Matrix multiplication test on Google Pixel (WebGL2)

On a Pixel 2:

RGBA32F textures:
M=512 K=512 N=512
time = 48.6ms GFLOPS=5.52
time = 52.5ms GFLOPS=5.12
time = 50.3ms GFLOPS=5.34

RGBA16F textures:
time=23.2ms GFLOPS=11.58
time=18.5ms GFLOPS=14.52
time=18.3ms GFLOPS=14.66
time=19.6ms GFLOPS=13.7

Nice work Evgeny!
Amazing to see mobile devices within a factor of 5 of desktop GPUs!

Thanks to Ken Russell (Google) from webgl-dev-list.
GT 710 is a low-end GPU really. I bought it for ~30$ 3 years ago to try Vulkan.
GEMM in WebGL2     updated 1 May 2019