VdW B&L ribbons 1Å= step

Animation of 2MSK "thermal fluctuations". Set a new time step in seconds. Exit/Enter WebXR to change view mode. Tested on Oculus Go (with touchpad). Click trigger button to change control modes. For tests on a desktop (Windows 10 + Chrome) the "inline" webxr session and A,S,D,W,↑,↓ keys for navigation are used.

2MSK 25 conformers structures (with the lowest energy) are investigated using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) method. See Thermal motion of peptide (Proteopedia.org) and foldit.fandom.com/wiki/Rotamer.
If the animation time step is much larger than time between collisions, then the rotamer probability with energy Er is proportional to exp(-Er/kT). I didn't find conformer's energies. Therefore all conformers are equally probable. See fixed conformers too.
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