CSPP Trade/Technology Nexus Report

What Is CSPP?

The Computer Systems Policy Project (CSPP) is an affiliation of chief executive officers of American computer companies which develop, build, market, service, and support information processing systems, software, and solutions. CSPP's members include the chief executives of Apple, AT&T, Compaq, Control Data Systems, Cray Research, Data General, Digital Equipment, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Silicon Graphics, Sun Micro systems, Tandem, and Unisys.

Upon forming CSPP in 1989, the CEOs made a commitment to develop and advocate public policy positions on trade and technology issues affecting their industry and ultimately the United States. That commitment continues today.

To date, CSPP has issued the following reports outlining the CEOs' positions on a variety of issues.

For copies of these reports or for more information about CSPP, please contact Donna Phillips at (202) 662-8446.

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