for the Visa
	Walden Hornpipe
	Walk Along John to Kansas
	Walk Before Me
	W.A.L.K. in the Rain and Hale
	Walk on Air
	Walk on Sunny Side
	Walk the Plank
	Walking Down the Street
	Walking the Neighbour
	Waltz Contra
	A Waltz for Terry
	The Wampececk
	Wandering Skipper
	The Wangbo Experience
	Warm Woolen Mittens
	Warner Tribute
	Warp and Weft
	Warped Rotors
	Warson Wave
	Wasatch Wiggle
	Wash Day
	The Washer
	Washerwoman's Reel
	Washington Hey
	Washington Lee Swing
	Washington Quickstep
	Washington's Quickstep
	Watch Out for Yon Toe
	Waterloo Hornpipe
	Waterson Basket
	Watertown Jig
	Wave From Nancy
	Wave Goodby
	Wave Goodby to Winter
	Wave Maker
	Wave Mechanics
	Wave of Public Feeling
	Wave-Particle Duality
	Wave to Bob
	Wave to your Neighbor
	Waves Of Matunuck
	Waylaid in Tulsa
	We Don't Have No Snow Shoes Here!
	The Weathervane Changes
	Weave Got Rhythm
	Weave the Line
	The Weaving Gypsy
	The Weaving Wyandottes
	Webster Hall Reel
	The Wedding Band
	Wedding Wonderland
	Wednesdays at Amherst
	Wednesday's Dance
	Welcome Home
	Welcome Stars
	Welcome to the Neighborhood
	Well Boiled Icicle
	Wendy Hartley of Paradise
	Wendy's Fancy
	We're Pregnant!
	Weser Fun Contra
	West By Midwest
	West by Midwest
	West Drainage Ditch #9
	The West End Saloon
	What about Bob?
	What Are Hands For?
	What Are Hands Four?
	What Next?
	What The Hey!
	What the Hey
	What the Hey?
	What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander
	What's the Point?
	What's to Doubt?
	Wheel and Deal
	Wheel of Fortune
	When Hester and Peter Met
	When Peter and Hester Met
	When the Dance is Done
	When the Lights Go Out
	When The Stars Are Right
	When Was the Baby?
	Where Does It Come From?
	Where Else But Ann Arbor?
	Where Else but Ann Arbor
	Where else but Ann Arbor
	Where Have You Come From and Where Are You Going?
	Where is the Beef?
	Where to Go?
	Where's Duke
	Where's the Fiddler?
	Which Witch?
	Whim's Gym
	The Whip
	The Whirligiggin' Gypsy
	Whisper Ring
	Whistling Thief
	White-Toed Cat
	Whoa Mule
	The Whole Enchilada
	Whoop! Jamboree
	Who's in Charge?
	Who's in the Middle?
	Who's on First
	Whose line is it anyway?
	Why Not Swing Margaret?
	Why Not Swing Margaret Again?
	Why Not Try Putting It In Park?
	Whynot's Special
	Wicked Smooth
	Wild Geese That Fly
	Wild Geese that Fly
	The Wild Swans at Coole
	The Wild Woman From North Carolina
	The Wild Woman from North Carolina
	Wildcat Reel
	Wilfert's Wiles
	Williams College Quickstep
	Will's Birthday
	Wil's Delight
	Wilshire Waltz
	Wind-up Your Partner
	The Windup
	The Wingman
	Wings of a Dove
	Winter Hey Ride
	Winter in Autumn
	Winter in the Woods
	Winter No More
	Winter of 82
	Winter Sleigh Ride
	Winter Solstice
	Winter Wedding
	Winter Whirlaway
	Winterday Walk
	Winter's Crown
	Wiser Next Time
	Wish they could all be CA twirls
	The Wishing Stone
	Witches One
	Witch's Stars
	Witches' Switches
	Witches Two
	With Thanks to the Dean
	With Thanks to Tony
	The Wizard's Walk
	Wizard's Walk
	A Woman's Work is Never Done
	Women in Charge
	Women's Club
	The Women's Turn
	Women's Way
	Women's Work
	Womyn's Nite Out
	Won't You Be My Neighbor?
	Wood's Hole Jig
	Woods Hole Jig
	Worker Bee Hey #1
	Worker Bee Hey #2
	Worker Bee Hey #3
	Working Man's Reel
	Working Stiff
	Worldly Wanderings
	Worth a Dime
	Would You Rather be a Fish
	Woven Waves
	Wrinkled Ribbon
	The Wrong Star
	Wrong Way John
	X Forward Core
	Xerxes Reel
	Xs and Os
	Ya Gotta Wanna
	A Yankee in California
	Yankee Reel
	Yarn Dance
	Year of the Monarchs
	Yearning for Peace
	Yenesei Reel
	Yes We Can!
	Yet Another Silly Contra
	Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Sarsparilla
	You Are the One
	You Can Get There From Here
	You Can't Get There From Here
	You Can't Get There from Here
	You can't get there from here
	You Caught My Eye
	You Married My Daughter
	You Name It
	You Send Me
	Young at Heart
	Your Choice
	Your Friends and Neighbors
	You're Among Friends
	Yours for the Asking
	Yours Truly
	Yucaipa Contra
	Yucca Bucca
	Yucca Jig
	Yum-yums in the Kitchen
	Zag Zig Whirl
	Zag-Zig Whirl
	The Zany Contra
	Zayat Contra
	Zechariah's Zuit Suit
	The Zen of Dance
	Zero Sum Game
	Ziggity Zaggity
	ZNP Swing
	Zoey and Me
	The Zombies of Sugar Hill
	Zombies of Sugar Hill
	Zorn's Whirligig
	Zoroastrian Contra

Lm 2x2 ip + 1
	Caught in the Nette

Lm 2x2 ip diamond
	Deanna's Dance
	Deanna's Dance A
	Deanna's Dance B
	Diamonds are Forever
	Dianne's Dance
	Dixie Diamond
	A Girl's Best Friend
	Martha and the Steel Penny
	Snowflakes That Stay
	Under the Radar

Lm 2x2 ip mixer
	Banana Split
	Becket Mixer
	Contra Mixer
	Devastated Newbie
	Devastated Newbie 2
	The Fiddler and Her Beau
	Hoot, Toot, and Whistle
	Larry's Luck
	Lucky Stars
	Sadie Hawkins Swap Meet

Lm 2x2 ip special
	Connect the Dots
	Nooks and Crannies
	Organised Chaos
	Rumpus Room
	Suburban Mayhem
	The Weston Mountain Traffic Circle
	Weston Mountain Traffic Circle
	The Weston Mountain Zia
	Weston Mountain Zia
	Zig Zag Zia

Lm 2x2 ip special mixer
	The Rail Yard

Lm 2x2 pi (contra, duple minor, 2s improper)
	The Amazing Sarah Wilcox
	Balto Contra
	Birds of a Feather
	Burke Lake
	California Dreaming #1
	California Dreaming #2
	California Dreaming #3
	Catch of the Day
	Chalet Shuffle
	Circular Logic
	Cozy Nella
	Crystal Pool
	Dancing the Winter Away
	Do Ron Ron
	The Giant's Staircase
	Head Over Heels
	Hidebehind Reel
	Irish Stars
	Judy's Journey
	Laurus nobilis, now and again
	Left-hand Gypsy
	Living in Zen
	Lord of the Lake
	Lori's Trip to La Grande
	Macho Man
	March Variation #2
	Mistakes Happen; Have Fun
	Monsters in Music City
	(needs a name)
	Nelson Reel
	99th Fool
	Oh, Geez
	Oh, Geez!
	Oh, The Indecency!
	Over the River Falls
	Passing Through
	Polka Dots On Parade II
	The Prodigal Daughter
	Quality Time
	Rhyme or Rhythm
	The Road to Crownsville
	Ruckus Rainbows
	Sari's Switcheroo
	The Second Time Around
	Spin Cycle
	Spring Teaser
	The Squeaking Reel
	Stars and Stripes Forever
	Steam Train
	Stephanie's Star
	Sweet and Sour
	Swisher's Hornpipe
	Through the Grapevine
	Through the Looking Glass
	Triple Chocolate
	Tuesday Night Stars
	Two Faces
	Vector Analysis
	Waiting for the Passport
	Without a Net 2
	The Wraparound

Lm 2x2 pp (contra, duple minor, all proper)
	Absolute Swedish
	Aldridge's Hornpipe
	Almond Joy
	Almost Dancing Sailors
	American Hornpipe
	Andy and Laurie's Reel
	Andy Bear's Prickly Pear
	Anne's Visit
	Anniversary Contra
	Another for the Money
	Another Way, Same Thing
	Ap Shenkin
	Apothecary Reel
	Arkansas Traveler
	Arkansas Traveller
	The Aspiring Gypsy
	At Sylvia's Request
	Back to the Plow
	Baden-Baden Polka
	The Baker's Wife
	Beaux of Albany
	Beaux of Oak Hill
	Belfast Duck
	Bennett's Favorite Reel
	Best of Friends
	Blackbirds of Spring
	The Blackbirds of Spring
	Blast! #6
	Blow Away the Morning Dew
	Bohemian Waltz
	The Bold Highlander
	Bonnie Ann's Fancy
	Bonnie Ann's Fancy #2
	Bonny Jean
	Bonsai Kitten
	Boone Tavern Reel
	Boston March
	The Boston March
	Bow to the Fiddler
	Brick-Layers' Hornpipe
	Bricklayer's Hornpipe
	Bricklayers Hornpipe
	Bricklayers' Hornpipe
	Bright Copper Kettles
	British Grenadier
	The British Grenadier
	British Grenadiers
	The Brown-Eyed Maid
	Buckley's Favorite Reel
	Byland Abbey
	Calais Sally
	California Cloverleaf
	Camp Town Hornpipe
	Camptown Hornpipe
	Careless Sally
	Casting Pretoria
	Centennial Reel
	Change at Preston
	Charlie Over the Water
	Chase the Lady
	Chase the Squirrel
	Chassard Hornpipe
	Cheat or Swing
	Cheat the Lady
	Cheery O'Leary
	Chorus Jig
	Christmas Hornpipe
	Cincinnati Hornpipe
	Cinderella Waltz
	Claudia in the Tub
	The Co-Op Contra
	Cobb's Hill Reel
	Cobbs Hill Reel
	Cold Turkey
	Cologne Polka
	Come And See Me
	Come and See Me
	Command of English
	Composition 24
	Compulsory Figures
	Concord March
	Confusion Say
	Connecticut River
	Connoisseur's Contra
	Copy Cat
	Corn Rigs
	Country Fair
	Cousin Gizmo's Contra
	Crazy Eights
	Crooked S
	The Crooked S
	Crooked Stogie Reel
	Cross Eyed
	Curly Cues
	Current Events
	Dabney Hall Contra
	Dancing Hey to Hey
	Dancing on the Edge
	The Dancing Plow
	Dancing Rabbits
	The Dancing Red Shirt
	Dancing Sailors
	The Dancing Sailors
	Dandies Hornpipe
	Dandies' Hornpipe
	The Darby O'Ghill
	Dashing White Sergeant
	De Martelly
	The de Martelly
	The Deep Well
	Democratic Hornpipe
	Diagonal Danger
	The Diagonal Dilemma
	Diagonal Reel
	A Different Journey
	Dining Room Etiquette
	Ditto's Birthday
	The Dogleaf Reel
	The Double Plow
	Double Plow #4
	Double S Reel
	Double Sorrow
	Double Whammy
	Douglas' Favorite
	Down and Out
	The Duke of Kent Waltz Contra
	Duke of Kent's Waltz Contra
	Dundee Hornpipe
	Durang's Hornpipe
	Durgin Bridge
	The Dutch Skipper
	Easter Morn
	Easy Casting
	Easy One
	The Eighth of April
	Enterprise and Boxer
	The Enterprise and Boxer
	Every Which Way (31)
	Every Which Way (32)
	Fairy Dance
	Falling Leaves
	Festival Jig
	Fiddler's Elbow
	Fiddler's Surprise
	The Fiddler's Surprise Contra
	Figure Eight
	Figure Eight No. 1
	Figure Eight Special
	The Figure Eight Special
	The First of August
	First Time
	Fisher's Hornpipe
	Flowers of Edinburgh
	Flying Scotsmen Hornpipe
	Follow Me Harry
	Follow the Skirt
	Follow Your Lover
	For Frieda, This And That
	The Forest de Bondi
	Forgotten Swing
	Formation Rotation
	The Fosse Way contra
	Four in a Bed
	Four, Let's Go
	Frank's Decision
	Freeford Garden
	French Four
	Friday the Third Swing
	From I to P
	Galway Reel
	Gene's J & L
	Genet's Recall
	Gentle Persuasion
	The German Beau, Another Version
	German Polka Contra
	Geud Man of Ballingigh
	Gladsome Gladys
	Gone A-Rovin'
	Gone a Rovin'
	Good Girl
	Good Man's Journey
	Goodman's Fancy
	The Graces
	Graham Crackers
	The Great Midwestern
	Green Mountain Petronella
	Gypsy Beaux
	Gypsy Camp
	Gypsy Squared
	Half Awake
	Half-Century Hornpipe
	Half Moon
	Half Term Contra
	Halls of Victory
	Hamburger Special
	Hand Organ Hornpipe
	Hands Off
	Hangman's Reel
	Hard Cider Boys
	Hats Off to Larry
	Hattie's Favorite
	Heather's Hop
	Heather's Hop Redux
	Here Goes
	Here it is
	Here We Are Again
	Hey Breaker
	Hey with Benefits
	High Voltage Gypsy
	Hills of Habersham
	Hohnstock's Polka
	Hole in the Wall
	Hot and Cold
	Hot Cross Bunny
	Hot Cross Bunny #2
	Hot Cross Bunny #3
	The Hotel Washington
	Hula La
	Hull's Fantasy
	Hull's Victory
	Humors of the Priesthouse
	Hunt the Squirrel
	Hurdle Help
	Insomnia Reel
	Insomniac Reel
	Inverted Victory
	Iowa City Hornpipe
	Ipswich River
	Irish Hornpipe
	Ives' Hornpipe
	Jackie's Jaunt
	Jakie's Hornpipe
	Jealous Sally
	Jeanne's Jubilee
	Jedermanns Kontra
	Jefferson & Liberty
	Jefferson and Liberty
	The Jefferson and Liberty
	Jefferson Reel
	Jefferson's Reel
	Jeff's Jig
	Jenny's Baw-bee
	John's Bygones
	Johnson's Reel
	Jordan is a Hard Road
	Joys of Quebec
	The Joys of Quebec
	Jump to the Stars
	Just You and Me
	Kathy's Contra
	Katy's Rambles
	Keel-row Reel
	Keith's Banjo
	Kendall's Hornpipe
	Kimmswick 90
	Kit 'n Kat Went a Courtin'
	La Bagatelle
	La Bastringue
	La Poussette Peculiar
	La Vaudreuill
	Ladies Triumph
	Ladies' Triumph
	Lads of Kildare
	Lady of the Lake
	Lady's Triumph
	Lamplighter's Hornpipe
	Land of Sweet Erin
	Lardner's Reel
	Larry O'Gaff
	The Last Nighthawk
	Laura Suzanne's Contra
	The Leading Lady
	Leadville Contra
	Leah Price and the Impala: A Bängala Dance
	Lexington Green
	Life Let Us Cherish
	Light Artillery
	Light Dragoon
	Linda's Gifts (of Time)
	Line Mania
	Linton Ploughman
	A Little Bit Longer
	Little John
	Little Neck Bay
	Long Pond
	Long Valley
	Lord Burghersh's Favorite
	Lord Moira
	Lord Moira's Hornpipe
	Lost in the Stars
	L.R.W. Contra
	Lucky Johnny
	Lucky Waltz Contra
	Magnolia Waltz
	The Magruder Volunteer
	Maid in the Pump Room
	Maid in the Pump-Room
	Making Hay
	Making Hey
	Marshmallow Surprise
	Martha Dakota's Reel
	Mary's Delight
	Massai's Favorite
	May the 5th Be With You
	McGraw Tower #2
	Megunticook Reel
	Memphis Star Swing
	Merry Dance
	Merry Wakefield
	Miss Brown's Reel
	Miss Louisa Drummond's Reel
	Miss McCloud's Reel
	Miss McLeod's Reel
	Miss Mountain's Hornpipe
	Modified Cayman
	Morgan Magan
	Morning Fair Hornpipe
	Morning Star
	Mountain Hornpipe
	Mountain Men
	Mountain Ranger Hornpipe
	Movers and Shakers
	Mr Gedance's Dance
	MRF's Reel
	Ms. Hays' Delight
	Muddy Water
	Musicians' Hornpipe
	Narragansett Waltz
	Ned Kendall's Hornpipe
	New Century Hornpipe
	New Concepts
	New Countryman's Reel
	The New Dancing Sailors
	New Mountain Contra
	New York Hornpipe
	Newlywed's Reel
	Newlyweds' Reel
	Niagara Hornpipe
	94 South St
	Ninety-Four South Street
	The Northdown Waltz Contra
	Nottingham Swing
	Oasis Reel
	Off She Goes
	Old Bachelor's Hornpipe
	Old Century Reel
	Old Colony Hornpipe
	Old Countryman's Reel
	Ole Bull Hornpipe
	On the Other Hand
	On the Road to Californy
	One for the Ages
	One for the ages
	One, Two, Three, Family
	Opening Doors
	Opera Reel
	Oregon Hornpipe
	Over the Water to Charlie
	Oyster River
	Oyster River Hornpipe
	Paddy on the Turnpike
	Parish Hornpipe
	The Partner Push
	Partner's Delight
	Pat's Pick
	Pearly Gates
	Pecan Pie
	Petronella Stars
	Pieces of Eight
	Pilgrim's Progression
	Pinewoods '81 Hey
	Plow Four
	Polecats' Ramble
	Pop Goes the Weasel
	Precket for Kara, #1
	President Garfield's Hornpipe
	Prince of Wales
	Princess Royal
	The Promise of Spring
	Proper Confusion
	A Proper Dance
	Proper Hodgepodge
	Proper in Passing
	Proper Inactivity
	A Proper Potpourri
	Proper Swingfest I
	Proper Swingfest II
	Proper Symmetry
	A Proper Trifle
	A Proper Whoosh
	Proper Zest
	Queen of Heart
	Queen Victoria
	Queen's Hall
	A Quirk of Fate
	Rachel's Reel
	Rachel's Reel Redux
	Rapid River
	Red Lion Hornpipe
	Reynolds Hornpipe
	Rick O'shay's Proper Hey
	Right of Way
	Road to California
	Road to Californy
	The Road to Californy
	Road to Capon Bridge
	Robbin's Favorite
	Rock, Paper, Scissors, Move!
	Rocket Reel
	Root Camp Reel
	Rory O'More
	The Rose Tree
	Rosebud Reel
	Roy's Wife
	Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch
	Rustic Reel
	The Sacred Carp
	Sailors Set on Shore
	St. Clair's Hornpipe
	Sally on the Mountain
	Salute to Betsy Ross
	Salute to Ted Sannella
	Sandy's Fancy
	Sandy's Smile
	Saratoga Hornpipe
	Savin Hill Hornpipe
	Schiermonnikoog Swing
	Scotch Hornpipe
	Scottish Reform
	Seattle's Fancy
	Seaway Jig
	See Saw Contra I
	See Saw Contra II
	The See Saw Slider
	Semicentennial Reel
	Shamrock Special
	Sharpes Assembly
	Shunster's Hornpipe
	Silver Lake Waltz
	Silver White Winters
	Simone's Waltz
	Simple Simon
	Sir James Baird's Reel
	Sleepless Night
	Sleepytime Reel
	Smith's Hornpipe
	Snakes and Ladders
	Snakes in the Grass
	Soldier's Joy
	Someone's Contra
	Spanish Waltz
	Spanking Jack
	Speed the Plough
	Speed the Plow
	Spitfire Reel
	The Square English Contra
	The Square English Contra Dance
	Starr Label Reel
	Stars & Stripes
	Stars and Stripes
	Steamboat Waltz
	Stearns Quarry
	Step and Fetch Her
	Stoolie's Jig
	Stoolies' Jig
	Stowe Pool Contra
	Suburban Contra
	Sultan Polka
	Sunday Sampler
	Sweet Ellen
	Sweetheart Starter
	Swing Everyone! #2
	Swing This
	Swing Your Jenny
	The Sylvan Picnic
	Symmetrical Force
	Syosset Swing
	Taddie's Wattle
	Take The Night Train To Memphis
	Tanya's Dream
	Teddi's Birthday
	Ted's Birthday
	Terry Meets the Gypsy
	Thank You, Ted
	Thanks for Now #2
	Thanks to the Pharmacist
	Thinking About Gene
	The Third of July
	39 and Holding
	3:00 A. M. Saunter
	Three Places Left
	Three Steps Down
	Thunder Hornpipe
	To and Fro
	To Fill a Need
	Torryburn Lassies
	Touch & Go
	Tribute To Arthur Seele
	Trillium Roll Away
	Trip to Tbilisi
	Trista's Dance
	Tuesday Child
	Turn and Hey
	Turn Everyone!
	Twenty-Eighth of February
	Twin Sisters
	Two inches off the ground
	Two + Two Makes Three
	Unity Among Friends
	Up and Down
	Up to My Ears in Cast Off
	The Usher
	Venetian Hornpipe
	Village Hornpipe
	Vinton's Hornpipe
	Virginia Reel
	The Waltzing Gypsy
	Wandering Waltz Contra
	Warren's Hornpipe
	Washington Quick Step
	Washington Quickstep
	Washington's Quickstep
	Waves Of Corn
	Waves of Tory
	Where Fools Rush In
	A Whimsy for Tony
	Whipple's Hornpipe
	White Cockade
	Willie and Owen
	The Winding Stream
	Winding Stream Contra
	Winter Solstice
	The Women's Wall
	Worth the Wait
	Would I?
	Year End Waltz
	Yellow Stockings

Lm 2x2 pp, top couple to foot
	The Holly Berry

Lm 2x2 special
	On Alternate Sides
	Person of the Pond
	Promises and Pearls
	Something Different
	Up to My Ears in Allemande
	Up to My Ears in Right and Left
	Where's Alex?

Lm 2x3
	Do Si Three
	Down by the Riverside
	Flashy Sorrell Mare
	Four Corners
	Hasta Livonia
	Haste to the Divorce
	Haste to the Triverse
	Just Passing Through
	Menage a Trois
	Oxford Hill Stomp
	Peak Bagger
	Thanks to the Guilford Club

Lm 2x3 mixer (longways sets of 3 facing 3)
	Copenhagen Mixer

Lm 2x3 special mixer
	Jerry's Reel

Lm 2x3+1

Lm 2x4 (longways sets of 4 facing 4)
	Another Bloom 5
	Another Dizzy Double Duple
	Another Part of the Island
	AOG Contra
	Apple Pie Quadrille
	Back to Nature
	Backseat Reel
	The Barn
	Bat in the Window
	A Bit of Give and Take
	Blackberry Cobbler Quadrille
	Bloom Five
	Bloom One
	Boston Cream Pie
	Brandenburg Double Duple
	Catch and Release
	Coconut Cream Pie
	Color Outside the Lines
	Contra Canon
	Coray's Silver Jubilee
	Cortland Fancy
	Crazy Eights
	Cross Currents
	Cross Purposes
	Dance All Day
	Dance All Night
	The Dancer's Duty
	The Danish Loom
	Devil's Backbone
	The Devil's Backbone
	Devil's Dervish
	The Devil's Duty
	Diving Ducks Redux
	Dizzy Double Duple
	Do You Fancy Portland?
	Doe Valley Downfall
	The Double Duple
	Dream Residue Contra
	The Duck Returns
	Dumbarton Drums
	East End Hey
	Extended Play
	Fast Living
	Fiddler's Fancy
	Fireman's Dance
	First Bloom
	First Double Contra
	The Flank Guard
	Foothills Fancy Mescolanza
	Forty fourth at last
	Four By Four
	Four by Four
	Four Ring Circle
	4 Star Contra
	Fox Hollow Fancy
	Frolic Four
	From End to End
	Going Dutch
	Grand Square Contra
	Great Expectation
	Halsway Double Mad Robin
	Harvest Hey
	The Hennessy Reel
	Here There and Yonder
	Hey for John
	Hey Glen Echo!
	Hey the Line
	Hey the line
	Hey While the Son Shines
	H.L. Hunley Submarine Dance
	Holy Cow Moly
	I Get Around
	The Illusion of Eight
	J.D. (Just Dog)
	Jenny in Pairs
	Julia's Heymaker
	Just Bull-Headed, I Guess
	Just for Fun
	Just Rain
	Kim's Game
	Kindly Keep it Contra
	Knoby Knight
	Lacy Unawares
	Limited Action
	A Little Bit More
	Lobster Roll
	Long Branch Reel
	Long Needle Reel
	Lots of Wind
	Lovely Lane Chain
	Luke, You're Not My Father
	March Fours
	McQuillen Fancy
	The Meanwhile Mescolanza
	Mimi's Mom's
	Mr. Fezziwig's Folly
	My One and Only
	Nancy's Fancy
	New Faces
	No More Worth-less Swings
	The No-Name Four-Face-Four Dance
	Oceans 4
	Oceans 8
	Old Portland Fancy
	On a Coastliner Bus to Whitby Folk Festival
	ONS Party Mescolanza
	Orbit the Stars
	Pam and Seth
	Piston Pousettes
	Piston Pousettes Plus
	Portland Fancy
	Portland Frenzy
	Pretty Not Too Bad
	A Properly Proper Hey
	Quick Spin
	Radio Tradio
	The Rear Guard
	Relay The Orbit
	Relay the Orbit
	Richfield Riches
	Richfield Stomp
	Rights and Lefts
	River Rat Ramble
	Rush Hour
	Sage Thoughts
	Salute to Stan Fowler
	Sashay, Sassy Kat
	Seasons 4
	Seasons 8
	Second Chance
	Second Time
	Seth and Pam
	The Seventh Plane
	Snake River
	So Long and Thanks for All the Fish
	Solstice Tempest
	Some Do
	Some Won't
	Spring Blooms
	Square in Disguise
	Star Wood
	Sunday Morning
	Swap Ends Mescolanz
	Tandum Duple
	Ted's Portland Fancy
	Ted's Tempest
	The Tempeh
	The Tempest
	Tempus Fugit
	Ten Dollar Boat
	Ten Years of Dancing
	There it Was
	Thirty-Five Years of Waiting
	This Dance Has No Name -- Never Had One, Never Will
	Three Out Of Four Ain't Bad
	Tom's Pond
	Toronto Tempest
	Traditions With Benefits [V3]
	Triple Delight
	Tuk-Tuk Ride
	Venus and Mars Fancy
	Villa Olivia
	Wavy Star Shuffle
	Weave Well Enough Alone
	West End Hay
	What's Left?
	Whisky or Brandy?
	Whitby Chains
	Wild Mouse
	Wind and Rain
	Zesty Contras' Portland Fancy

Lm 2x4 becket
	E and K
	Lost and Found, and Lost Again!
	Major Hey

Lm 2x4 mixer
	The Abbey
	Sleepless at St. Helena's

Lm 2x4 special
	Kim's Game
	Plaza Arts Tempeste
	Stix Mix
	Summer Tempest
	Ted's Tempest
	The Tempest
	Tempus Fugit
	Toronto Tempest

Lm 3x2 iii
	Triad and True

Lm 3x2 iip (contra, triple minor, 1s and 2s improper)
	Dipping and Diving in the Brew

Lm 3x2 iip special
	Alamo Triad
	Bastille Day Reel #1
	Bastille Day Reel #2
	Because It Was There
	Minor Hey
	Perfect Composite
	Right and Left Triangle
	Rufty Rainbows
	Something Borrowed
	TLC Tempest
	TLC Tempest, 2009 version
	Twenty-First of May Contra
	Wagon Reel

Lm 3x2 ipi
	St Margaret's Reel

Lm 3x2 ipp (contra, triple minor, 1s improper)
	Aberdeen Haze
	Another Shade of Green
	April's Hornpipe
	Ashuelot Hornpipe
	Banks of the Dee
	The Banks of the Dee
	Barbara's Contra
	Barry's Best
	Baskets of Brew
	Belle of the Ball
	Birthday Reel
	Blackstone Street
	Boston March
	The Brambles
	Brexit Strategy
	British Heys
	Calico and Crinoline
	Camdentowne Cowpaths
	Castner's Contra
	Cayuga Reel
	Chase The Doldrums
	Cheshire Hornpipe
	Chevey Chase
	Chicago Challenge
	Cocheco Hornpipe
	Constitution Hornpipe
	The Convertible Sofa
	Cranbury Hey
	Crestwood Reel
	Crowded Reflections
	Doubtful Shepherd
	Down East
	Easy Living
	Elegance and Simplicity
	The Evil Cabal
	Exercise B
	Family Change
	Fast Run
	Frosty February
	Golden Thread
	The Golden Thread
	Good Times
	Hell or High Water
	Hewett's Fancy
	Huntsmen's Chorus
	Intimate Inmates
	Jamie Allen
	Jessie's Roses
	Jimmy Allen
	The John Drewry
	K & M
	Kitchen Hornpipe
	The Kitchen Hornpipe
	Kym and Aaron
	La Semilla Hornpipe
	Lady Barry's Hornpipe
	Lady Bogart's Reel
	Land of Sweet Erin
	Light Blue
	Little-Good Harbor
	Lonesome Shepherd
	Long Drive
	Long Way from Home
	The Lost Brew
	Lowdown Hoedown
	The Maritimer
	Maybe I Never Will
	McQuillen's Squeezebox
	Meade County Fair
	Mission Bay II
	Musky Intentions
	None So Pretty
	October's Hornpipe
	One by Two
	The Ornery Orphan
	Oyster Sundae
	Peterborough Challenge
	Pierre Cruzatte, Fiddler
	Queen's Favorite
	A Ramble through the Brambles May Become a Shambles
	Really Richard's
	Reefer's Hornpipe
	Reel in C Sharp
	Reel in C#
	Right Hand Up Left Hand Under
	Sackett's Horror
	St. Patrick's Day in the Morning
	Sharp Corners
	Shepherd's Fair
	Snowflake Chain
	Spitfire Swing
	Three's a Crowd
	Threes Lead Down
	TI One On
	The Tipsy Parson
	Tipsy Parson
	T.L.C. Special
	Tom and Jerry
	The Travel Air Triple
	The Trial
	Triple Treat
	Tripping the Stars
	Two Orange Cats
	Venus and Mars Contra
	Washington's Triumph
	Ways of Skippack
	Ways of the World
	Who's Who?
	Wild Goose Chase
	The Witch's Brew
	The Witches' Brew
	Witches' Paradise
	Witches Three
	Worth Naming

Lm 3x2 pip
	Alpine Contra
	The Virtuous Woman
	Windy City

Lm 3x2 ppp (contra, triple minor, all proper)
	Aberdeen Days
	Almost Sackett's Harbor
	Angenette's Fancy
	Angie's Fancy
	Anglaise from Vienna #5
	Annie's Fancy
	Arden Reel
	Arkansas Traveller
	The Arkansas Traveler
	Ashley's Pride
	Atlantic Hornpipe
	Aurora Waltz
	Bad Times
	The Barnacle Waltz
	Barrel of Sugar
	Beaux of Albany
	Belle of the Ball
	The Blue and White Contra
	The Bold Highlander
	Bonnie Lass of Aberdeen
	Bonny Lass of Aberdeen
	The Bonnie Lass of Aberdeen
	Boston March
	The Boston March
	British Sorrow
	Buena Vista
	C and J's Jig
	California Hay Ride
	Campbells Are Coming
	Camptown Reel
	Captains Two
	Careless Sally
	Cat's Cradle
	Cayman Island Contra
	Cayman Island, Revisited
	Chorus Jig
	Christmas Hornpipe
	College Hornpipe
	Commodore's Return
	Concordia Reel
	The Connecticut Contra
	Corinthian Hornpipe
	Crooked Stile
	Dancing Sailors
	Dandies Hornpipe
	Dandies' Hornpipe
	Derby Hornpipe
	Different Approaches
	Dorchester March
	Doubtful Shepherd
	The Doubtful Shepherd
	Downfall of Paris
	Draw the Sword, Scotland
	Drunken Sailor
	Durand's Hornpipe
	Durang's Hornpipe
	Elegance and Simplicity
	The Enchanted Wood
	Fall of Paris
	Fallen Leaves
	Farewell Sir Isaac Of Devon
	Favorite Scotch Hornpipe
	The Female Soldier
	Fiddle Bow Reel
	Fields of Clover
	Figure Eight
	Fisher's Hornpipe
	Forward Six and Right and Left Four
	Fred Wilson's Clog Dance
	Frieda's Maggot
	Genet's Recall
	Girls of Belfast
	Good for the Tongue
	The Graces
	Griffith's Fancy
	Große Acht
	Große Acht #1
	Große Acht #2
	Half Moon
	Hand-Organ Hornpipe
	Hard Times
	Hattie's Favorite
	The Haunted Village
	Hazelnut Waltz Contra
	Hazy Circle
	Hazy Days
	Hob or Knob
	The Humours of Boston
	Huntsman's Hornpipe
	I Left My Sweet Girl Behind Me
	I Love You Too Sweetheart
	Indian Summer Waltz Contra
	Intimate Inmates
	Irish Washerwoman
	The Irish Washerwoman
	Isle of Skye
	Jackson at New Orleans
	Jenny Lind Polka
	Jenny Nettle
	Kernan's Contra
	Key to the Cellar
	King of the Keyboard
	Kiss Your Granny
	La Belle Catherine
	Lads of Kildare
	Lamp-Lighters' Hornpipe
	Lamplighter's Hornpipe
	Land of Sweet Erin
	Large Figure Eight
	Large Figure Eight #1
	Large Figure Eight #2
	Last Time
	Lazy Lake
	LePetre's Hornpipe
	The Lilly
	Long Island Triplet
	Long Valley
	Lord Moira
	Lord Moira's Hornpipe
	Lucky Seven
	Macwilliam's Fancy
	Madam, You Are the One
	Madam, You are the One
	Magnolia Waltz
	Market Lass
	The Market Lass
	Market Lass Crossed
	Meeting of the Waters
	Megunticook Reel
	Minuteman Reel
	Miss Arnold's Delight
	Miss Baker's Hornpipe
	Miss Brown's Reel
	Miss Gay's Reel
	Miss Parker's Fancy
	The Mistwold
	Money Musk
	Musk of Contra
	My Heart's Delight
	My Heart's Desire
	My Onie One
	Nancy Dawson
	NEFFA Special
	Not so much the Dancing, it's the eating I come for!
	Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be?
	The Old Master
	Old Zip Coon
	Opera Reel
	The Opera Reel
	The Orange Tree
	Oregon Hornpipe
	Otis's Quickstep
	Oyster River
	Passing The Time With Friends
	Pickering's Remove
	The Pleasure of Providence
	Pleasures of the Town
	Prima Donna Waltz
	A Quicker Lass
	A Quicker Sorrow
	Quindaro Hornpipe
	Reverse Curves
	Rickett's Hornpipe
	The Rival
	Road to Californy
	Road to Phoenix
	Rory O'More
	Sackett's Harbor
	Sackett's Harbour
	Sacketts Harbor
	St. Patrick's Day in the Morning
	Salem Stomp
	Scottish Dance
	Scottish Hornpipe
	Scottish Ramble
	The Scrabbler
	September Waltz Contra
	Shelty Frolic
	Six Hand Reel
	Six Handed Reel
	Snowy Breasted Pearl
	Solstice March
	Spanking Jack
	Speed the Cable
	Speed the Telegraph
	Spirits of France
	Steamboat Quickstep
	Steamboat Waltz
	Tatter the Road
	Ted Sanella's Money Musk
	The Third Man Theme
	Three Around Three
	Three Sashay
	The Three Wheeler
	Thunder Hornpipe
	Thursday Night
	Trip To Nahant
	Trip to Nahant
	Triple Figures
	Triple Silver
	Turkey in the Straw
	Uncle Jasper's Reel
	The Village Maid
	Vinton's Hornpipe
	Ways of Skippack
	Ways of the World
	Wer Ist Dran?
	White Cockade
	Who Is Next?
	Who, What, When, Where (Version 11)
	Who, What, When, Where (Version I)
	Wild Goose Chase
	Wilder's Hornpipe
	The Wish to Please
	Yorktown Angels
	The Young Widow
	Young Widow

Lm 3x2 special
	TLC Tempest

Lm 4x2 becket
	Beckett's Basket
	Beware the Ides of March
	Mad Teacups
	Rational Reel
	Star-Crossed Reel

Lm 4x2 ipip (contra, quadruple minor)
	Double Delight

Lm 4x2 pipi (contra, quadruple minor)
	Double Chocolate

Lm 6x1 mixer
	Almost the Same
	Back to Back
	Fasten Your Seat Belts
	Green River Trio
	Here We Go Again
	Home At Last
	Just for Robin
	Last Chance
	Late Arrival
	Lone Pines
	Lost Change
	On Time
	Rough Flight
	Two Peanuts

Random 1x2 mixer
	Accretion Reel
	Basket Chase
	Concentric Circles
	Dale's Scatter Promenade
	Helsinki Exchange
	Mr. Osko's Spindletop
	Rang Tang Mixer
	Scatter Promenade
	Star Stuff
	Ted's Solo Mixer
	Wandering Gypsies

Random 1x3 mixer
	La Triolina

Random 2x2 ip
	Dive for the oyster, dig for the clam
	Georgia Rang Tang
	Jump Jim Joe Variation
	Wandering Waltz

Random 2x2 mixer
	The Barn Mixer
	Basket Mixer
	Caped Crusader
	Elbow Hook Mixer
	Love 'Em and Leave 'Em
	Love 'Em and Leave 'Em Mixer
	Love 'em and Leave 'em Mixer
	Roger's Left Elbow Mixer
	Set à Crochet

Random 2x3 mixer
	Bovine Bliss, Paul and Wendy's Udder Delight
	Scatter Threesome

Random 3x2 mixer
	Borrowdale Exchange

Random Nx2
	Mad Scatter

Random Nx2 mixer
	Accretion Reel
	Mad Scatter

S 2x2
	Fore and After
	Garry Owen

S 2x2 mixer
	Billingsdale Pattern

S 3x2
	Cornish Six Hand Reel
	Cornish Six-Hand Reel

S 3x3
	The New Parliament House Jig
	The Prime Minister
	The Prime Minister's Breakdown

S 5x1
	Any Way
	Big Dipper
	Double Dot
	Five Hand Reel
	Little Dipper
	Milky Way
	The Other Way
	Polka Dot

S 5x2
	Bunch of Fives
	Dosido and Arch
	Downhill Race
	Five Plus
	Fivepenny Bit
	Fünf Plus
	The Lovely Lass from Leende
	Play to Win
	Shepherd's Crossing
	The Shepherd's Crossing
	Throw a Fiver, No. 1
	Throw a Fiver No. 10
	Throw a Fiver, No. 2
	Throw a Fiver, No. 3
	Throw a Fiver #4
	Throw a Fiver, No. 4
	Throw a Fiver, No. 5
	Throw a Fiver, No. 6
	Throw a Fiver, No. 7
	Throw a Fiver No. 8
	Throw a Fiver No. 9

S 6x2
	Caedmon Capers
	Wiltshire Heatwave Dreams

S 7x1
	Heptathlon Jig

S 7x2 mixer (special formation, 7 couples)
	The Magnificent Seven

S 8x2
	Yankee Dutch Crossing

S 9x2
	Reijnsburg Joys

S Nx1
	The Oddball In Charge

Sm 1x2
	Grand March Variations

Sm 1x2 mixer
	La BubbleSort

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