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Caller's Box update log

(only includes major elements of updates)


12/19/2022: Permissions added: Michael Fuerst, Joseph Erhard-Hudson, Marilee Jack Standifer. Added Al Olson becket 4-face-4s.

8/17/2022: Permissions added: Paul Balliet, Myra Hirschberg, Tom Calwell. Added "David Kaynor: Living Music and Dance" and "Good Morning, America." Fixed a lot of typos in individual dances.

5/1/2022: Permissions added: Bill Alkire, Donna Calhoun, Charlie Harvey. Indexed Thomas Green's barn dance site, Dancing Under Contras 1 & 2, Kindly Keep it Contra!, and Come Dancing. Added Tom Hinds crooked dances. Fixed links to American Square Dance issues. Added Circassian Circle videos.


12/14/2021: Permissions added: Tom Hinds, Ted Sannella, Mic Spenceley. Added Mic Spenceley, Pat Shaw contra-style dances, and some Gary Roodman dances. Added most other direct references. Changed roll away wording from "Women roll away neighbor" to "Neighbor roll away (M roll R, W side-step L)".

7/18/2021: Added references directly to square dance magazines.

4/11/2021: Indexed "Dancing for Busy People". Added second part of Don Lennartson collection, and many virtual dances. Permissions added: Penn Fix, Al Olson.

2/6/2021: Added most references directly to individual dances on personal web pages, and Ralph Page Dance Legacy syllabi.


11/20/2020: Permissions added: Gene Hubert, Eric Zorn, Jo Mortland, Emily Rush, Al Brozek, Mark Elvins. Added "In With Both Feet", "Both Feet Again", and "Both Feet Plus One" by Mark Elvins. Started indexing pre-1930 dance books: 1858 Howe, 1862 Howe, 1863 Washburne, 1890 Scheell, 1893 French, Burchenal. Started adding references directly to individual dances rather than general dance pages. Began this updates log. (earlier entries here are more incomplete)

9/3/2020: Added about 1,000 videos. Indexed repeated references in New England Caller/Northeast Square Dancer. Tagged virtual dances, searchable under "Progressions" menu.

7/4/2020: Added progression as search criterion. Started collecting virtual dances, including singlet and solo formations. Sharedweight links updated.

2/26/2020: Added Roger Auman and Pat Kelm collections. Trad-dance-callers links updated.

1/26/2020: Added JSON download of individual dances. Added Luke Donforth collection. Indexed repeated references from most square dance magazines.


12/10/2019: Indexed repeated references to

9/19/2019: Added Kathy Anderson, Will Mentor collections.

8/14/2019: Added David Glick, Russell Owen collections. More CDSS newsletter links added. More permissions added. Indexed repeated references in ACDOL.

7/1/2019: Added Dean Snipes, Don Lennartson collections. Indexed repeated references for websites.

6/17/2019: Paul Morris introduces "The Caller's Extension".

5/26/2019: Videos added. Started including repeated references, in an attempt to include all references to a dance, rather than just one. Included Dudley Brigg's book. Updated Dan Luecking collection.

4/5/2019: Capability for diacritical marks added. Added Paul Moore, Brian DeMarcus collections.

1/18/2019: Added Adam Carlson collection.


11/24/2018: Added Facebook dances.

8/21/2018: Site goes live.