Use your fingers or mouse to control model (hold shift key or use mouse wheel to zoom it).

Modeling the Mighty Maple for Web

Gallery of trees

Procedural toy flowers. Bezier spline patches are used. Hand made ~30kb script for the whole garden (in public domain).
fern strips twig
foggy garden umbrella "electric"
apple tree roses hedge
violet daisy bush
tulip flower grass
asters "bell" palm

Let us make more WebGL flowers (have you comments or suggestions?)
How to make procedural plants tutorial draft.
Procedural trees, venation (more textures, see venation dirty draft), realistic lighting (normals...), spline patch editor (or Blender)...

Evgeny Demidov "demidov at"

Daniel Brown's artworks. More images at Darwin - Daniel Brown for the D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum
Wild Flower from
Time-Lapse Notes on Growing Plants by Ted Kinsman
Structures that unfold like flowers by Jessica
Lighting 3D trees by Ocean Quigley
Vegetation improvements and More trees and texture tricks by mtnphil

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