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A Fair Wind Home

by Rick Mohr

Permission: full

FormationBase: Duple Minor - Becket
FormationDetail: Sawtooth formation
Progression: Single
Direction: CW



(4) Women allemande right 1/2

(4) Balance wave of four (NL,WR)

(4) Neighbor allemande left 3/4

(4) Balance long wave (NL, women face in)


(6) N2 neighbor allemande right 1

(10) N1 neighbor swing


(6) In a line of four, go down the hall (M1-W2-M2-W1)

(2) N1 neighbor turn as couples

(6) In a line of four, go up the hall (W2-M1-W1-M2)

(2) Bend the line


(4) Balance ring

(2) Men give-and-take partner

(10) Partner swing

Calling Notes:

In A1, women will be on left diagonal.
Appearances: website Mohr
Give-and-Take, p 108
Videos: 1 2 3 4